Sananda Empowers The NESARA Announcement Ashtar Teleconference October 18, 2011


Ashtar's Preview -

November 1st Teleconference


"Greetings, Beloved Family! We are positively overflowing with joy at the momentousness of this weekend just passed!!! We shall be giving an explanation for this when next we gather.* For now, let us just say that the greatest shifts ever since the beginning are happening, and we are able to be quite precise in our accounting of them. However, for now, let us just say that we are moving forward on the Golden Age path with you, and the forward progress has increased exponentially!!!
"We shall be updating on the TRUE state of the world, and of the universe beyond, because that is the means by which your visions are made real, or valid, to you. What we mean to convey to you is that, when you feel something within yourselves, and it is documented by an "outside" source, then is carries more energy of Truth to you. Of course, the greatest Truth here is that there is no separation at all, for we are One, and what one heart knows is known by all!!! However, if you see our ships in the sky, the experience is all the more real for you if we are on the six o'clock news, is it not?
"There is no aspect of the 3D lifestyle which is not in flux at this moment. And, we see these changes and transformations and evolvements continuing on, with faster and faster speeds, until there is a complete collapse of all of the boxes of fear which have kept you from living Who You Really Are! With our Beloved Guest Speaker, we shall be joining in a sacred Exercise of Celebration of You and Your Courage, your Wisdom, and most of all, of your Love, which is lighting the way for all of these 'magical miracles' to occur in what remains of the third dimension on Planet Earth!!! Salut!
* Ashtar Teleconference, Tuesday, 11-1-11
Given through Susan Leland, October 31, 2011.
© Ashtar on the Road Publications 2004-2011. All Rights Reserved.


Sananda Empowers

The NESARA Announcement

Ashtar Teleconference October 18, 2011


"Greetings, Beloved Family. It is I, Sananda, and we thank you for the music.* It came from your hearts, and it came from your songs, your singing. We are raised up high where there is only Peace, and my brother, St.Germain, stands with me beaming Freedom and Abundance for all. And it is to the Peace on Earth that we focus now. When I was in the body of the one you call Yeshua, some called me the Prince of Peace, but the reality is that you, Beloved Family, are all kings and queens of Peace. You are royalty because you know Love, and because you understand that unconditional Love creates the Peace that passeth all understanding. Where there are conditions on Love, there is Ego. Where there is Ego, there is war, whether it be within one being, whether it be among two or more, or whether it be among countries, because Ego creates war.


"There are many expressions of Ego, but they are all fear-based and so, Beloved Ones, we have risen above the 3D where Ego dwells, where Fear is its form of control, and we offer unconditional Love to all Egos, and we welcome with Forgiveness all of those who have created the wars, who have told the lies, who have put out the propaganda to create fear, so that the people of the countries would be willing to put on the uniforms and go shoot the guns of war. And we tell you now that weapons of mass destruction will not ever be fired again on Planet Earth. It's over. The nuclear weapons have been destroyed and there shall be no release of the various poisons in war or in war-like attacks. Those who have planned and orchestrated these events no longer have the power that they had to do this, nor do they have the dollars to pay others to do their bidding.


"And so let's just look at Peace - and the Freedom and the Abundance for all. It is to declare Peace. It is to declare that everyone is free to enjoy Peace and to enjoy their lives without threats of any kind. It is to enjoy Abundance in all things, not just dollars or gold, but health, gatherings of like-minded people freely open to everyone, energy which Ashtar spoke of which is free, new technologies. And it is to bring together the ancient technologies, the healing with the hands of Light for instance, the sound healing, the color healing, the vibrational healings, together with technologies which are either not present yet on Planet Earth, or are present but are being hidden. All of this and more. All of this and more! Peace creates the environment for all manner of Freedoms and Abundance to flourish, to thrive. Peace creates the environment for all to connect freely with each other. Nobody will need a permit to gather in a park to hear a speaker, whether that speaker is wearing a human body or not. No one will need a permit to travel anywhere in the ascended Planet Earth, and the Golden Age, the Age of Aquarius, which is indeed dawned, will give that Freedom. Everyone will have the Peace and the Freedom to create whatever it is they have passion to create, to communicate whatever thoughts and ideas they have, without worry that someone will knock on their door and drag them away in the middle of the night. Of course it will be higher dimensional and that means that which has been named the Golden Rule shall prevail for all in this wondrous, wondrous higher vibrational Earth. And that the coming together in Peace, in Love, in Freedom and yes, with the Abundance to attend - whether it be within your own community or someplace else on the Earth - workshops, symposiums where ideas for how to live this lifestyle can be shared and made manifest just by the empowerment that those in attendance give it, without fear that it will all be taken away and there is someone who has, what you call the hidden agenda, to do something different. Meeting of the minds it is called. And the Truth of it is, it is a Meeting of the Hearts, bringing the inspirations and coming together and co-creating entire communities of One, and thus linking all of the communities of Planet Earth in Oneness. And thus, enjoying the Oneness with all, with all life. And this, Beloved Ones, is what we are together to do.


"And so let us do an exercise together where we empower this Peace, the Freedom and the Abundance for all that comes with it. And yes, the key is NESARA, so we are going to go together to a place of great Joy where the key is put into the door and the grand door is opened.


