Super Moon in Taurus, Nov 2016 ~ Unleashing Our Gifts

We are having a Full Moon in Taurus on November 14th and in the early hours of the 15th in eastern Australia and New Zealand. In the Western part of the Americas, it will appear the most Full on the night of the 13th.

Like last month, it will be another ‘Super Moon’, which is when it is closest to Earth and appears larger. This one is the largest since 1948. Considering that it is also in Taurus, a sign that the Moon is ‘exalted’ in,  this Full Moon is a special one.

The effects of a Full Moon become more noticeable in the 3 days leading up to it, and still present during the 3 days following, but is stronger when it is closer to the exact moment. The exact time of the Full Moon will be 1:52 pm Universal Time (Click here for your time zone)

Full Moon In Taurus Opposite Sun In Scorpio, In An Easy Aspect With Chiron

We have been in Scorpio season since the last week of October,  which is a time when things can get more intense, serious, fearful, suspicious, dark, and complex. It is deep, calculated, and very sexual. Now that we are entering the Full Moon period, it is time for the opposite sign Taurus to have its influence as well by either balancing things out or challenging Scorpionic energy.

Taurus is a slow, solid, and practical sign which can be thorough yet simplistic. Ruled by Venus, it seeks comfort, beauty, and to please the senses. It is also associated with value(s), self-worth, possessions, and can be creative and artistic. Taurus is about stability and this is one of the reasons why the Moon (which rules emotions, comfort, and security) is exalted here.

Unlike the depth, complexity, suspicions, and fears of Scorpio, Taurus seeks to feel secure, stable, sensually stimulated, and is mostly concerned about what is tangible and on the surface. While Scorpio is associated with sharing or pooling of money, resources, and value, Taurus is about what belongs to the individual as well as one’s personal value.

This Full Moon is in a sextile with Chiron, while Uranus is right in between them at the midpoint. This could manifest as changes, insights, and/or breakthroughs to help us move beyond insecurities or detach ourselves from emotional attachments more easily. This can also be a good time to tap into our gifts as well.  The Sun was in an exact aspect with Chiron 2-3 days before and therefore for some people part of this energy could of been more noticeable then.

Venus In Capricorn, In Harmonious Aspect With Neptune And The Moon’s Nodes

Venus, the ruler of this Full Moon, had recently entered Capricorn a few days prior and will be there until December 7th. Venus is the planet of love, beauty, pleasure, creativity, and money while Capricorn is the sign of ambitions, career, business, traditions, commitments. We can expect that over this upcoming month everyone will experience their own version of a synthesis of these energies.

Venus is also moving towards a trine to the North Node in Virgo and a sextile to Neptune at the the South Node, which will be strongest from November 18th-20th. For some people, this can be a great time to start to actualize or materialize any dreams we have had in the past that involves doing work that we actually enjoy. This is especially true if it involves creative and artistic efforts.

For others, this can be a time where we can more easily move beyond illusions, inadequacies or escapism, and potentially replace with a newfound love and passion towards our work, or even starting to appreciate a more realistic, structured and organized life. This is reinforced by Chiron-Uranus energy mentioned above.

Mars In Aquarius In A Sextile With Mercury In Sagittarius

Mars shifted from Capricorn to Aquarius just over 5 days before this Full Moon and will be there until December 19th.  Mercury went into Sagittarius just 2 days prior which will last until December 2nd/3rd. They are making a harmonious aspect with each other which will be strongest the 14th-16th.

Mercury rules ideas, communication, and thought process while Sagittarius likes to do things in a big way.  This sign is about our beliefs and having a ‘big picture’ outlook overall. Sagittarius is also associated with travel, countries, media/marketing, and freedom. With Mercury here, the way we communicate and think will be reflective of this.

Mars has to do with action; our will and drive and in Aquarius it is collectively oriented, innovative, technological, and about creating change and doing things differently for a better future. Due to Mercury being in aspect with Mars, our big thoughts, ideas, and communications will assist us in any Aquarian-type action we will be taking.

