There is not a thing to do, there are many things, collective things, in unison, that are necessary to initiate and push forward massive change for humanity. This event we are all anticipating is a moment, a “reward”, a great and powerful shift within – a return, not to innocence, but to truth. In fact it is very much a reality; a magnificent moment in which each aspect of creation will understand, comprehend, appreciate and participate in life as they intended to before their emergence onto the physical plane. It is such a grand moment, that we cannot avoid the energy of it. It is simultaneously felt and created by One – which includes every part of life. This event will happen when all pieces of the puzzle are inserted. As we all know major change cannot be planned. There is a moment when you physically move out of your home of origin and another moment altogether when you emotionally separate. The event is much the same. We are feeling, sensing, anticipating, and even wishing for something that cannot be predicted. There is no way to know just when the final puzzle piece will drop into place. We can only set ourselves up emotionally and physically, and remain aware. Also, keep putting every stray piece back where it belongs. Relentlessly, consistently, piece the puzzle together. We’ll all know when it is complete – the whole fabric of what we are looking at will alter – it will become One. It will be the thing we’ve been seeing in our minds eye all along, while we were focusing on finding that one piece necessary for completion. Blessings and love for this New year – 2014. This post was written earlier today. Just now this message was received, another piece of the puzzle:I love you. You are the One you’ve been waiting for.

January 1st, 2014

Happy New Year to All!

Wish whatever You want to happen on this cycle!

The Energy was great and intense, although some bad things happened before New Year celebration in Iraq and Russia, we were not able to prevent them, as they were carried out by minor groups, which are not monitored by us, the one in Russia is sponsored by Saudi Arabia. We provided small protection during New Year celebrations to this critical zones.

There will be Olympic Games pretty soon which are targeted by Saudi Arabia, and illuminati order. We will monitor this and will see that everything will be great and without incidences. Notice that Moment of Justice can take place any moment and regardless of Olympic Games or any other events.

About Solar Magnetic Flip, we know that Sun almost fully had flipped it's poles, but not fully. I will explain You one thing: in order to better understand how Sun is doing it You have to accept the Dynamic model of the Universe, there is no "constant time frame of 22 years" in Sun flipping it's poles, the only thing about Universe that is constant is that Universe constantly changes Itself as this is the Rule of Evolution. And so this cycle flip can be changed from 22 to 11 or 3 or 44, for example right now Sun may change it's poles back if It wants:)

About pope Jorge (Francis), catholic church had long known that the story about Adam and Eve was true in some of it's form, from the perception that humanity was raised by it's creators in artificial "heaven" where that small particle of Light was put into Humanity. The perception about hell is correct, the story that "most of Humanity" goes there is false, most of Humanity goes to Purgatory before going to Heaven, I will explain You the story about what is going on here down below, if You are ready to accept it, it is not pleasant information. So hell in fact exist only for "chosen" individuals those that are impossible to change through Purgatory, meant they want "to destroy" and "destroy" without stopping and don't feel any difference or regret or anything at all, such beings are highly dangerous so they need to come through everything they have done during their life to feel it on their own soul, a thing called Karma, You know about it. On One's law they need to feel this some times more than felt those that they humiliated or destroyed, it depends on how resistant is the will "to destroy".

Answering on questions about different civilizations, they are many - pleiadeans, syrians, andromedans, arcturians, cassiopeans and this not ends, there are many many, we gave them designation "Ones that follows Light" or Followers of Light. Because in fact they are exercising Light and it's main form - Unconditional Love (or Care for All Things in Existence) in it's most highest extent.

And Light Followers do not have colonies on many moons and dwarf planets, they have only bases or outposts there, main intention of these outposts is to block Humanity's voices and sight from Outer Universe and Outer Universe's voices and sight from Humanity using special devices. As you remember this is an experiment and this planet is quarantined. Like we told most of them were switched off not long ago, that is why (and with the help of some positive devices as well) Humanity now can hear distant voices and One much more clearly and much more clearly can separate lies from Truth.

