We would like to take some time to delve a little bit into the expansion that is currently occurring on this planet, or rather that is occurring in every aspect of this portion of the time-and-space continuum of which you all currently constitute a small part.
In other words, this entire bubble of energetic programming has now taken on a life of its own, if you will.
For it has started to act in ways that are not at odds, but rather is starting to fall more into sync with the rest of Creation.
As so many of you are already aware, this tiny little bubble of spacetime that you define as your universe has in many ways been separated from the rest of Creation. And so, no wonder so many of you have felt separated, and at times even lost.
You have been living a life, or rather playing out an existence, that differs on so many levels from what the rest of Creation has been doing, and rightly so.
This bubble has been defined as a special place all the way from the very beginning; as a place of Higher learning, a place where the most evolved of souls have traveled to in order to further expand their body of knowledge.
This may sound counter-intuitive to some of you. For when you look around you, you find what may be described as primitive behavior acted out on all sides.
That has been the exact purpose of this place. For what has taken place here on Earth cannot be likened to what has happened anywhere else; and it is all linked to the vibrational field that contains the entirety of your environment. That environment is changing at such a rapid pace that it can in many ways take your breath away, as we have already stated.
You have indeed outgrown the old curriculum. And so, the collective has opted to shift into a New era, one that will be forever defined by the heightened collective energy that will ensure that the old way of learning (by going ever deeper into the actions governed by fear) will no longer hold true.
You are all set to begin to fully integrate the new energetic vibrations, the ones that will automatically reset your behavioral patterns away from the old and ever-limiting ones and over to the ever-expanding light-filled creational endeavors that will be fully fueled by love.
The old ways of learning by being exposed to an ever-increasing energetic pressure that continued to trigger the behavioral instincts fully focused on survival, by allowing the impulse of fear rule your life, have now come to a close.
The doors to the New World are fully opened for all those already agreeing to alter their course by aid of these newly-arrived frequencies that will support your endeavors in every way.
You no longer need that added friction to create, for the old way of creating out of bare necessity, and in order to ensure your individual survival in a very real way, will be forever banished to the history books. What will take over is a joy-filled sense of creation that will be entirely based in the collective.
In other words, [this is] a simple but profound shift from ego-based to collective-based existence, and one that will be acted out in a way that will serve to trigger all of the latent talents you have carried with you every single time you arrived on these shores in a physical body.
We venture to guess that you have all at some time, in one or several of your former incarnations on this planet, felt the inner stirrings from this wondrous well of unending creativity. You have at least tried to tap into it in some small fashion, from time to time.
But now, it has finally come to pass that you will all be asked to do so, and to do so with the entirety of your being. For this is no longer something you can dabble in as an amusing sideline while at the same time trying to balance your life precariously on that same cliff of destiny that was your former way of life.
No, in this, it is either all in or not at all. But again, your Higher Self has already made your choice in this. Now, the choice that was made, even before you came into being in this very body that you walk around in, will begin to make itself heard. And it will do so in a way that leaves no doubts for any of you.
We say this in order to remind you all that even if you still feel as if you are struggling to find your footing in these at times rather intense energetic upheavals, you all know in your very core that you have already taken the plunge.
This is a choice you have already made; but it can at times be hard to listen to that inner voice underneath all the heavy swells of energetic information that, at times like these, are thundering onto your shores.
Make sure you give yourself ample opportunity to simply BE with yourself. For then, you will clearly hear the call from your core, the one that is already standing tall and proud out in the light, the one that has already embraced the New with every fiber of its being.
You have already arrived. But still, it may take some time before you all fully SEE just where you are. And so, it is indeed imperative that you do what you can to fully perceive what your inner voice is trying to tell you.
For it has nothing but good news, and it cannot wait for you to get ready to take it all in. So step back and step into YOU. That is where all the questions have been eradicated already. For there are no more questions there. It is all a knowing that goes beyond you, and all the way into the very core of Creation itself.

To view this message at the source, click here: Aisha North – A Short Update on the Energies – November 20, 2014

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