Mercury and Mars energy working together also has to do with communicating with passion, quick thinking, and being very direct. At the Full Moon, Venus is right in between these two planets at the midpoint, and this suggests that this Mercury/Mars combination can help us in doing the work that we enjoy, earning money, and in how we express our love and values.

By CARMEN DI LUCCIO, 11/13/2016


Full Moon in Taurus, Star Danas and Releasing Old Patterns of Duality

By Sandris Sneibe, 11/12/2016

14th of November Full Moon in Taurus.


MEDITATION in co-creation with KRYON

Greetings dear ones! I AM Kryon from Magnetic service. When my partner steps aside... Very often I have been repeat this phrase trough my partners and in this situation as well I would like to repeat, (smile)... when my partner steps aside, we can start a channeling. 
Many times He have been trying to channel, but always His brain was taking Him over with fear to make some mistakes in this process of channeling and inner Voice of Innate was so silent, that He never try to step over it. But now something change, maybe He release all fear, maybe He found a button to make louder His inner voice, maybe He get into full balance or maybe the Love of God was more powerful that His mind, who knows... (smile) He have been asking about Divine assistance to help Him and we always answer to You, dear ones, straight without any delay, that is our Angelic purpose, that is Love of God. Only You need is go into Your Heart space and truly ask: " Dear Spirit, help me please with Your assistance, let Your Divine Will come through as my Guidance!" We always will answer to You, just listen that softly silent voice of Your Heart.
Today He have been asking about releasing old patterns of duality and some practice that can help many of You, dear ones. We will give You practice that You have to repeat every 28 days, it is full Moon cycle, also by Numerology is number 28, 2 leads to 8, duality leads to ascension... ( smile)
Let We will explain You about this Moon cycle meaning and number 28. As We told You earlier the very best time of releasing old patterns, that is not serve You anymore, is full Moon. Gravity between planet Earth and Moon is so strong, that can help You on cellular conscious level, We gave You earlier the word INNATE of it, to clean Your DNA levels from destructive information, old patterns which kept Your INNATE in programs of Duality, separateness from God, experience your own individuality. That is number 2, 1+1, duality. When You stay awaken, dear ones, those who get trough duality and finish Your experience of individual separateness, those of You activated Your own cellular consciousness, Innate, activated elemental matter or also called MerKaBa, Light Body or I AM Presence. Many of You, old Souls, get connected back with Your Higher Self and Source of All It Is. This is number 8, ascension. By numerology, if we count these two numbers together, we get number 10 or 1, this is New beginning of New Reality. This is another life, life of unconditional Love to all God's Creation, life in joy without separation anymore, conscious multidimensional life, that You have been dream about long time ago.
As We told You before, full activation of Your light body is long process, is a lot of releasing old dual patterns on cellular structure, that You still keep with control of Your mind, with those programs of Your own protection, when You went trough the Cosmic Night or experience of Duality. At that time of Your evolution, dear ones, at unconscious time, You went trough wars, fights, where You have been killed or You killed somebody, to get this experience to be part of it, part of another, part of lower vibrations. Nobody judge You, beloved ones, that is a part of Evolution and God knows it, God is so patient and loves You so much, as Father, Mother who loves them children, when their growing up. 
When You experienced war and killing each other, You exchange with energies, as You are an Energy, essence of Light, also we told You this before. The Light is energy information of all kind vibrations, higher and lower. At that time of duality You exchange with lover vibrations of collective conscious which settle down in Your cellular structure, in Your DNA record, also called AKASH. To clean this cellular structure from old duality patterns and exchange back with those parts of Your own consciousness at quantum level, We will give You wonderful meditation called Estrella del Alma, in the Light language it means a Star of the Soul, called DANAS. When You will start practice this meditation every 28 days of full Moon, whole cycle, You will integrate back Your own Wholeness, all parts of Your conscious that is still traveling around the world with another bodies on different parallel worlds and realities of Your own creation. Get heal Yourselves and be Wholeness, help others to get them Wholeness and be healed as well. This is Higher purpose for the Golden Angels from the Great Central Sun. You are so dearly loved and blessed, dear ones! And so it is.