And yes I meant very primitive life from one cell to underwater fish-like creatures. The origin of Light Followers are from many many different Worlds, most of which are in this Galaxy of Milky Way.

And now an unpleasant continuation of story of the Moon, because You wanted to know the Truth. Here is a lot of information, my apologies for very huge text.

Again I will warn You that believe always in what You think is right, if You don't believe in this and everything what I'm saying, please avoid me and what I'm sharing with You, what most important is Your own believe!

The Creator of the Universe - One gave Everyone the complete Free Will and possibility to Choose Own Destiny and Own Way of Life. One is not intervening in the Existence of Creation, unless there is a grave danger to All that exists. So You are free to believe in absolutely Everything and do absolutely Everything You wish to do, unless You are making huge damage, this is having great consequences, both on Creation and on You. In this Universe evil doings are returning evil doings and Good doings are returning Good doings! Remember that, it is one phrase that remains unchanged since Beginning of this Creation.

The machine on Moon can be switched off only by Light Followers' beings that have the highest clearance they can have. Before we thought, it was archons device, but it was having "a light design" and it was giving us big suspicions. When we were told that archons (reptilians and greys) are together in one boat with Galactic Federation of Light, all have come into place and puzzle has been completely completed for us.

There is a being that sits on "a golden throne" and is called by different names, we designated it with gnostics' name - Demiurge - The God imposter. This being is in control of archons, it poses as a god and "creator of the Universe". It uses many names: God, YHWH, Yahweh, Adonay (Holy Lamb, even Jesus, even Trinity), Allah, Buddha, Brahma, Krishna, Shiva, Vishnu; from old "pagan" Wotan, Quetzalcoatl, Baal, Jupiter, Zeus (Dyeus, Deus, Dios, Theos, Dyaus Pita, Jupiter, Jov Pater, Zeu Pater, Dyau Pita - means literally Sky Father on contrary to Pltvi Mhter - Mother Earth also it's name, a proto indo-european origin of name God and Dios), it is also calling itself with female names like Gaia, Great Mother, Ishtar, Mithra, Goddess, even Source and even One; on evil part also known as Lucifer, Satan, Shaitan, Devil, Moloch, Baal, Baalzebub, Marduk, Saint Death, Pan, Satyr, Baphomet. (To mention also that in judaism satan is an agent of God and "tempter" of Humanity, so basically here, they are one and the same.) This is to mention just most prominent of it's names to give You a picture of how influential it is. The secret 2 names for this being are jewish "Yod - Ha - Veh - Hah" - "I exist, I am" and reptilian name "Shem - Ham - Pho - Rash" - literally "you are my servants, I am your master" used in teaching Kabbalah where kaballah equal to cabal - "secret magic occult societies under the tree of life". On kaballah's tree of life You can see Moon blocking the Earth from Cosmo - universal Consciousness of One which comes through Galactic Center and through Sun.

We thought that this being was only the ruler of archons, but when we were told that they are together with Followers of Light the whole picture was completed, this being is the father of Humanity...
as he ordered it's light beings to make this civilization and imposter of real Creator of the Universe - One.

It is using the power of those prayers around the World to feed it's self-appointment as the ruler of the Universe, it only wishes Humanity to serve it and so it is the mastermind behind the apocalypse - "salvation through destruction" plan where only loyal to it beings will be "saved".

This being had also created the artificial heaven for Humanity and for other beings across this Galaxy. The device on the Moon collects only those souls from this planet that are loyal to this being, being a christian, muslim, jews, buddhists or from any other religion. Sends it to artificial Heaven and then after time of rest and recalibration, this being sends it back to Earth and not on any other World, which real Creator is doing.

In real Heaven - Nexus of Conduits souls are being sent on other worlds across the Universe and they have a choice of where to go, but in artificial heaven souls are programmed into thinking that "Earth is the only choice". Many many souls were a victims of this scheme and that why they are stuck here.

