Kin 56: Yellow Self Existing Warrior/ Samhain

If you are feeling states of uncertainty, anxiety or disquietude, you are not alone. Many are undergoing powerful transformations and quantum shifts of perception as we continue to navigate through a labyrinth of conflicting frequencies within our collective energy field.

We are at a time when the intuitive nonlinear feminine energy is devalued, when peaceful protests are met with violence, and when lies and deceit are made “fair-seeming.” (Note feminine energy is not gender specific and also pertains to all in the minority of the dominant control frequencies, including Nature herself).

These “frequency wars” have the effect of creating confusion, anxiety, inertia and discord as they manipulate emotions, drowning out the imagination and ability to dream. The media is a chief proponent of keeping the masses locked into a limited third-dimensional framework that stifles access to inner realms through weapons of mass distraction.

We have come from the Future, arriving to the Past to assist the Earth in its liberation from false time that holds in place the matrix of (mind) control. To break the spell of false time, we must rescue ourselves (not wait to be rescued)  from all external control factors and mind programs that keep us enslaved to our emotional bodies.

Time is now to work internally to rebuild the Ark and ride the wave to the other side of the Ocean of illusions. Within the Ark of the Clear Light Mind, there is a vast library of Time that contains the archives of lost, hidden and forgotten knowledge.

We have returned to the precipice; a replay from other worlds with the potential to plunge our planet into the same scenario as Atlantis/Mars/Maldek. Time operates in a spiral, bringing similar circumstances to our present time.  It is the job of Those Who Hear the Call, to redirect energy and create a new vision of the World, from the inside out.


 Pacal Votan and Lost Planets

We live on a free will planet. There are people who love disorder and chaos. There are others who love order and harmony. Even within apparent chaos there is a hidden order or harmony.

“Return to Natural Time” was the key message of Pacal Votan whose tomb was discovered 64 years go in 1952. Pacal Votan was an emanation of solar consciousness. His special mission is called the Victory of the War of the Heavens on Earth. The War of the Heavens refers to various previous stages of the free will experiment. His job is not complete until Natural Order is restored to Earth. 

This year’s U.S. presidential election is on Kin 64: Yellow Crystal Seed. This is a Time to UNIVERSALIZE AWARENESS. One spin later (260 days) is 13 Moon New Year, which is also Kin 64: Yellow Crystal Seed. Of course 64 is key to DNA code.

On the world stage we see the continuous playing out of the abused powers of the four “Babylon Planets” to be tamed and purified as described in the Telektonon of Pacal Votan (as brought forth by Valum Votan/Jose Arguelles):

Maldek: Sex taboo
Mars: Death fear.
Jupiter: Power abuse/False spirituality
Saturn: Monetary greed. See previous blog, “World Events and Lost Planets

This indicates the inner work that must be done at this time. 1) Clear and upgrade perception of sex and relationships (includes addictions and all things pertaining to physical body). 2) Clear and upgrade perception of fear, war and death (disarm yourself, learn how to channel volatile emotions). 3)  Clear and upgrade perception of power and spirituality (clear false perceptions of Spirit. Find your authentic essence)  4)  Clear and upgrade perception of monetary system/abundance.

In this way, world events can be re-framed and seen as sharpening our intelligence, enhancing our discernment, and honing our ability to see through illusion.  There has to be friction to sharpen the blade.

Don Juan, the Mexican Yaqui Indian shaman, tells Carlos Castaneda the following:

“We have a predator that came from the depths of the cosmos and took over the rule of our lives. Human beings are its prisoners. The Predator is our lord and master. It has rendered us docile, helpless. If we want to protest, it suppresses our protest. If we want to act independently, it demands that we don’t do so… I have been beating around the bush all this time, insinuating to you that something is holding us prisoner. Indeed we are held prisoner!”

Who is imprisoning us?

Ultimately all beings, all groups, all powers of control are energetic force fields that attempt to create fences around our consciousness, so that we cannot access our Higher Being. No one can control our mental, emotional or psychic life if we do not concede to it. We are not here to be part of the herd. We are Beyond all limiting labels that divide.


