This is away to demonstrate the power of love and the truth of oneness. Write on a piece of paper the word love and another piece of paper the word hate.  Do a muscle test on someone by having them hold their arm out and get them to resist you pushing down on their wrist with your hand. Then hand them one of the pieces of paper folded up you had put either love or hate on.  They will test weak with the word hate and strong with the word love.  We are an energy field.  Positive energy from the word love will increase the signal strength to our muscles making us stronger and the negative word hate will lower our energy field decreasing the signal strength to our muscles making us weak.  To demonstrate the oneness of everything, hand someone a glass of water from the sink then do the strength test on their arm.  While they hold the glass of water draw a second glass of water from the sink and set it on the word love then do the strength test on their arm while they hold the first glass of water..  They will go strong.  The second glass of water sitting on the word love is sending the love energy to the first glass of water which is being transferred into the body creating strength.  By the way you have not only energized both glasses of water but all the water that had been connected to those glasses of water in the water supply in the neighbor.  To prove this you can draw another glass of water from the sink and do the strength test again and as long as the glass is sitting on the word love the person holding the glass of water will go strong.  A hair from a person placed on the word love will make them go strong.  An object that has been on the person placed on the word love will make them go strong.  Be Love!!!

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