The last week has been extremely powerful. The waves of the Quantum Surf are huge and are coming at us from all directions. Major changes are happening on myriad levels, both seen and unseen.

Many of us are going through a deep, core level transformation. Much work is taking place on the level of the loosening and removal of our old foundation stones. These are the stones which have been cemented into our old foundation for a very long time, but we weren't aware of them before. They had a great influence upon us, but they weren't who we truly are.

Once we have a direct experience of the energies of the New Landscape, the hardened cement begins to dissolve. It's now become obvious that these old stones cannot go into the foundation of our New True Lives. As they loosen, we begin to release our embedded fears, limited beliefs and security issues which have long held us back.

We've been combing through our beings and finding those places where we carry stuck energy. We've been finding the locations where we are still hooked into duality. Seeing with greater clarity the old stories which keep repeating themselves.

Many of us are dealing with issues connected with our ancient ancestral lineages. These are issues that we weren't aware that we carried. They are stored in several parts of our bodies, such as our kidneys which is why some of us are experiencing bladder and kidney issues at this time. We are now clearing up and transforming these family lineages, by removing ourselves from being influenced by them.

As these old foundation stones from our ancestral lineages are loosened and removed, we are set free from all family drama and family karma. This isn't just our immediate family, it extends way back in time to our entire ancestral lineage. We are finally seeing that we no longer need to carry with us those engrained habits, limited beliefs, subconscious fears, judgements, fixed patterns, repressed emotions and financial insecurities from the past -- for this is not who we truly are. And we can no longer be less than we are!

We are now giving ourselves permission to be openly honest and authentic, to speak our truth at all times and to let go of the people in our lives who try to keep us stuck into duality. This not only removes more of our expired foundation stones, but it is extremely liberating!

Finding the right person to talk to can be a huge help during the loosening process. This needs to be someone who will remind us of the larger picture of what is REALLY going on, rather than placating us with duality-based responses. After the expired foundation stones are located and loosened, it's up to us to choose to remove them from our personal matrix. This makes room for our new foundation stones which we really need in order to build new, true lives.

Our magic Wind Horse is starting to gallop. He / she carries the fabled wish-granting gem upon its back, bringing us the wondrous opportunity to manifest our Wildest Dreams. Breakthroughs are all around us as we gallop into the New and True....,

With True Heart Love,

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