The Most Powerful Moon of the Year: New Moon & Solar Eclipse in Pisces

An eclipse occurs when either the Earth’s shadow falls on the moon (a lunar eclipse) or when the moon’s shadow falls on the Earth (a solar eclipse).

Eclipses are similar to full moons, but their energy is more potent and their influence leaves a longer lasting impression on our lives. They are powerful and unexpected winds of change that generate a huge surge of emotional energy that enhances our sensitivities, opens up portals of possibilities, and illuminates our beliefs, thoughts and feelings.

During an eclipse cycle, we go through an intense healing phase where we break old, harmful patterns of behavior and learn new, healthier ways to communicate and connect on a deeper level to those around us.

The dynamics of our circumstances change throughout this period as we go through a metamorphosis that is immensely challenging, painful at times, filled with beginnings and endings, and beautifully necessary.

An eclipse is basically nature’s way of awakening us, and then helping us to sweep away the past so that we have a clear, vast space to plant and grow into our future.

Eclipses arrive each year in seasons that usually last for approximately five to six months. When a new eclipse season for the year begins, the eclipse season from the previous year closes.

For example, this year the eclipse season runs from February 10th to August 21st. Everything that we experience within this period will have a particular theme running through it, which usually focuses on our emotions and relationships. When this period closes in August, we then enter a six-month (approximately) reflection period to work through and resolve any issues that surfaced. Then, next year, when the eclipse season begins again in January 2018, we receive the opportunity to close the door and move on from this 2017 eclipse cycle, hopefully having gained valuable life lessons.

The first eclipse in February kicks this cycle of eclipses off to a positive start as the moon, the sun and surrounding planets make a rare sacred pentagram (star) pattern. The pentagram is thought of as a good omen, symbolizing luck, peace and synchronicity, as well as love, wisdom, truth, justice and virtue. Pentagrams are a representation of magic and mysticism and one appearing at the start of this eclipse season is a hopeful sign that events occurring during the next six months will have a positive and harmonious outcome.

Eclipses are supercharged, cosmic pushes from the universe that shake us up and force us to take action so that we reboot our lives, especially in areas where we have been procrastinating change and remaining in situations that are toxic, unfulfilling or, quite simply, making us miserable.

Issues that we have been consciously or subconsciously avoiding will surface whenever there is an eclipse. Although these issues may be uncomfortable to face, it is essential they reach our awareness so that we can learn to confront and effectively deal with them in order to advance our personal growth, transformation and soul evolution.

An eclipse is a temporary interruption of universal energy between the sun, moon and earth, and when they occur, we will also notice an abrupt halt of energy in our own lives. This temporary seizure offers us the opportunity to gain perspective before pressing reset on all that has occurred previously.

We are given an energetic gift from the skies allowing us a golden opportunity to start over and firmly put the past behind us.

During an eclipse, we find that we feel the urge to purge and cut free from anything that feels toxic, dysfunctional or negative. Therefore, we may feel compelled to end a relationship, make a career change, change our beliefs, make a major lifestyle decision, move home or even to a new city. We may want to have a drastic de-cluttering of our belongings and feng shui our homes.

Fortunately (even though it may not always seem this way), any decisions that are made during an eclipse are believed to work in our favor, as an energetic cosmic force is guiding and supporting us. Eclipses are beneficial and healing and although they can often feel devastating, as sections of our lives crumble during the transformation, it all happens for our higher good. So it is vital to trust in the process.

If we are attuned to our own soul, as well as universal energy, we will hear intuitive whispers and feel strong impulses telling us that it is time to break free from situations that no longer serve us. However, it is highly recommended not to rush into any big decisions or changes in the couple of days before or after an eclipse. This is due to celestial energy causing havoc as it pulls our problems to the surface and turns situations upside down. Therefore, we will likely feel disorientated and not have clear perception at the time of the eclipse, so it is advised to wait a day or two until the energy has calmed and settled.

We often find that we have been clinging to dead weight for no other reason than it feels familiar to us. We remain in unsatisfying circumstances simply because we are secretly terrified of the unknown.

Staying in a comfort zone due to the fear of the turbulence that may lie beyond it is not nourishing or healthy for the mind, body or soul.

Therefore, it is necessary that we surrender to our intuition and make a clean cut from whatever, or whomever, it is we feel a strong need to detach from, even if we know it will be a sharp, shocking and painful incision.

Once we have made the cut, it may remain open for some time, however the wound will eventually heal and the faint scar left behind will remind us how far and how hard we are willing to push to achieve the freedom, pleasure, joy and harmony that our souls long for.

When our warrior spirits choose to move forward, we see how important it is to release the past so that we can travel lightly.

An eclipse is a doorway that leads to a new chapter. It is the universe’s way of using cosmic powers to stop us in our tracks to ask us to consider changing direction. They encourage us to take a few moments (at the time of an eclipse) to close our eyes and synchronize our energy with the shadowing of the Earth or the moon. We can then attune to whatever adventures are written in the stars and ultimately what is fated for us.

Celestial energy picks up on the energetic discord that radiates from us when we have wandered too far from our chosen path. It spins us around and ushers us away from stormy, dead-end roads and any chaos or dysfunction and instead leads us to the new, peaceful, exciting and wondrous paths that we are destined to walk. We will be guided by the wisdom, knowledge and insight that beams from the glittering sky.