Greetings beloved Golden Angels from the Great Central Sun! Tonight is wonderful full Moon, shining so bright! Moon in the stellar of Taurus. Did You know, dear ones, what else is in stellar of Taurus. Yes, I can hear the answer, right, it is stellar of Pleiades, Your beloved cosmic parents. And is not so strange that exactly at this date of Your linear time, when the Moon is closer to the Earth and this happening once in the 69 years, that gravity is so strong, we can do also our Light Work, Integration of Your Wholeness.
For that we will need to call for assistance Your Cosmic Parents, beloved Pleiadians, for activation of "time capsules" in Your DNA and also dear Moon for extra power to exchange satellites in Your Stars. Stars? What is that Kryon? We will travel to the stars?
No, beloved ones, You will become as a Stars, You will connect with own stars! 
Lets do the Work, Angels! Take a comfort position of seat, close Your eyes and make a few deep breathes. Inhale and exhale, no rush, take a time....
Now imagine Yourself in the Space. How many bright stars is around You, so bright and shining! Lets choose one of them, that You feel is Yours! Call upon that star:
Estrella del Alma! Estrella del Alma! Estrella del Alma come to me and shine my Star DANAS!
And see, after these magic words, one of stars come close to You and take a place on top of Your head! What a nice white bright Star! But look, around Your stars whirl satellites, two different color of satellites! Looks like Your solar planet Saturn with many small satellites red and blue. 
Dear Kryon, what is that small satellites? - I hear Your question. O, beloved Angels, that is Your quantum parts of Your consciousness. Blue ones is Yours, but red ones is another parts of Angels, that You get in the experience of Duality for eons of years. DANAS, the star of Your Soul bring Your parts of Your Wholeness, which is very important for You and Your Mother Gaia, at this time of Ascension. DANAS is Your magic magnetic Star, which will pull Your quantum conscious parts of own Light Essence and will release those which is not Yours, which is not serve You anymore.
And now beloved Angels look again to Your beautiful shining Star and send Your Love with grace to red satellites of the Star DANAS. Say, - dear DANAS release please with Love those parts which is not mine and send them by address! Look, those red satellites depart with grace and fly to deep in Space to reach another stars!
Now, lets ask to dear DANAS come slowly down into Your Heart space and stay for a while. Take a time, dear ones, for many of You this is first time after so long time of traveling into duality...
Now, when DANAS came down into Your Sacred Hearts, lets feel the Love of Your Star Soul. Warm it up with Your Love of Your Heart! Say: Thank You DANAS for bringing parts of my consciousness from all Universe, from all kind of created realities! You can leave them here in safe space of my Heart! Take a time to get them all in Your Heart...
And now Your magic magnetic Star DANAS gratefully flying up to take a place on top of Your head! Look how bright is Your Stars, dear Angels! Well done! Remember, Your Star is magnetic magic star and ask It with Love to bring another parts of Your conscious after 28 days on full Moon again! Do it till that time, when Your Star DANAS will come White and Bright without any satellites, parts of Your conscious, parts of Your Wholeness. You did wonderful Light Work, You heal Yourself getting back Your Wholeness and help others to heal themselves, getting back them Wholeness. See, how bright stay stars! Love of God is for all creation, for all realities in all Universes. Is Ascension time of beloved Mother Gaia and at this time She needs Your Love and Your high vibrations, beloved Golden Angels from the Great Central Sun. You did it, You pick up Your vibrations, getting back Your own Wholeness. That who heal himself can heal others in any Universe, in any reality. 
And now get back to Yourselves dear ones and ground Yourselves with Mother Gaia, She needs Your vibrations, Your Divine experience. Get a few deep breathes and open Your eyes. Well done beloved Angels!

In love with humanity, KRYON.

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