"So let us hold hands as we do, and let us connect with each other heart to heart, and let us soar up and out of wherever it is that you are now, indeed let us fly. And here we are up in the clouds! And let us go where we can be in observation of a great podium which has been set up with some most honored speakers, and you may recognize some of the speakers. They are the announcers.T here is Obama, President Obama, Ambassador Obama. And there are others in leadership, world leadership in government. And look, there is beloved Amy Goodman, and beloved Keith and Rachel and Ed, and others you may recognize. And they are all there upon that podium to share. And now let us be silent, and let us just observe and listen with our hearts.


"And President-Ambassador Obama comes forward and he has a scroll much like those that the Declaration of Independence and other famous documents were written on, because this is spanning all time, and this is coming as a co-created inspiration, coming from higher dimensionality. And so watch him unroll it and watch him begin to read. And the first words are whatever you hear, but they go something like this:


"Beloved citizens of the world, I come before you with this most precious of documents, and it is called Law in this country I represent, and it is Law in yours as well, no matter what country you are in, because this is the Law of Planet Earth. And this is called NESARA which stands for the National Economic Security and Reformation Act. NESARA brings Peace to all of Planet Earth. Nesara brings Freedom to all on Planet Earth, and NESARA brings Abundance to all on Planet Earth. And yes, it is secure. Those who have stood in the way of this announcement are no longer able to threaten or block this Law. This Law comes from Divine Source and it has already been welcomed by those who actually took the inspirations and put this Law onto paper. And it is for All, all men, women, children and all members of all of the kingdoms of Planet Earth. And there will be many, many revelations which shall be astonishing to All. Now you all know these wonderful people here upon this stage, and they each have something to tell you that is contained in this Law.


"And with that, the presentation, the announcement of NESARA will continue.And there shall be another grand podium with announcers coming together, and you will see many, many brave ones on that podium. Among them are Dr. Stephen Greer, Captain Robert Salas and others who have stood forth and proclaimed and presented documentation that we, that is the Star Beings, and we are with them, we are with Ashtar, even now as we are with you, we travel on the New Jerusalem with him.


"And so there will be another announcement, and the world will be at Peace, and the world will be able to assimilate and accept this announcement and many will say, 'Yes, I have known it all along.' And I, Sananda, shall be among you publicly as I am already. There are many who have seen me, mostly the children, and the precious women, in the lands where there is starvation, in the countries where there is war. I and my beloved Marys, and many others from the angelic realms, among the ascended masters, from the realms of the earth spirits as you call them, the devas, the fairies. We have come to comfort and support, and now we can be openly acknowledged because you, Beloved Ones, are coming to join us in higher dimensionality, and together we have co-created the Peace and the Freedom and the Abundance, because together we have put the key which is NESARA into the lock of the door, and opened the door wide to all, all of the blessings, all of the joys and yes, all of the unconditional Love that NESARA brings.


"Beloved Ones we are here with you always - we've never gone away. We are here with you now in such Love, in such Joy, and we invite you to join hearts and then reach out to the entire planet. Now that you have seen and felt the joy of our creating together this Announcement, reach out and beam it everywhere on Planet Earth, below, on and above, and let it literally find its way into every dark space upon the planet. Let it find its way into all hearts, on the wings of Love, upon which we send it, and let us rejoice together and know that we have brought it forward!!! And yes, the signings are important, and yes the announcements are important, but in this moment, in this time together, we have assured that it is even more empowered and that Planet Earth will indeed move forward with even greater speed into, or shall we say through that door into the Golden Age, the Age of Aquarius and yes, the Ascension which was already seen as successful!


"Thank you, Beloved Ones, for joining together with such Love and such commitment. We are here as One, and now step forward to receive the Roses of Kumara from my Mother and my Love, my wife. You know them both as Mary.Mary, my mother and Mary, my wife in that lifetime as Yeshua. They are both powerful, powerful beings of Love themselves. And so they stand here to offer you the roses.Come right up, take as many as you'd like, we have infinite quantities. These roses symbolize NESARA and if you will accept these roses and take them into your hearts, the entire universe will know for all time that you were here and that you gave of your Love and your energies so beautifully, so graciously and so freely, to further the entry of Planet Earth into the Golden Age, the Age of Aquarius and ultimate Ascension, because together, we put the NESARA key into the lock and opened the door!


"We love you beyond words, Beloved Ones. Just take the Love and take the roses and keep, keep them always in your hearts. Know how loved you are. And when you look into your mirrors, look and honor the Divine Master who looks back at you. Send your Love to that Being because most assuredly you deserve it all, all the Love of the universe, because you are Love, and together we are One, in service and in loving mission. And so it is. Namaste."




"Well it is I, Sekhmet. I always like to have a word because I like to give you the feedback from the perspective of I, and the One We All Are. Thank you, Beloved Family, for your participation in this most wondrous mission of empowerment! And we want you to know that I and my Paschats are with you when you march. Paschats are very good marchers you know.We have been with you and we shall show up every time!Thank you Beloved Ones for all that you are doing, raise your voices, sign the papers,** and let's say, 'NESARA NOW!' And so it is. Namaste! Let's dance!"***


* I'm Declaring Peace by William Florian

** The White House NESARA petition. See

*** The song Peace Train by Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) was played in closing.


Transcription by Deborah Urquhart.

Given through Susan Leland, October 18, 2011.

© Ashtar on the Road Publications 2004-2011. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.

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