Though it sometimes appears that we are small and powerless, we inhabit a realm infused with Mystery. Sudden shifts in the currents of consciousness can swiftly re-sculpt thoughts and behavior.

All is ultimately an inner journey, and the real challenge is to change ourselves. External disillusionment causes us to return to our essence and listen again. When we do this, powerful Forces can assist us. Universal Force operates in a realm beyond human conception. Ultimately all of life must return to Natural Order after all permutations of chaos (disorder) are played out. All is part of the process of the Biosphere-Noosphere transition. Anything can happen. Everything is possible. Red Crystal Serpent, Kin 25

The dissonance that we are now experiencing on our planet is due to the fact that the 13:20 acceleration beam is reaching a peak dissonance with the 12:60 artificial frequency of mainstream civilization.

The imbalance and injustices we see on our planet now are a replay from other times and other worlds that are now converging in our present timespace. There are many different species and intelligences involved in this.

We are now completing a phase of karmic cleansing that traces to the destruction of civilizations on Maldek and Mars as well as memories of destruction of places such as Atlantis and Lemuria. (Note that early mappers of Mars named one area Lemuria and another area Atlantis).

We have incarnated at this time to help clear the karma of the lost worlds.

This particular cycle of karmic clearing began in 3113 BC when occurred a split in the mythic order. This is due to a low frequency (12:60) beam that was directed at our planet to inseminate our electromagnetic mind field with the program of artificial time.

This low frequency time beam hit Earth’s ionosphere releasing a shower of time-release projections meant to consign us to the belief that the third dimension is the only dimension of reality. This beam is what is contributed to our collective spiritual amnesia as to our true identity as fourth-fifth-dimensional galactic beings.

This low frequency has been crystallized into a belief system that is held in place and reinforced by the 12-Month Gregorian calendar and 60-minute clock (for those who are just hearing about this, this sums up 12:60 paradigm: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UVEnm-LZozU

At this point the human species entered what is known as the “historical cycle” in order to learn certain karmic lessons. The sacred feminine 13 was substituted for 12. The spell of artificial time was cast for an allotted period when the world would be dominated by a white patriarchy that imposes its belief that all life is created for it to control and use.

This is referred to in Dreamspell cosmology as a “theft in time,”  an interplanetary event also known as the Jupiter/Maldek effect which traces back to even larger cycles and other worlds.

This “theft in time” is also known as the “Fall” (from sacred to profane). This created a split of the two hemispheres of the brain (yin and yang, night and day, male and female). When this “theft” occurred the balance of equality was lost and the energies became dominated by the left brain (male). The higher guardians designated Earth as a quarantine zone to isolate the problem and allow humans to work out the karmic errors.

Mars (deathfear)

The Telektonon prophecy of Pacal Votanhelps us to identify more deeply these different karmic errors and enables us to analyze the world situation from a cosmic perspective above the whole Earth.

The principle of the ancient knowledge formulated as the Law of Time and 13 Moon calendar was revived through the Telektonon Prophecy, which distinguishes four planets that hold karma to be redeemed: Maldek, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

The orbit of each planet carries a particular frequency or “power” to be redeemed: sex taboo (Maldek), death fear (Mars), false spirituality (Jupiter), and materialism/monetary greed (Saturn).

Maldek (Asteroid Belt) Sex

Here, Mars and Maldek represent the two lost planets (abused) and Jupiter and Saturn represent the two dominating planets (abusive). Keep in mind since we live in a “multiverse” the description of these planets also represent an overlay of dimensions and other worlds.

Utilizing this cosmology we can “read” world events tracing them back to the lost worlds 

Most headline news stories can be attributed to one or a combination of these influences. Overpopulation is linked to sex. Prostitution is linked to sex. Celebrity culture is linked so sex. War relates to death. Weapons relates to death. Artificial time relates to monetary greed and false spirituality. Irreverence of nature is primarily linked to false spirituality (i.e. serving the dollar over nature). Destruction of the biosphere is primarily due to monetary greed. Inequality and poverty relates to monetary greed of the elite, etc.

