Are Past & Future UFO Sightings Human Space Vehicles Glimpsed Through A Flux In The Matrix?


You think of this as a spaceship. An “ET” craft. It may be “ET”, but is usually just crafts from our own time matrix. We have many levels within our matrix, and 14 of them are outside of your eyesight. Eyesight, like hearing, smelling, touching, all have VIBRATIONAL SPECTRUMS (lower to higher, all very short).

To this, you think of as imaginary. I must be crazy. Okay.

TIME creates the illusion of life. And TIME is the manifestation of artificial existence. In other words, when you create “time”, you create a creationary “view” of the dimension you are expressing it in. ONLY LIFE can create “time”. PERIOD. LIFE is TIME. And LIFE is experience, not a “distance”. It is a SPOT, a POINT in the fabric we call “time.

What the hell does THAT mean?

Each level of all time matrices (each one has 15 levels), have 5 “planetary” positions in the frequency spectrum. These are limitations of sight and perception. The 5 “planets” (also illusionary, there are no such things as planets, there are no such things as “things” made up of “matter”, all are factually holograms and of this there is all the scientific quantum data you could imagine to support that claim, even here where we are educated about roughly 7 day old infants) are spheres of frequency exchange, or “observation”. These are elements of sub-quantum data being expressed differently on each level, allowing each level to go higher and higher in “view” of what exists in the multiverse. It has NOTHING to do with “magic”, it has everything to do with your connection to your atomic core, sub-quantum spirit, and is only brought to your sense through holograms which are nothing more than projections on a video screen within your mind that offer you SIGHT, HEARING, TOUCH and SMELL. EACH of your senses are attached to the VERY REAL LAWS OF PHYSICS which exist and DIFFER on every DENSITY AND DIMENSION of all of the 15 “floors” of your time matrix. And no, this isn’t some fable concocted to “trick” you into being a fool, it is sub-quantum science fact. Give me a few thousand hours to show you the scientific data.

Of the 5 “planets” of your time matrix are 3 dimensions within each, consisting of a different frequency band that you are allowed to see, hear, touch, and taste. The “planets” are called DENSITIES. You are currently on Density 1. The lowest, least educated “planet” in the entire time-construct. Of this density, you are now in “dimension 3″, meaning you can see, touch, taste and smell things here in a 3D perspective. It is epically rudimentary in perception, but it “looks” like reality to you. Because that’s all you have ever known.

As you progress through each dimension, then density, step by step, through a 32 year process, you then ultimately achieve what it was you were before you ever came down into that time matrix as, which was an ascended “master”, an over-used term coining someone who is a “god”. Which is ridiculous, because every singe soul on this planet was an ascended “master”, and not one of them was ever greater than any other. Pure understanding, pure knowledge, and pure love is just that, pure. End of story.

Once you go through the 1st dimension of density one (you look like a sheet of paper in that time plane), you are at the lowest level of knowledge and you are learning how to make fire and stay warm. On the 2nd dimension of the 1 DENSITY (“PLANET”), you have a 2D view of the world around you, as if everything was sketched out with a side view as well as a front view. There you were learning things like making a wheel, and molding raw materials into chiseling instruments. Next, you entered the 3D world where life appears absolutely full and manifest, where people are able to make cars and planes and soar through space. It is a fantastic world to the child who views it for the first time. And THERE is where you are as a species. And THERE is where you were trapped as energy slaves (through your gold, taxes, child support, college loans, etc. etc.), because THERE is where it really brings human energy into serious business, while remaining in the 1st DENSITY, the CRADLE of life. Not just BABIES, but 7-day-olds with ZERO knowledge of higher dimension.

Every ONE of the experiences ever witnessed by any being, any tree, any frog, any cow, any human, any stick, rock or puddle of mud (ALL are conscious and ALL are just as fully alive as you are), is a MOMENT in time. There is a geo-position to where that experience happened, there are trillions of bits of data that are collated to re-produce that date perfectly, down to the dust speck on the nose of the fly on the head of deer in the forest, all stored within the database of the water which is the hard-drive of this world’s memory. That water is alive and stores every memory of any consciousness who ever existed on this planet, since the days of Tara, 550 million years ago. Its now in all the trees, all the rocks, all the water and all the “flesh” of earth, the dirt, that circles the globe. NO POINT ON THIS PLANET has ever forgotten ONE SINGLE MEMORY of anything that has EVER been witnessed, not ever.

Every single “moment” of time carries with it is something called a “Cymatic Geometric Pattern”, which is a snapshot of that moment. Every piece of every second, of every minute of every hour of every year and every century are EASILY stored in the WATER database of your planet who was once named Tara, but who’s name was replaced with Nursery Earth after her near annihilation 246,000 years ago. She had to repair, and her vibration was lowered into the 1st density (she was a 4th Dimension, 2nd Density “Planet” for hundreds of millions of years prior to this point).