Dates for the 2017 eclipses (All times Eastern Standard/Daylight Savings Time):

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse: February 10, 2017, 19:32 

Annular Solar Eclipse: February 26, 2017, 9:58

Partial Lunar Eclipse: August 7, 2017, 14:10

Total Solar Eclipse: August 21, 2017, 14:30

On February 26th, there will be a powerful solar eclipse and New Moon in the enchanting zodiac sign of Pisces.

This celestial event will offer a magnificent backdrop for us to begin manifesting a new, unique and exquisite existence.

Eclipses affect Earth’s electromagnetic field and this disruption affects everything on Earth, including human beings. Our own electromagnetic field alters so that our energy resonates with the new frequency incoming from the universe.

Therefore, in the days before the eclipse, we can expect to sense these changes in the atmosphere and we will notice our emotions, thoughts and feelings reacting (and overreacting) until they find a harmonic balance. We will remain in this transformational energy phase for approximately six months until the eclipse season comes to an end on August 21st.

Eclipses are doors that swing open wide so that we can enter a new, cosmically-charged, higher dimension. They signify the closing of the previous chapter of our lives and the beginning of a brand new one.

Solar eclipses give us the energetic push we need so that we manifest the fresh starts we have been trying to create and so that we listen to, and trust, our soul’s knowledgable whispers. Eclipses are a reminder that our soul is aware of our destiny and inherently knows which roads will lead to true love and the fulfillment of our mission and purpose.

If we are willing to pay attention and work with the cosmic energy this eclipse cycle, it will be beneficial for our evolution and will be profoundly healing. To heal our emotional injuries, we need to focus on nourishing the rejected, unloved and unaccepted aspects of our selves by calling and embracing forgiveness, sensitivity, compassion and empathy.

The New Moon and eclipse arrive together to illuminate the need to let go of old trauma so that painful wounds can be soothed and healed and our energy can focus on creating new, healthy loving experiences.

Pisces is the sign of surrender and release, which means we should try to resist the desire to control and manipulate events and instead breathe deeply with faith that the universe will safely guide our souls on their way.

Pisces rules the oceans, so during this New Moon we will feel as though we are swimming in refreshing, renewing, cleansing energy. It is a reminder to go with the flow and to stop trying to fight against the current.

The most important thing to remember is that with Pisces, Neptune and the solar eclipse absolutely anything is possible. Those who question whether magic exists will catch themselves thinking again as they won’t be able to find logical explanations for the mystical events taking place throughout this period.

Therefore, it is wise to release tension and resistance, and to surrender to the love and opportunities meant for us.

Fortunately, this can work miracles in the love department of our lives as we raise our heart’s vibration to match the high vibration coming from the universe. The energies are supportive of moving new and old relationships to a higher level. Once our energy has risen, only those whose energies are on that same high frequency will resonate and magnetically attract.

If we attune to the universe’s healing energy, we will no longer attract friendships or relationships with those who wish to cause us trouble or harm and whose energy is on a much lower frequency. We have learned the hard way that the more fearlessly we love ourselves, the more peace, pleasure and love we will attract in return.

It is imperative that we keep our soul energized by investing in our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health. We will feel pulled to either start, or to focus more intently, on creative pursuits such as art, dancing, singing, writing or we may take up yoga, meditation, learning a musical instrument or spending more time in nature.

We will notice we are sensing every nuance in the vibrational energy around us and will be absorbing the thoughts and feelings from people near and far. This may cause temporary moments of turbulence as we figure out which emotions belong to us and which belong to other people.

We will discover that we have been carrying around a lot of heavy, emotional energy that belongs to our friends, lovers or relatives and we will recognize that it is time to off-load it and to stop feeling responsible for how other people feel.

Otherworldly Pisces radiates a potent feminine, highly sensitive, divine energy and sends an imperative message that advises us to take time to reconnect with our inner selves and meditate, or simply rest and relax to ensure we don’t become overwhelmed from absorbing too many external stimuli.

Our ability to intimately connect with others through energetic vibrations gives us a deep insight into our relationships and strengthens the bonds we have with those we are close to, as we understand how they are feeling through empathizing and trusting in the sensory, telepathic connections that are enhanced by the Pisces New Moon.

The mysterious and spiritual, blue planet Neptune, which rules Pisces, will be resting close to this New Moon.

Neptune is the planet of illusions and the subconscious and it can make us feel surreal, as though we are spellbound, existing in a dreamlike state. Our minds will be full of fantasy and wonder, and we will feel empowered and limitless as though we can achieve anything our imaginations can conjure.

Neptune will positively influence everything we do during this ethereal Pisces phase. Therefore, it is essential that we keep our selves open so that we can receive the unexpected during this rare celestial event that will be delivering an abundance of pleasant shocks and surprises.

The overall message during this solar eclipse and New Moon: If we courageously open our hearts and choose love, despite our fears, our past has the chance to heal, and the universe kindly rewards us by offering us more opportunities to give and receive love.

It is recommended that intentions for new beginnings are set within 24 hours of the New Moon so that they can be carried with the momentum of this intensified universal energy.

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