What is important to point here is that if You do not wish to serve to this being, which is Humanity's father this being will set You free to real Heaven. For example our loyalty of GEs is completely only to One. When You know about this whole situation, You can choose to reincarnate here or on other World this being don't dare to force You into submission.

This being is not committing big crime against Creation, that is why it can continue doing it, but once was found out about secret plan to control Creation, this is where Forces of One arrived and now this being can no longer impose illusion on Humanity.

This being can take Human souls only if they are choosing this being, because of huge illusion and programming through religion this being is having constant influx of souls into artificial heaven. Demiurge enjoys servitude of Humanity and constant hails in it's honor, making this being "happy".

By now You understood that all civilizations within Galactic Federation of Light serve it and most even don't know that they in fact serve to imposter. You heard not one time that they need an approval for intervention on this planet from "heaven" or from "source".

Also Federation is a structure of government when united bodies are controlled from one central governmental body, this is the structure of USA where Washington DC is that central body and president is the ruler and in Galactic Federation of Light the central government body is artificial "heavens" and it's ruler is Demiurge. The Universal rule "As Above So Below" works here perfectly.

This being is a master of illusions and it is very hard to make You believe that this being is an imposter.

Only few do not wish to serve to this being and their choice is a law of One, which this being don't dare to break or there are consequences which can remove it from power.

For example Pleiadeans are understanding that "complete servitude is not going to be a right way of life in experience of Prime Creator's Consciousness" that's why most of them don't serve it, but some do. The Awakening of Sage Star A on 12.21.2012, then activation of It 05.19.2013, then appreciation of It on 12.16.2013 had made Sage Star A to reveal and pinpoint the very well hidden position of artificial heaven, this is in close proximity of the Center of this Galaxy - Sage Star A.

Now we know why part of Sage Star A was activated. The artificial heaven is made in different separate dimensional world, much like real Nexus of Conduits, they have great design we can give them that. Notice that Demiurge rules only over this Galaxy and some parts of other Galaxies and some worlds on other dimensional planes. This being do not have control over this Universe.

Real Creator don't "rule over anything" the complete free choice is given to All and All can experience themselves how they like to experience.

I will tell that because crime against Creation was almost committed, Demiurge was warned that Humanity must make it's own choice of what to happen right now in these times (choice 12.21.2012) the apocalypse was the best thing it wanted. And if so, You understand that You were not going to be in safe hands if this being was capable of doing this, in the past, 4 ancient Human worlds on this planet have been destroyed and wars between civilizations (here and above) were waged by this beings' manipulations.

Now all that is left for this being is to finish this experiment as Humanity wanted it. You as a Lightworkers and Lightwarriors no longer serve to this being as You see what real Creator - Source is, but not all, still some are being influenced by it.

It's illusions are very hard to resist, if You believe in God by name of God, or Jesus or Source, it can "hijack" Your believe, as it is naming itself by all possible names of deities. So once You will feel that "something is not right" this is when real One is giving You the spark, doubts and confusion are it's weapons, so the very first thought is always correct, remember that!

It even tried to subdue us GEs, and tried to break our codes, but we were able to resist and changed the codes. This being was issued a warning to not do that again, we respect it and it respects us, it is not touching us Guardians, as One will not tolerate hurting of us, we have also gave same Protection of One, like we are having to many lightworkers and lightwarriors, You are also included:) so this being and whole Galactic Federation of Light will have to "endure" Us All if they will not be happy with Us and Our "loyalty".

Now that this full story is revealed and notice that this is the last most important hidden knowledge from You which we have uncovered, there will be no more hidden knowledges about Galactic Federation of Light. Again I will repeat, the choice is always Yours to believe in or not to believe in. Your own believe is most important!

With Much Peace and Calmness and Prosperity! Most Happiest New Year to You!


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