Personal message...from a Master Teacher in this Realm...

Personal message...from a Master Teacher in this Realm...
To my wonderful workers of Light and Love (through association), 
Times now vary from peace/joy/beauty to rash indecision/doubt/self-analysis/etc. these past few weeks.  Perhaps this is for you also, wondering if you are Light at all.. until you realize there can be no other possible Path to follow.  Wanderings through life have been met and conquered, so why now all this other???  
I AM impressed to relay this message of courage and perseverance to you each and all.  Do remember that our animals, plants, etc. are also going through uncertainties... otherwise there would be no choice to be made.... and now is the time of final decision, which path to follow. 
Each of you know this is the end days of the life as we know it on this planet, and it is flashing by so quickly with a panorama of such vast differences if we did not have our heads atop our necks they would be lost in the shuffle.  At least that is some of what I daily receive.  Truth is, SINCE YOU ARE HERE on planet Earth at this time, you have been chosen out of myriads of souls who wanted to incarnate ... though it is YOU that have the credentials needed to not only survive but to make the difference needed for ascension.  YOU ARE THE CHOSEN ONE or ones.  You have already ascended at least three times; this is a prerequisite for becoming a human in being at this time.  And, you have agreed to meet these times and not only go through them but your confidence that you could do the job gave you the passport to incarnate here at this time of ascension. 
Though the planet has 7.5 BILLION souls on it right now, remember that every soul here now has accepted the task of doing their best to allow their inner LIGHT and LOVE so shine that PEACE could be the only result possible.  What you see and may be experiencing is the grasp at straws by the negative dark in their attempt to regain control of your mind, heart, will, etc.  Answer for self:  Who controls how you think, act, do, etc.? 
Look at the moments you have in-between that allows you to know what you truly want out of Life on this planet: comfort, peace, companionship, love, prosperity, beauty, wisdom, to name a few.  As the dark ones who defiantly resist the flow of these to bring each back to the control they once experienced over you and your humanity, you continue to peek through these dark points with your inner LIGHT of Divine LOVE, etc. 
Your persistence in overcoming the negativity that APPEARS to be in control is stronger now that it has ever been on this planet.  No more Lemuria or Atlantis deluges.  It is stupefying the dark... what!???  The ruses they give you are not going to disturb you as before?? The Love you send them is at first insulting to their ego responses, yet the persistence you shower them with ... love and forgiveness ... breaks down the resistance of a large number of dark ones, who could not otherwise make a change of their dastardly ways and words (thoughts) on their own.   They do not understand it... but yet they cannot seem to resist the force of your love. 
Your forgiveness humbles them and they wonder how you can do it.  How can you possibly love them and forgive them for all the pains, sufferings, extremes of poverty and control they have placed upon you!  Can this be real???  Do you really possess love enough for yourself yet have an abundance to share with them... after all they have done to control, humiliate, destroy you and your very life?   Is this possible??  Can any love without conditions, and it is REAL!??
You stupefy their senses, block their imagery of destruction, and gain hold to create a new path of delight for self... and as you do this... you personally create a new way of thinking, doing, 
accomplishing, being.  
Every iota of consciousness you use to claim your right to what is presumed to be a lost Divine Right of Inheritance BECOMES instead a Way, a Path, a Road, a Model, a Pattern, etc. for countless souls born now and yet to be born for unknown Eternal ages to come.  Each alive now creates and IS the Indwelling Light, the way for each to add to the parameters of Life and Love you each have accepted as a challenge -- and WON!!! 
YESSSSS   You DO possess a secret weapon, though it is secret only because it has so long been denied, and that is LOVE.  You now realize that the hurt 'feelings' are only the ego response thinking that was 'supposed' to protect you -- while instead it captured you in the prison of fear.  When = feelings are 'hurt', you now know it is a fear mechanism to arouse doubt, anxiety, suspicion, uncertainty, guile, loss of self worth, even hatred and anger uncontrolled.  Now you know that anger can be a help when its presence helps you make a better, more noble decision.  It is only the unbridled anger that not only brings harm to all involved but especially to the self you each are.  It lingers on as the judgment of guilt and shame, and this pain arouses its children -- who are pain, ignorance (of your Divine Heritage), and brings instead your own personal hell on earth.  Let us seal this door where evil dwells... and resurrect the truth of what it is to be CHILD OF CREATOR GOD/GODDESS (for it is the mother that gives birth.  Nature demonstrates this to us.)
