NEWS UPDATE Saturday, February 24, 2018


Rama called the King of Swords this morning, expecting to leave a message yet the KOS answered the phone.


Rama had called in the first place to express his concern about the current state of financial support. He was pointing out to the King that there are numbers of people who used to help Tara and Rama who are not helping any more. The primary reason for the changes is that the financial status of their budget has changed: higher bills, repairs, government changes, etc. That being said, the King of Swords asked Ram to give his message to the people, and it is:


“Please help Tara and Rama, as the work they are doing means they need both more financial help and more support in spreading the information of the truth about what is really going on. This is even more important in these times, as there has been an increase in disinformation on the web, with the intent of spreading more fear. Wherever we are, the requirement is to support T & R as the singular place where the truth can be found and is also made available to all the people.”


Will Smith was present on the line with the KOS. He said to Ram, “I know about you, Lord Rama, and what you people are doing is so magnificent with the higher teachings and the philosophy you share. Had I known what you folks have been teaching as I was growing up, I wouldn’t have gotten into the trouble I got in.”


Will went on to say, ”Lord Rama, at the age of 12, I saw 3 black people shot in the head, at close range, in cold blood, by white cops. I am not going to say which big city yet suffice it to say it’s between New York City and Chicago. I have to keep a low profile because I am working directly with Oprah Winfrey to get Michelle into the White House. NESARA NOW! MICHELLE FOR PRESIDENT!


“I believe in you. I believe in The Work you all are doing and the magic it brings to get this planet free.  As my celebrity situation can be of help, please everyone: this is not the time to doubt the reality of what we are living through together right now. NESARA is for real, and the energy of the Ashtar Command is for real, working on the ground together with all of us.


“Yet it is so important for everyone to understand that, without your support, without your faith, without your free will choice to support this work, both financially and spiritually, the Ashtar Command cannot override that free will choice. Keep looking up! Peace and Love. Namaste, Lord Rama.”


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