At this time we are called upon to recognize the errors of the past which have led to destruction and oppression and to correct these errors by taking back our power, which involves a collective shift inward rather than outward. (See upcoming part II for further description of world events and lost planets).

image by Boris Petrovic–Kin 205 Kin 31 – Blue Overtone Monkey

Have intrepid faith despite life’s enigmas. –Yogananda

Everyone incarnate on this planet today has some form of internal contradiction or conflict; this is what gives us incentive for soul growth. The challenge of this life is to overcome this internal dissonance so that we can help raise the collective and planetary frequency.

Part I of this blog indicated that the imbalance and injustices we see on our planet today are replays from other times and other worlds that are now converging in our present time-space. (see World Events and Lost Planets – Part I).

Viewed through the lens of Cosmic History, that traces to the Telektonon Prophecy of Pacal Votan, four key planets carry the memory of the main karmic errors that we see playing out today: Maldek/Asteroid Belt (Sex Taboo); Mars (Death fear); Jupiter (false spirituality); and Saturn (materialism or monetary greed).

In this system Saturn governs Mars and Jupiter governs Maldek.  The unresolved karma from destroyed planets Maldek and Mars was transferred to earth during the time of the 13 baktuns (after the “theft in time” which occurred at the beginning of the Moon Genesis—see Dreamspell cosmology).

This karmic corruption became known on earth as false spirituality (Jupiter), and the power of Maldek was turned into sexual taboo and abuse. False spirituality (Jupiter) manipulates sexual power (Maldek).

Through the shadow-play of forces on Saturn and Jupiter, the power of abundance became corrupted on earth into materialism (Saturn), which maintains itself by manipulating death-fear (Mars). An example of this is insurance and pharmaceutical companies that manipulate death-fear (Mars) to feed materialism (Saturn). This also includes false hierarchies of priests (Jupiter) who manipulate the sexual taboo (Maldek) to maintain power over the people.

Here are a few examples of ways we can view different events through this lens as “read” through the synchronic order.

Mars: Death Fear.

This relates to all war and terrorism. Nuclear destruction. Violence. Aggression. Crime. Killing (including animals).

Mars contains the memory of nuclear destruction. Any nuclear accident or number of nuclear accidents could create as much problems as atomic war. On the Planet Holon, the Worldbridger corresponds to Mars and codes the region of Japan, where last year occurred the biggest nuclear disaster since Chernobyl (1986). Radiation from Fukushima has now been reportedly released around the world, with radioactive debris washing up on the West Coast of North America.  http://www.naturalnews.com/035789_Fukushima_Cesium-137_Plume-Gate.html.

Book of the Transcendence (published before Japanese tsunami) states:

The white Mars (Worldbridger) zone represents the destroyed civilization of Mars, the red planet. Note that Atlantis is paired with the ill-fated Mars. The Martian karma is now reincarnate in present-day Japan. The genesis of the post WWII New Atlantean technosphere established Japan as the front-runner of technological civilization.The challenge for Japan is not to repeat the same fate as Mars or Atlantis …

Recently, the Japan Prime Minister has ordered the restart of nuclear reactors under pressure from bankers even though 70 percent of general public opposed (Martian/Saturn replay). See here for latest reports http://enenews.com/.

On the northern side of the sarcophagus lid of Pacal Votan, there is an inscription of the Lunar Worldbridger, representing the polarizing power of death and the polarizing power of the memory of Mars. On the south part of the lid are the birth and disincarnation dates of Pacal Votan: respectively, Galactic Sun (Kin 60) and Rhythmic Mirror (Kin 58).

Rhythmic Mirror, Kin 58, is this year’s Day Out of Time (25 July 2012) and is also the galactic signature of the day that the atomic bomb fell on Nagasaki (1945).

Hiroshima occurred three days prior to Nagasaki on Kin 55: Blue Electric Eagle, which corresponds to planet Jupiter. 42 years later occurred the Harmonic Convergence, 1987, also on Kin 55: Blue Electric Eagle.

Martian war mentality also includes the slaughter of innocent animals. Millions of wild animals have been killed to protect farm animals, which are then killed for food. This also includes the issue of chemical pesticides and herbicides that are causing monumental environmental destruction, and killing off bees while polluting water and soil. http://www.naturalnews.com/036166_global_collapse_pesticides_Agenda....

