No Strip Search, No Seat Belts, No License, No Insurance, No Payment, No Passports…

Extraterrestrials Describes What It is Like To Drive A Spaceship, With You Aboard… To The Mothership!!!
Earthings… read this! I have a waking memory of a few trips to the motherships… keep in heart, that some motherships are the size of earth… except the entire sphere is occupied, where we are just on the surface here… so we are definitely talking about plenty of room, and you might even feel like you are on a planet, not a ship… read on… no strip search, no seat belts, no license, no insurance, no payment, no passport… sound scary?


A further description of our possible arrival and familiarization with a Mothership is given by several Members of the Ashtar Command:

SARNA: “Greetings in the Light of the Radiant One. I am Sarna, one that is in a Spaceship assigned to this channel…

“I will take you at this time, with your permission, on a mental voyage. First I would ask you that you mentally visualize a Scout-ship that has just landed in front of your dwelling place. Know that ours will be of an oval shape. As it is seated on either large balls or tripods, there is a stairway that automatically descends to your level. You are invited to enter. All of you are invited to enter.

“I stand at the top of the stairway and I greet each of you individually. You will notice that this particular room is semi-circular and there are comfortable seating arrangements for each of you. I invite you to sit. Now, if you will excuse me, as I have closed the door, I shall now take the controls.

“You will notice that the large screen panel that is before me is one that appears to have a computer-like system with varying monitors. Now, as you grow accustomed to where you are seated within the Scoutship, you become aware that your seat moves so that you may gaze out. Slowly our craft rises and you see the Earth as we leave it.

“Within this particular vessel, you feel no movement, but it would seem that the Earth is slipping away from you rather than you are leaving its ethers. Then, as you continue to gaze about, you see the night-time sky. One of you notices that we are heading towards a very bright light that contains a strong intensity, and indeed, the light grows brighter as we approach.

“As we get closer, you notice a form, a shape. It is much larger than you had anticipated it being… One of you might ask of this and I would assure you that this is one of the Motherships, if you would care to use that term. For this particular voyage of discovery we are taking you aboard this vessel.

“We dock in a portion underneath the Mothership. Slowly, again as I press the button, our stairway descends, and I ask that you would follow me out into the entry area. We then step upon what you would call a moving sidewalk. One of you notices immediately, the fragrance that is in the air. For indeed, the air is clear and clean, and there is a sweet fragrance to it in its purity.

“As we reach the end of this particular moving sidewalk the door slides open and we step into an entry foyer-like waiting area. It is in a pale color and has indirect lighting. And one of you is quite surprised to see that there is green foliage about.

“Here, I will leave you briefly, and another will continue some of your experiences aboard the Mothership.”

Aleva: ”Hello, I am Aleva. I am coming in my capacity of the Official Greeter, and I would greet each of you most humbly in the Light of the Radiant One. I would bid you welcome, for it is my joy and my pleasure to act as your official Hostess as you would go about the ship.

“But now, before you go any farther, I know you must be weary and you would be much more comfortable in some other more suitable clothing. So I would suggest to you that perhaps you might go to your designated rooms. There is no need to stand uncertain and be concerned – simply go in the direction that you feel is “right”. Some of you will turn to the right and some to the left and continue until you see a certain inscription upon a door. A “knowing within” will tell you that this is your room. I would suggest that you would enter. Now, please set off on your visit, and I shall continue a telepathic description to you individually, even as you have entered your room.

“You will notice going down the corridors, that as you approach your room the door slides quietly open so that you might step into that which is your particular space. Some of you are quite surprised to see that you have a particular favorite green plant in your room, or perhaps there is your favorite chair. Of course this is a replica of that which you have had on Earth. For you see, we have monitored you quite closely and it is our desire that this space, this area you would call your own, would be an area that would be quite comfortable for you, so we have brought in various favorite articles for your convenience.

“Some of you notice that there is a clothes closet, that there are chairs, and you notice that your bed does not have legs, but rather it is a projection out from the wall. Now, may I suggest to you at this time that you exchange the garment that you have on for one of the one-piece jump suits, as you shall find this more comfortable. And yes, you will notice that you have a specific color for that which you wear.

“Now that you are about to change, if you would like to first freshen-up by washing your face, you might like to touch that large button over there on the wall and you will find that the necessary concealed fixtures will make themselves available to you. Once you have donned your particular suit, may I suggest to you that you recline upon your couch or your bed, whichever term you prefer to use. There now, I trust you now feel quite comfortable.

