THE ORACLE REPORT: Friday, August 25, 2017



Friday, August 25, 2017

Crescent Moon Phase: persevere

Moon in Libra

Sun: 03 Virgo - "two guardian angels bringing protection"

True Alignments:  lead-guide-direct, inner strength, unity (beyond duality), unseen assistance, heavenly

Catalysts for Change:  stressful, unanchored, unclear (re-set your inner compass as needed), abandonment issues, feeling unappreciated or unrecognized

Earth: 03 Pisces - "a petrified forest"

True Alignments:  history, lasting memories, contributions to the world, creative production, value, schemes revealed, timeless/standing the test of time, the point of stillness

Catalysts for Change: "framing" someone, unbending or uncompromising, frozen in time, purposely triggering a past trauma, anxiety (physical activity recommended)

Knowledge is power, but wisdom is mastery.  Today necessitates responding from our wisest selves.

Today's astrology is epic, which means that today's energetics are epic.

There is one primary theme today: TIME.

There are two words that sum it up and specify: ANGEL TIME.

There are three words that will be misunderstood: TIME FOR REVOLUTION.  (Let me quickly qualify: It's really time for PERSONAL REVOLUTION, which is in turn reflected as a positive change within the collective consciousness of humanity.  Violence is archontic, unacceptable, and futile.)

There are four astrological events that contribute to the epic nature of the day:

1 - SATURN STATIONS DIRECT - Saturn stationed direct (appears to move forward again) at 8:08 am ET/12:08 pm UT today.  This is a massive dynamic that unleashes the power for things to structure or come together in the proper way and in the proper order.  We slingshot into Renaissance now, as the Ruler of Time, Saturn, turns around to move forward again.  We have been turning around and moving forward since Monday's New Moon/Total Solar Eclipse, and now even more room for freedom of/and movement is opening up.

The day any planet stations retrograde or direct can be rather chaotic, as the various "fields" around us are perturbed, trying to find the new resolution, balance, and equilibrium.  We stay well-grounded and on course.

2 - SATURN CONJUNCT THE BLACK MOON - As it stations direct today, Saturn is in tight conjunction with the Black Moon at 22 Sagittarius, "a Chinese laundry."  Saturn may be the Ruler of Time, but the Queen of Time is Kali, and all who hide in the dark and make mischief run from Kali.  Saturn holds nothing on Kali.  It's "Kali Time" now.  Witness the falling archontic systems of control.

3 - MOON CONJUNCT JUPITER WITH PLUTO IN SQUARE - At the time Saturn stations direct, the Moon, which is the component that activates the influence of other planets on us, is making conjunction with Jupiter.  The Moon is discharging the energetic of "a Jewish rabbi performing his duties;" Jupiter is discharging "a crowd upon a beach;" and Pluto is discharging "the Union Jack flies from a new British warship."  These planets are all in hard aspect to the Eris Point, making false flag potential strong, but the power of rebirth even stronger.

4 - VENUS LEAVES CANCER - Venus is discharging the last degree of Cancer, "a daughter of the American Revolution," before it moves into Virgo after midnight ET/4:00 am UT.  Cancer is a water sign, and water signs produce emotional, creative, sensitive, and caring energies.  This is another indicator for false flag potential, but more importantly, it is an indicator of the theme of personal revolution.

So you see the need to respond to today's energetics from our wisest selves.

We have the "two guardian angels" close by us all day (the Mahavidyas Bhairavi and Shodashi, in my paradigm), and we have two planets energizing the way forward.  Mars moves to 24 Leo today, beginning conjunction with the North Node (destiny).  Full steam ahead!

Wise owls, get ready for an inner revolution today.  Do not be surprised if your mindset is challenged to stay positive.  Saturn is the home of the archons, and they get in our heads more easily when Saturn is busy.  Some will "act out" with the changes that are occurring because they are confused and daunted by them.  Outward action should be measured today.  Think twice before speaking something important.

On to renaissance!  Rebirth yourself.  It's time.  We are guarded by the angels!

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