Interesting to note there is a movie called “Last Days on Mars” scheduled for release in 2013.

Barack Obama, Self-Existing Skywalker, sign of Mars, has repeatedly stated that he is keen to send astronauts to orbit and land on Mars.  There is also evidence that Obama was part of a secret Mars training program in 1979-1980 in Mt. Shasta, and evidence that he even teleported, through Tesla technology, to Mars! Though the White House denies it. http://exopolitics.blogs.com/exopolitics/2011/11/mars-visitors-basi...

Maldek: Sex Taboo

Maldek relates to sex taboo, the abused or shadow forms of sexuality that need to be redirected into higher channels.  The manipulation of sex in the media is the primary ‘weapon of mass distraction’ as to what is really going on. Celebrity culture is based around this.

Look at any magazine cover and you will see signs of this lost world replay: Sex scandals. Sex crimes. Prostitution. Pornography, etc. And now “sexting.”

The urge of sexuality at its purest level seeks union with the Divine. The misuse and repression of sex as sacred life-force leads to aggression and war, as well as the need to dominate and control. All of our conditioned programs are locked into our sexuality and stored in the first and second chakras, also known in Cosmic History as the first and second mental spheres. This is largely an unconscious storehouse.

We also see much sexual abuse within religious institutions, particularly the Catholic Church. Where does all of this misuse of sex stem from?

According to Cosmic History, the keys for both the unconscious “sex taboo”, and the liberation of life-force are contained in the orbit of Maldek, the destroyed planet. The collective transmutation of the sexual energy into conscious life-force is the rocket fuel that would catapult us into the Golden Age.

Maldek also holds the key to what is known as the memory of the lost chord. The memory of the lost chord or lost planet is deeply embedded in our unconscious as a catastrophic event which creates a dissonance or internal conflict in the psyche; like a background frequency that we cannot pinpoint.

According to Cosmic History the transmigration of these lost planet memories resurface through various artforms, most notably in music, culminating in rock and roll. In this regard we could say that the “sex, drugs, and rock and roll” philosophy traces back to the final days of Maldek  (but that’s another story).

It is interesting to note that the first atomic bomb (1945) coincided with increased UFO sightings (including one over the White House in 1952), the discovery of the tomb of Pacal Votan (1952) and soon afterwards, the birth of rock and roll (1956), etc. (see Cosmic History Chronicles Vol. 3).

Events take on new meaning and connections when “read” through the synchronic order. For example, on August 6, 2003–Magnetic Moon 12,  58 years after Hiroshima,  an asteroid was named “Pink Floyd”. This was on kin 165, Red Solar Serpent, sign of Maldek.  The discovery of this Asteroid also occurred on a Maldek day, Kin 174, White Overtone Wizard ( December 3, 1997–Overtone Moon 19) and is officially named 19367.

In light of lost planets, Pink Floyd’s body of work is fascinating to consider as their music channels many memories of lost worlds.

JUPITER: False Spirituality

Jupiter represents the realm of false spirituality. This can be either false religious figures, government officials, media moguls and anyone else who controls or manipulates the minds of the masses.

According to the Law of Time the world mind is owned by the Vatican via the Gregorian calendar (i.e. “who owns your time owns your mind”). This is the calendar of the Caesars and the Roman Empire (see History of Calendar Reform). As the current global civil standard, the Gregorian calendar is the foundation of globalization.

In a Summary Critique of the Gregorian Calendar (2001) José Argüelles wrote:

The Vatican has been the pinnacle of worldly power and the source of the influence of the Gregorian calendar and its imperial domain. From there occurred the conquest of the world by the Europeans, as well as the conquest of the mind of the world by the Gregorian calendar. If there was any place on the planet that epitomized the process of history, it was the Vatican.

Arguelles refers to the Vatican’s Doctrine of Discovery, the Papal edict issued in 1452 by Pope Nicholas V, as the “crime in time.” This document states that if any Christian “discovers” a land or territory possessed by non-Christians, that the Christian has the right to dispossess the non-Christian of that land.

