The most significant struggle in the world today is not the one taking place between the sexes, between Blacks and whites, between gays and non-gays, between NATO and the BRIC nations, or between Trump supporters and Trump haters. The struggle between Democrats and Republicans is of even less importance. The primary significant conflict in the world today is between a very small economic elite and the rest of us. The elite don't really much care whether you're black or white, male or female, gay or straight, Republican or Democrat, or from Tanzania or Brazil: if you are not wealthy, you are there to be sucked dry if you are in some way useful to them, or eliminated if you are not.

Yes, there is a conspiracy

The .001% does not want us to believe that they get together to make plans for their continuing and expanding supremacy. Such a notion, they would have us believe, is a figment of the imagination of people they call "conspiracy theorists." A "conspiracy" as I understand it, consists of a set of coordinated activities that are planned in secret -- hidden from the eyes of those whom the plans will affect. It is clear that there are people doing a lot of planning in a variety of right-wing think-tanks. I'm not sure whether they have aliens from other galaxies helping them, or what connection they might have with ancient cults and the Illuminati. Anything is possible. The conspirators look like plain old self-serving rich capitalists to me. It is at least clear that they are not socialists. But a conspiracy there is.

Interestingly, the people and organizations that do the conspiring are not difficult to identify. Lists of those attending the Bilderberg meetings will suffice to keep one up-to-date with the most prominent members. In addition to the Bilderberg group, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission might be the next most important planning groups. With regard to organizations for carrying out the plans of the Council, the Bilderberg, the Trilateral groups and the other right-wing think-tanks, we would point to NATO, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the WTO (World Trade Organization). Unfortunately, at this point one has to admit that, for the most part, the United Nations has been co-opted by the economic elite. It is not the democracy of nations that it was intended to be.

My list of think-tanks and organizations is certainly not meant to be exhaustive. I'm simply suggesting that the conspirators, their think tanks, and the organizations by which they carry out their plans are not mere fantasies in the minds of a lunatic fringe. They are absolutely real, and they are out there in plain sight. That many people fail to see what is right in front of their faces is primarily because their minds are distracted and confused by the mainstream media. This media includes the New York Times, the Washington Post, Fox News and CNN, all of which deliver their news neatly wrapped in propaganda. As news, entertainment and propaganda become increasingly fused, Hollywood supplements the official news sources with banal, violent and mindless portrayals of reality -- portrayals that are geared to create pro-American-Empire images in the minds and emotions of the viewers.

The aims of the elite include a single world government with a single global marketplace, policed by a world army, and financially regulated by a world bank on the basis of a single currency. Aspects of the vision of the .001% are appealing at first glance. If the UN did represent a real democracy of nations, and it controlled the military forces of the world, the world would be a safer place. And if the entire world were integrated into a single complex marketplace with a single currency, the exchange of goods and services worldwide would be enhanced. The rub is that the elite wants the centralized economic and military control to exist without any accountability to the general population. This is to assure that the wealth will flow upward much faster that it will trickle down. An additional aim is the raising of the .001% to god-like entities in accordance with a transhumanist vision of who they might become. As Daniel Estulin sums it up in Transhumanism [pg. 126] the elite have great plans for the future: Promethiam plans. The downside is that we, the people, have not been invited to the party."

The strategies of the .001%

The strategies used by the .001% are based on violence, mind control, and the usurpation of democratic processes. Violence includes the threat of attack against any nation or group who would resist their orders, as delivered by the United States, and the use of actual violence against those who do not buckle under in response to the threats. The .001% are especially skilled in agitating conflict between those who might have reason to oppose them. Mind control is carried out primarily by the mass media which carefully shapes the image that ordinary people have of the world. The central means of usurping democratic processes is the buying of elections.

The .001% are very good at what they do, and their wealth gives them tremendous power. This creates the impression that they are omnipotent. They are not. Not only do they make mistakes, but they have three major points of vulnerability. First, they are a tiny minority. Second, the structure that they have built is based on lies. Third, we, the people, can choose the battle field. More on this third point later.

The ideal economic form for the elite is unfettered capitalism, or the neoliberal model as it is presently called in the West. Unfettered capitalism always leads to mergers, and mergers lead to monopolies, and monopolies lead to the control of the world by a tiny elite, which is precisely what we now see. Unfettered capitalism is parasitic to the core. [See my article, We Are the Parasite in OpEdNews, ]. The world cannot survive a parasitic economic system that places no value of any kind above that of immediate profit for wealthy investors. Such a parasite, which has at its disposal the power of modern technology, will inevitably kill the host.

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The economic elite is currently ruling the Western world, and is attempting to force itself on the few nations that still resist its control. This small group of people is powerful, savvy, well-organized, clear about its goals, and is operating on a battlefield of violence and intrigue with which it is familiar. Those of us who would oppose the .001% are not powerful, well-organized, nor, for the most part, very savvy. We are easily deceived by the elite, easily distracted by peripheral issues, and prone to infighting and name-calling rather than organizing a coherent opposition. If we are to have any hope it is imperative that we become more clear about our goals, that we choose a battlefield where we have some chance of success, and that we select weapons that are appropriate to the task we face.

The values we share

The effective organization of any group or movement needs to begin with a clarification of its primary values and the goals that are derived from these values. I would suggest that there are five primary values about which real progressives already agree:

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