“Please do not be concerned that two persons will now ask permission to enter your room. They have come to assist you in balancing out and in attuning to the vibrational frequency of the ship. Yes, notice that they do not actually touch your body, but rather, they work through that which is your auric field. There now, you can already feel that they have discovered a particular area of your aura where there has been an unbalance within you, and they are now working to smooth out that unbalance.

“I can now sense that each of you is feeling much more comfortable, much more relaxed. No, these two Ones do not speak to you in words as you do, but your gratitude is conveyed to them through your thoughts. Perhaps you might choose to recline here for a few moments after they have completed the balancing process and just relish the delightful feeling that you have.

“Now, if you are ready, we would ask that you would again come into the central foyer that I might have the opportunity, indeed the privilege, of taking you on a tour of this particular vessel. Now, is everyone with us? Let me see. Yes, you are all here.

“We shall continue down this particular corridor, for I would welcome the opportunity to show you the portion of the ship that you would call the ‘piloting area’. As we go past some of these doorways or some of these areas, you will notice that there is that which has the resemblance of great banks of computers. These are not computers in your terms of the word, but rather they are a storage system. This particular vessel is powered by crystalline energy and is guided in most ways by thought. These computer-like banks that you observe are memory banks for various activities that take place within the ship.

“Now, we have approached that which is the ‘Command’ section. As we step through the door, you will note that there are several individuals that are quite familiar to you. Indeed, some of you will be now having your own individual reunions with them…

“Again, you will note the large computer-like wall screens in this area. You will notice the energy patterns or waves that are being displayed. This is how we are able to know you, by your particular set of energy patterns. If I were to touch this particular switching device, you will notice that I do not actually touch it, but rather, I move my hand before it, and now our screen shows a combination of energy patterns that are melding into one specific pattern. This is a representation of who you are. Your individual patterns have now formed into one energy pattern that represents the group. You will note that there is now shown a particular ratio of various colors.

“That particular seat over there is one that is occupied only by the Lord Sananda, or else Commander Ashtar. There are no specific regulations regarding who can sit in it, it’s just that the rest of us do not feel that we have evolved sufficiently to do so.”

Commander Jon-Ton: “Greetings. May the peace of the Infinite One abide within you in all ways, manifesting the beauty that is that which is given through you.

“I do not usually communicate directly through channels on your Planet, but rather, I am one that is met here on the Star Ship by those Earth persons that come aboard in their sleep-state. My assignment here, if you will, is to ‘run’ the Star Ship, which is the ‘moving world’ known to you as the ‘Star of Bethlehem’. It would be considered by you as a small-sized world, such as your Moon, though somewhat smaller. This ship is used as the central focus of the many specific energies which are shared with the Earth plane. Often it is stationed invisibly near to your equator, but usually several hundred-thousands of miles above.

“Even as the other Commanders have specific assignments of concentration, my primary responsibility is to assure the safety and the secure management of the ship. This is no easy task, I assure you! But it is one that brings to me a great challenge and sense of purpose. I cannot begin to give you specific numbers as to how many there are of us here. The numbers fluctuate according to the number of ships out on station and those that have returned to their home planets. However, you could say that at any one time there are at least several hundreds of thousands of ships.

“Many of the small Scout-ships stationed on this Mother Ship, more than one hundred and fifty thousand of them, are manned by from one, to two, three and up to five crew members. Of course, there is also room in each of them to hold more than twice that number if need be, such as in the event that the moment comes for you of Earth to leave quickly.

“Even as your World has many divisional responsibilities, this small world to which I am entrusted, is divided into one in which each person has specific duties or responsibilities, such as for the ‘housekeeping’ or cleanliness of our surroundings; others who provide food, ones who maintain the structure of the ship, ones who maintain the gardens and plant growth areas, as well as those who are responsible for our garments, housing and the environment.

“Those, for instance, who maintain the environment, are responsible for the quality of the air, its correct mixture for our well-being, the amount of light and its intensity, hue and color, and for the level of moisture available to us. They are entrusted with maintaining the in-ship environment that is most conducive to the well-being and upliftment of the ship’s inhabitants. To those of us from different spheres as well as galaxies, we have found that there is a universal air mixture, but in the private quarters of each individual, an exact mixture is provided which is likened to their home area. Thus there is always the opportunity to balance out. As you on Earth come to this ship, these specialists will, and have learned, how to adjust to the total environment of your area, so as to achieve a minimum adjustment shock for each of you.

