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Published on Apr 29, 2012 by TheAnonymouse01

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The Attorney-General the Hon Nicola Roxon on Julian Assange's extradition
Attorney-General's Department calls Assange reckless, irresponsible and potentially dangerous.
30+ US Bases in Australia­tml
Australian Prime Minister Juliar Gillard's criminal history her hypocrisy with WikiLeaks and Julian Assange.
Julia Gillard appoints Bernard Murphy, her partner in crime Slater Gordon Lawyers, as a Federal Court Australia judge.
Has Julia Gillard blackmailed the Media to cover-up her corrupt past? The Fairfax Media and News Corp scandal.
Bombshell for Gillard explodes under Murdoch press
Julia Gillard had criminal allegations made against her in 1995 when she was accused of helping her boyfriend steal over $1,000,000 from the Australian Workers Union (AWU) and helping him spend the money on such things as her personal home renovations and dresses.

Julia Gillard has never denied helping him rip off the $1,000,000 plus dollars, what she has done is denied doing it knowingly. Her part was helping set up an account called the "AWU Members Welfare Association No 1 Account" and possibly other accounts that the money was laundered through when she was a lawyer working for Slater and Gordon who were the solicitors representing the Australian Workers Union.
In an interview with Glenn Milne of the Sydney Sunday Telegraph in 2007 Julia Gillard said:
"These matters happened between 12 and 15 years ago," Ms Gillard told The Sunday Telegraph. "I was young and naive.
"I was obviously hurt when I was later falsely accused publicly of wrong-doing. I didn't do anything wrong and to have false allegations in the media was distressing."
I will dissect Julia Gillard's above comments later in the post because they beggar belief and raise more questions than they answer. But the part that would stand out at this point for anyone who has been following the Julian Assange and WikiLeaks matters over the past 10 months or so is the part where Julia Gillard whinges "to have false allegations in the media was distressing" which is exactly what Julia Gillard did to WikiLeaks and Julian Assange at the end of last year when she falsely said their actions were illegal.
1. Julia Gillard's part in ripping off the AWU for over $1,000,000
2. Julia Gillard's hypocrisy in relation to her allegations of illegal conduct by Julian Assange and WikiLeaks.
3. Prima Facie Case to have Julia Gillard charged for breaching section 41 of the 1914 Crimes Act "Conspiracy to bring false accusation" and section 137 of the 1995 Criminal Code "False or misleading information or documents".

Australia and the US agree on a spy satellite deal "Onyx", these systems are capable of delivering high-resolution imagery, including through cloud, with a unit cost including launch estimated at $820 million to $1.65 billion. 
The US will have access to imagery collected by the Australian-owned satellite.

"inhibited" travel list. The incident raises fresh questions about the Gillard Labor government's close MATES involvement in the Obama administration's global operation to railroad Assange to jail.She expressed concerns that the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) may be conducting surveillance of lawyers, as well as political activists.
#Anon #Newz CORRUPT USA GOV Pushed Australian Corrupt New Laws to Target Wikileaks
Extradition to the United States
South Pacific Nuclear Free Zone Treaty Act 1986 Nuclear Weapon Free Zones 
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