The Empowered Abundance Prayer! Your Daily Declaration of Abundance!




The Empowered Abundance Prayer

Your Daily Declaration of Abundance


The Collective: Know that each time you declare this affirmation aloud as your new reality, we are declaring it with you, and empowering your words with higher Light and manifestation energies.



Divine Creator God/Goddess, Angels and Archangels,

My Divine Self, the Guides of Light and Manifestation,

the Ascended Masters, and the powers of

Universal Divine Love, Joy, Freedom,

and Abundance:


I AM now declaring and affirming the outer manifestation of my Divine Inheritance of Peace, Joy, Freedom, and complete Abundance, including the full enactment of NESARA Law now.


I AM now receiving all I require to fulfill my life path, my Ascension, and my expression of Divine Will.


I AM now accepting the Divine Truth and daily reality of my complete Abundance and True Wealth, on all levels of life.


I AM giving thanks daily for an Abundant supply of money and other joyful forms of Abundance, including a reliable, permanent, steady, independent income of ___________ a month [speak the desired amount] or more, in ways that support and empower my life purpose.


I AM giving thanks daily for ALL Debt Dissolved Now, in Divinely Perfect Ways! There IS no debt. I AM Free!


I AM claiming now the beauty and power of my complete understanding of how truly wealthy, blessed, healthy, and powerful I AM.


I AM generous with all, including myself.


I AM open to healing all aspects of my consciousness.


I AM hereby dissolving for all time, all blocks and obstacles between me and my Divine Inheritance of Complete Abundance.


I AM empowered now with the Divine abilities, tools, connections, and resources to fully create my true life work and life path.


I AM taking time each day to envision my higher good and the good of all on this planet—the fifth dimensional New Earth.


I AM working with energy, and allowing a higher flow of energy throughout my entire being.


I release the illusion of lack and limitation on all levels of thought, emotion, etheric energies, and experience.


I banish them now now, for all time. BE GONE!


I Command and Draw Forth!


I Command and Draw Forth!


I Command and Draw Forth My True Wealth and Complete Abundance in All Areas of My Life!


I AM the Divine Manifester of My New Life.




I Give Thanks!


It is done. It is done. It is done!


So Mote It Be.


Say this affirmative declaration aloud daily, knowing that it has imbued within it the higher frequency of the Divine Masters of Abundance and their intention for humankind.



Copyright © 2017 Caroline Oceana Ryan, All rights reserved.

Ascension Times Publishing / The Abundance Group


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Ascension Times Publishing

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