New Moon Report, April 21, 2012 by Jeff Jawer

The Moon is our constantly changing companion. She lifts our tides and lights our nights. She reflects our needs, moods and daily deeds.

StarIQ cofounder Jeff Jawer looks at astrological events for this lunar cycle to describe the month ahead. This is a big picture view of the general cosmic weather that affects us all.

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New Moon in Taurus
Saturday, April 21, 12:18 am PDT, 3:18 am EDT

The New Moon in earthy Taurus starts a slow-cooking fire, creating opportunities to increase income and discover fresh sources of pleasure. Investing in a solid foundation of training, tools and developing personal resources with patience establishes a base from which future success will grow. Taurus likes a steady pace so don't be in a hurry to get where you want to go. Sticking to a practical plan is a surer way to achieve your goals than trying to beat the clock. Long-range strategic thinking will pay dividends while get rich quick schemes are likely to fail. Skillful Mars in Virgo and potent Pluto in Capricorn form favorable aspects to this Sun-Moon conjunction, producing a Grand Earth Trine that favors pragmatism and productivity. Yet a lovely slice of imagination is blended into this cosmic dish with a supportive sextile from dreamy Neptune to the New Moon. This spiritual planet softens Taurean stubbornness with compassion and faith, bringing a higher purpose to even the most mundane tasks.

Full Moon in Scorpio
Saturday, May 5, 8:36 pm PDT, 11:36 pm EDT

The hungry Scorpio Moon opposing the contented Taurus Sun challenges us to be clearer about our values. It's time to let go of objects, people and situations that don't satisfy our emotional needs. Financial crises are one way in which this tension may be expressed yet relationships may also teeter on the edge between acceptance of the status quo and a desire for deeper connections. Powerful feelings may boil over in frustration if we're ignoring unmet needs, leading to provocations meant to extract more from current allies or, in some cases, to push them away. This Full Moon reveals habits that need to be broken. Going to emotional extremes could produce negative behavior, but might be the critical step we need to take before we finally eliminate undesirable patterns.

Mercury in Taurus
Tuesday, May 8, 10:15 pm PDT, Wednesday, May 9, 1:15 am EDT

The speedy messenger's presence in this fixed sign slows down thinking and concentrates minds. We can focus on the basics now, helping to put ideas on a more realistic foundation. Mercury in Taurus isn't the most creative position for this intellectual planet because it's rooted in facts and eschews fantasy. It may also take additional time to digest new concepts that require thorough chewing before we're ready to swallow. Trust, though, can be built with down-to-earth conversations that are grounded in simplicity and expressed with clarity. Changing others' minds is challenging, particularly if people feel pressured to do so. Encountering resistance to new ideas from individuals or in our own minds is best overcome by subtly working around conflict rather than trying to force issues. A calm voice and easygoing approach connects more effectively than heated conversations

Venus Retrograde
Tuesday, May 18

The love planet's reversal period in jittery Gemini lasts until June 27, turning back the clock on relationships as we revisit old romantic dreams. Reconnecting with people from the past can be a constructive use of this time because it may be more difficult to make new connections. People might be unreliable and easily distracted as promises are ignored and expectations changed without notice. Old sources of pleasure might resurface in fresh forms, reigniting earlier recreational and artistic interests. It's helpful to avoid pinning ourselves down because this value-based planet twists tastes in a variety of directions. What and whom we like can shift with the wind, reminding us to avoid making major financial or emotional investments. Yet for those who've gone off track in their desires, Venus' retrograde period is ideal for making course corrections.

Sun in Gemini
Sunday, May 20, 8:16 am PDT, 11:16 am EDT

Flexibility, curiosity and communication are favored with the Sun in this mutable Air sign. We grow more aware of our contrasting needs and inconsistent behavior. Rather than trying to rigidly fit ourselves into a single box of reality, this is a time to spread our wings and explore the diverse directions of our personalities. It's a chance to taste little morsels of experience without committing to anything more than a brief try. Variety is the spice of life, especially with the Sun in free-spirited Gemini where meaning shifts with each moment and the range of personal expression grows. Observing ourselves and others without being judgmental frees us from the rigid restraints of absolute right and wrong. Sure, we may be tempted to take short-cuts, which isn't ideal for achieving long-term goals. However, opening our hearts and minds awakens us to new and different ways to experience life.

The Taurus New Moon is like a fertile garden where healthy seeds can take root and grow. Nurturing the soil of ourselves with constructive thoughts and healthy behavior may seem boring to some, yet the results are worth the effort. The ground upon which a positive future is built requires appreciation for oneself, so acknowledging our abilities and accomplishments is essential for feeding our ambitions. Taking time to enjoy life's simple and sensual pleasures provides joy that makes the journey worthwhile.

Have a great month!

Jeff Jawer, Publisher,
 ...because timing is everything!

The online version of this New Moon report, including the charts of the New and Full Moon can be found at

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