The “moments” stored in the database of “Tara”, renamed Nursery Earth 246,000 years ago, and then in 2007 renamed ARhAyas Ascension Earth, are still there. I mean that the “old” memories of the earlier seedings of your species that were lost have been re-collated by the healing of her “flesh” (soil), back from much of it spacedust, into what we see now as a robust, and glorious planet). EVERY MOMENT is databased here. EVERY MILLISECOND is databased here. And EVERY ONE of those has a fingerprint. They are called FIRE LETTERS in sub-quantum speak. Perhaps better understood as CYMATIC GEOMETRIC PATTERNS in your counterfeit language you use to think, communicate and to manifest here.

Your “planet” is made up of crystalline structures (so far vast the possibility of your understanding that it is simply a waste of time to try to quantify) that hold this data safe and fast. The crystalline memory of your computer is like a single grain of sand on planet earth compared to the memory of your “planet”. One DROP of water represents MILLIONS of this quantum here. Every grain of sand in every ocean floor, of every beach, of every desert, one grain of “dirt” (crystal) on planet earth, every speck of tree, plant, goat, cow, human, rock, or any other “thing” that exists is the sub-quantum memory of your 1st density of the 15 level time matrix. And EVERY SINGLE MOMENT of all witnessed, observed, experienced millisecond in all of “time” (TIME is an OUTRIGHT LIE), are the stored memories of your “soul” essence. YOUR cumulative empirical experience on your time plane. And EVERY SINGLE PARTICLE of that experience, and of ALL conscious beings (which is literally ALL THINGS you have ever seen, smelled, tasted or heard) is HERE. NOW. RIGHT NOW.

EVERY SINGLE ONE of those milliseconds have been recorded and given FIRE LETTERS that envelope all of the “space”, all of the “sky”, all of the wildlife, all of the human interaction, curve of every leaf, color of every lake, shade of every cloud and all of the moments of all things ever witnessed by all of these trillions of conscious beings at that one precise moment. These are FIRE LETTERS of the sub-quantum geometric expression of “life”. And not ONE are forgotten.

“Spacecrafts” are “timecrafts”. They DO NOT attempt to go to “there” from “here” without the FINGERPRINT of a geometric CYMATIC manifestation of THAT ONE MOMENT IN ALL OF HISTORY. There is a FINGERPRINT IN TIME and “SPACE” that holds that ONE MEMORY, that ONE MOMENT. These are “realities” inside of their OWN TIMELINE. There is an INFINITE (no limit, no number, no sub-quantum to their count), number of timelines, and all memories exist inside of this plane, on 1st Density, 3rd Dimension ARhAyas Ascension Earth. They are here, you are “remembered” and all of “time” within this time matrix is permanently stored AS the living being TARA lives. If she dies, your “soul essence” of the Gaia (the name of this time matrix) experience evaporates just as water does, because your “memories” here, and are held in the WATER as the life-blood that circulates these memories into all “things”.

Spacecrafts use TIME positioning of MOMENTS to dictate WHERE they want to go, so they can be, say in the grand canyon on this date in history, so they can then easily slip into the “space” of the next moment. They are NOT limited to “speed”, “time” and ESPECIALLY “space” which is an utter Illusion and has been proven such even by our infant scientists.

When they want to “go” somewhere, they go to a PLACE in CYMATIC history, then they “travel” to the geo-position (place on earth) they want to go to. This does NOT take “light years”, or “years” or “months” or “hours”, all of which as an absolute LIE. THEY GO THERE NOW. THIS SECOND. And then they simply use earth’s atmospheric physical limitations (laws of actual, real life physics of this density) to move to where they want to be next in that timeline, (say, the Gettysburg Address for instance) . And since there has been a recorded and databased memory from every moment, from every geo-location, from every conscious view in every second in all of “time” on your density, there is a CYMATIC GEOMETRIC MOMENT that can be programmed in to the photradionic timecrafts’ memory banks which can place you THERE, NOW. RIGHT NOW. NOT TOMORROW. NOT in 300 million “light years”.

There has never been one single particle of one single piece of matter on the periodic scale of planet earth that has even been shown to have “mass”. Not one. Not ever. All things are holographic. That means that all things are photonic (light waves). That means all things are PHOTO (light), RADIONIC (energy). PERIOD. I offer a million dollars to the first person who can show me a speck of “matter”. Takers? Not yet, and we have been counting down for about 950 million years just since the Angelic Human Krystos God Avatar evolution began. Come on if you have proof that the Guardian Alliance is full of shit here. BRING IT. Because I have just about 1 billion years of proof that it doesn’t exist. Spacecrafts are ALL timecrafts. It is time we started using the vernacular of our older (higher) selves here. “SPACE” doesn’t EXIST people. Therefore there is NO SUCH THING as SPACECRAFTS. TIME is the makeup of our matrix. and it it through YOUR MEMORIES that “TIME” (YOUR SOUL ESSENCE IN THIS TIME MATRIX) exists at all.

Thanks to Donald J. Potts, no source available as this was sent to me via email)

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