Wisconsin's Governor Walker is Not Above the Law, Citizens For Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW)

Three months ago, who would have thought the newly elected governor of Wisconsin would become one of the most famous politicians in America? You’ve probably seen the saga play out from afar, but maybe you didn’t realize Governor Scott Walker broke the law when he ordered state troopers to track down lawmakers boycotting a vote on his controversial legislation.

CREW has long held politicians who abuse their power accountable for their actions, no matter what their political beliefs. When we saw what Governor Walker was doing, we sprang into action.

We filed a complaint with the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board and submitted open records requests to the Office of the Governor, the Office of Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald and the Wisconsin State Patrol (which is headed by Sen. Fitzgerald’s father, Stephen Fitzgerald). We all deserve to know how these men arrived at the unlawful decision to send out the troopers.

The responses we got were troubling. Emails clearly showed Sen. Fitzgerald’s staff knew there was no legal authority to send out the troopers. Meanwhile, Governor Walker’s office said it could take weeks to get us the records we requested, and the Wisconsin State Patrol said it didn’t have a single record related to our request.

We’ll keep after them, but we need your help to keep the pressure on. At CREW, it’s never about Republican or Democrat, but only about right and wrong. Will you consider a donation that will help us continue our work?

It’s unfortunate we live in a time when many view “crook” and “politician” as interchangeable, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With your help we can change that.

Thank you,

Melanie Sloan,
Executive Director

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Comment by Randy K on March 31, 2011 at 1:21pm

"would become one of the most famous politicians in America"  ----Tom DeLay of the repub was "famous" too. Where's he at now??  Spending 3 years in jail. If walker keeps it up, he may be joining him.

The bottom line is this---If  walker’s policies worked for the GOOD of most, not even all Wisconsinites, they wouldn't have to resort to subterfuge, middle of the night Shady Maneuvers, loopholes (actually nooses!), and BLANTLY DEFYING court orders to pass bills.

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