The Doctrine of Discovery not only led to the destruction of Mayan time knowledge, but also stole the time and culture from countless indigenous tribes around the world and also related to the invasion of the West Coast of Africa . This doctrine was institutionalized by the Gregorian calendar (1582), imposing western ways and customs upon the indigenous and minorities; a cultural genocide that is still happening today.

The 13 Indigenous Grandmothers also made a peaceful appeal to the Vatican in 2008, asking them to revoke the 15th century Papal bull. After receiving no response from the Pope, they convened a ceremony at St. Peter’s Square on July 9, 2008 (Cosmic Moon 13 or 13.13, Kin 142), .  http://uctp.blogspot.com.au/2008/07/indigenous-grandmas-nearly-kick...

Nostradamus predicted a great earthquake that would destroy St. Peter’s tomb and destroy the Vatican. Twelfth century prophet and monk of Padua, St. Malachi predicted that two more popes would follow Pope John Paul II before the final collapse of the Roman Catholic Church. Both St. Malachi and Nostradamus predicted that the final pope would be named Peter, after the first pontiff of the church, thus completing a pope cycle.

Of course we also see the Maldek-Jupiter lost world karma play out in the child sex abuse scandals that have plagued the Catholic church for years. In 1997, Sinead O’Conner, herself a Catholic and victim of sexual abuse, caused hysteria when she ripped a photo of Pope John Paul II after singing Bob Marley’s “War” on Saturday Night Live. Sinead O’Conner is an Overtone Seed, which corresponds with planet Jupiter.


Materialism. Greed/Inequality. Economy. This is epitomized by the ‘time is money’ philosophy. Origin of the ‘time is money’ script; i.e. the time value of money is the cornerstone of capitalism.

We see this playing out everywhere with the global economy—the G-7, now the G-20. José Argüelles wrote:

The dominator power was passed from the Vatican to the G-7 (now G-20), the 20 most industrialized nations. Within the global framework of the G-20 cartel there is no provision for spiritual alleviation. Denying the innate cyclic regenerative power of time, exploiting the resources of the biosphere only for the creation of a massive slave population controlled by the profit-making interests of a few, whose net biosphere result is the creation of greater amounts of non-consumable waste every day, while trapped in sectarian dilemmas, conflicts and wars of every kind, the consequence and error of the crime in time are all pervasive…

Saturn in Greek is Chronos or god of time. The city of Rome was originally known as Saturnia or city of Saturn. Saturn also relates to “Satan” or Lucifer. Could this be why the Vatican named their large (maybe the largest) space telescope L.U.C.I.F.E.R? http://thirdsecret.org/content.php?154-Vaticans-names-their-new-tel...

At Kitt Peak (Vatican) Observatory in Arizona there is a large mosaic mural with an inscription that says the ancient maya kept a calendar that is more scientifically accurate than the Gregorian calendar
This materialist greed also includes institutions and corporations such Monsanto [Jupiter/Saturn] as well as the pharmaceutical industry that pushes drugs for profit.

Many other examples could be given, but this is just to give an example of this particular lens in which we can view world events to derive a deeper meaning.

Operating in disregard of the natural 13:20 ratio of Timeship Earth, the civilization of the Dreamspell of History increasingly took on the quality of a time warp.

Fourth-dimensional time is radial, shooting out in every direction simultaneously from the ever-present now. The radial simultaneity of fourth-dimensional time creates a holosphere of ever more complex orders of synchronicity.

Operating exclusively by its own power, third-dimensional time is flat. Like a phonograph record, the time warp of the third dimension is but a thin slice of the total holosphere of fourth-dimensional time.

Like a phonograph record, the time warp is limited in size and duration. No more than 5200 years are available to be recorded in the grooves of the record, and then no more can be recorded. Naturally, the priests of third-dimensional time are blind to the limits of the record upon which they are recording and being recorded.

So it was that on August 16, 1987, the recording of the 12:60 ratio came to an end. The needle is now skipping wildly over the record as the priests try to continue the recording. Strange sounds, dissonances, and deja vus occur with wild insistence. the Great Awakening has already begun.

The Dreamspell of history shattering, the time of the gift of the 13:20 ratio is returning once again …

13 Moons = Nature’s Time

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