Now you can love freely without hesitation... and like it too.  What is visible so often right now is the result of past error judgments and thought/ideas/works.  How you accept them in your heart and mind and what you do with them IS your personal demonstration as the creator your Mother/Father knew you could be, become, overcoming all to create a New World. 
My body was so weakened by exhaustion today that I lay down several times so that I could complete being and becoming.  When this message came through as strongly as you read, all the energies I needed to do this burst from my heart and my fingers did the walking to create this. 
Those who wish, please say this with me:    I AM PERFECT, I AM as perfect at this moment as I possibly can be.  I will continue to be more and more of this sense of perfection as I move from time into eternity as I ascend into dimensions higher than the third/fourth.  I accept this Divine Right to LIVE in my Eternal body with my heightened awareness of the Truth of what it means to be.... and I AM CHILD OF DIVINITY INCARNATE in my human flesh, now realizing there is no further need of pain, suffering, ignorance, poverty, wars, discontent, etc. 
Through living them, I have learned the limits and extensions of being out of control of my own life.  I was ruled instead by the whims of error thinking, being, doing, speaking, writing, desiring...  I give thanks for this because I now know what ... I DO NOT want, will no longer accept, and I will pursue with all my might only that which gives and brings JOY, PEACE, TRUTH, BEAUTY, ABUNDANCE, etc. etc. etc. 
When I see other than these creative efforts in my life, I bless them since I know that I receive these blessings in return.  I now realize my every work, thought, impulse, work, idea, deed, desire, etc. become my reality... what I send out boomerangs back to me.  I do reap as I sow, what I sow.  Now I sow with care and devotion to the Highest Good of ALL Concerned.  How great is that???!!
I AM PATIENT with my physical appearances that seems to limit how good I am able to feel, how strong I effect my human performance, how wide my experiences of what I truly would prefer to take place is, how much I change into what is far more accepting to my being and to that of all concerned are for the Highest Good of ALL. 
I Be-come filled with the desire to take whatever is before me and create of it something more beautiful and accepting for the good of ALL.  How gracious this newness  in my heart/mind is as it manifests my heart's desires within my awareness path!!  I will persist in re-creating my world until it entirely pleases every portion of my physical counterpart as it accepts, fully accepts, the ascension part. 
It is being said of me by those who have watched my progress through all eternity that I have done what was not thought possible.  Because I have done what has not yet been done in all eternity, my physical body -- healed and whole and beautiful and youthful -- will for the first time in all Eternity, ascend as I do.  This is why I AM called the firstborn child. 
The Path, Road, Way, etc. I create here and now is a template for eons into eternity and I have earned the Wisdom of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  I know what it is to widen the parameters of the unknown... and the more it has appeared that I have suffered, the further I have pushed these limitations to the extent of wisdom I have gained in overcoming this.  
My dearest, dearest, soul essences.  I AM ONE with ALL in and out of creation in this word of works I now create to express my delight of being ONE with you each and all.  Have confidence, and know every appearance of delay offers another opportunity to expand the horizons each of us has set for the Self to accomplish in and through our lives here.  
I speak in the personal sense because I write and express the heart and mind of each and all.  Do you tell me that you do not feel and know of what i have spoken?  That is has never been your very own in mind/heart?  Did not your very essence feel the wonder of JOY in accomplishing all you have experienced throughout your life's path?  
NOW we will or do know the truth of "As I have done, you also shall do."   Ponder this and move with confidence and courage unyielding to supposed challenges or blocks.  I LOVE YOU SO.  
I FEEL THE ONENESS WITH YOU and AM overjoyed!   Do read this as a personal message meant specifically and only for the one who reads it.  In this way we truly are ONE.  And so it is.  
Or as I would say in third dimension... kissy poo, beloved... 
Catch the JOY!    

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