“Our Ship could be likened to a large city which is planned for the total benefit of its inhabitants. One aspect that you might find of interest, is the fact that we have no litter or refuse. We have the ability to recycle or reuse all that is with us. Thus we are self-sufficient and perpetuating. Families are also assigned to this Ship, so that we may have the experience of children or small ones coming forth to enrich our lives. In fact, we have a ‘birthing’ chamber, even as we have a chamber for releasing ones who have achieved their highest development within this particular sphere.

“We have accepted this assignment with great joy and anticipation. We are a movable world, which has the capacity to invite and accept many more…

“As you are aware, these Motherships are made by us through thought and application. This particular Ship does not itself have a consciousness, but it does have a sensitivity. Those that work most closely with her know of that sensitivity and how she expresses such. She does have the ability in some situations to repair herself, but she still must be patrolled by the engineers who are responsible for her well-being.

“Should we be exposed to a small meteor bombardment, the Ship has the ability to seal any and all encroachments up to twenty feet in diameter that have escaped the Ship’s repulsion beams. These would not necessitate the involvement of one of the engineers. However, should there be damage greater than that diameter, then a crew of several engineers from one of the sectors would be dispatched to examine the damage and determine the method of repair. In these instances the engineers shoot crisscrossing threads across the damaged area. The Ship then has the ability to repair itself, using these filaments as the foundation for its own regeneration. Also recognize that there is a measure of elasticity to the Ship’s covering material.

“We have also, at all times, a crew on station in the ‘Control’ chamber. This area can be visualized as a dome above the major portion of the Ship. These ones do not usually need to themselves control the Ship, but rather leave this to instruments that are similar to your computers, except at those times when we must use ‘conscious thought’ to determine the navigational route. Even then, the information we require is held within the computers for us to determine which is the best route.

“Recognize that we travel much on what you would call ‘Ley Lines’, which are spread throughout the Cosmos. These energy lines go in all directions, so there is no limitation to our direction of travel. The only limitation we experience is one of needing to make a vibrational adjustment when we enter a Dimension of denseness greater than the one which we normally experience in our routine work. Even then, we are advised of the anticipated adjustment by our computer equipment. The ‘thought’ is then shared and received by all to make the necessary adjustment. The skin or covering of the Ship, if you will, is thickened to compensate for the additional stress placed upon it.

“Concerning the great distance we are in orbit from you. We could not be closer because to do so would set up a vibrational pull between your Earth, our Ship, and your Moon, to such an extent that it would be quite detrimental. It would destroy your Moon, or rather, destroy the attraction holding your Moon, causing it to spin off and disintegrate. It would also bring your Earth to rest attached to our Mother Ship or vice-versa! Such an arrangement would not be conducive to travel! This attached connection could also unfortunately destroy your Earth, should we ever needed at short notice to remove ourselves from your attachment and position within your Solar System.

“On board our Mother Ship, the growing process for our foods is one that is greatly different from yours on Earth. We do not have or need large fields of soil in which to plant seeds to produce food. Our diets are relatively simple, but suited to the background of each of us. Nutrients are produced in what you would consider to be a laboratory setting. Your hydroponics are quite similar. It has been determined that a greater yield for a longer period can be produced in this manner. We do not eat the flesh of others, but rather eat that which you would determine as fruits and vegetables, grains and seeds. Our intake of foods is not as great as yours, so it is not necessary to produce vast amounts of food.

“Those that prepare these ‘Gifts of Nature’ are ones who have a great love and involvement with the act of preparation. To use your terms, they are quite creative. I believe you would like some of their recipes. We do not put in long hours of preparation, for much of what is consumed by us on a routine basis is consumed in its natural raw state. Perhaps, a liquid combining the nutrients and flavors of two or more foods might be made, but that is all. On those days which are feast days or special occasions, then there is a great activity in the area of food preparation.

“There are several of our largest Mother Ships stationed near to the Earth plane. We can come to within two thousand miles of your planet without immediate harm to you or us. We will do this in the event of a lift-off evacuation. We, aboard this particular craft, can easily hold most of the population of your North American Continent, although we would not in fact need to do this, since many of your Continent are also assigned to various other vessels for their debriefing and various assignments.”

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