News Update – Thursday, September 7, 2017 – Stargate Roundtable

RAMA: Greetings!

The higher energies are pouring in from the CMEs [coronal mass ejections]—three in the last few days.

There are nine ships around the Sun the size of Neptune. They’re semi-cloaked. These are the Blue Avian people, the Hawk headed people. They are here to intervene at this critical junction now, because they [the dark hats] are playing with the war machines.
As you look on Michael Salla’s website [

]—there were three stealth TR3Bs,three triangular-shaped craft, fashioned after the Andromedan triangular-shaped craft.

They are no match for those [Andromedan] ships, because the Andromedan ships come with Divine Love, Divine Peace, and Divine Wisdom.
Antigravity technology with lasers used in the stealth TR3Bs is no match for the Galactic ships, yet they can do a lot of damage and scare the hell out of everyone, and that’s what they’re doing.
Hurricane Irma comes in with stealth bombers—secret government technology, which has been seen over the Ukraine in the last few years, as things heated up between Russia and Mr Chocolate Billionaire in the Ukraine [Petro Poroshenko—a Nazi multi-billionaire], and NATO forces—all the celebrity death matches among the 13 Families.
TARA: What does that mean, “celebrity death match”?
RAMA: It was a show that used to be on MTV—it was claymation. These animated clay figures would wrestle each other into piles of clay!
TARA: Over the last couple of days, it’s gotten very intense. Rama was told that they’re all packing heat in the entire White House. They’re all carrying guns.
RAMA: Like House of Cards on Netflix!
TARA: In House of Cards, Kevin Spacey carries a gun with him in the White House, and sometimes people end up dead.

Rama was told today, “DC is a cesspool that’s going down. Everybody’s packing heat in the White House. It’s an armed situation.” [message from Tom the Cat, and Sweet Angelique the Cat]
All the hurricanes and the solar flares are also playing a strong part. There was the third X-Class 10  solar flare today—three X-Class 10 flares in three days.
The ships are the size of Neptune, and they’re semi-cloaked. Rama saw Natasha on Tuesday. She showed him [these ships] on the SOHO website, and on her Galactic computer—she’s got clearance, so you can actually see what no one else can.
She can see it on her computer. It’s encrypted information, yet she has cosmic clearance. They’re encircling the Sun. Blue Avian people, here to help Mother [Sekhmet] and the Paschats.
Mother said, “Whatever has to be done here, that’s up to Mother [Sekhmet], the Ashtar Command, St Germain, and Lady Master Nada, head of the Solar Tribunal”.
However there will be accountability actions taken here on the ground. After that, whether they’re in a body or not, they will be ushered onto these ships to Dracos—
RAMA: —to the constellation of Dracos, where they will stand trial for their intergalactic war crimes at the Draconian War Crimes Tribunal there, headed up by Neptha El Ra, Lord Metatron’s Twin Flame. [Princess Ardala and King Dracos preside over the constellation of Dracos. To learn more, read Solara’s book, El  An Ra.]
TARA: For intergalactic war crimes that we don’t hear about, because that would blow the cover of reality for the dark side to admit – that they’ve caused harm to other star systems and other sun systems, as well.
RAMA: This goes way back in the history of our galaxy and the Universe of Nebadon. It’s an ancient story now coming to the light of day. Our history will be rewritten. Our planet is a lot older than we’ve been told.
TARA: “Taking away whole from whole, Whole still remains Whole.”
Everything we’ve ever thought, acted upon, dreamed of, past, present and future: all of it, large and small, it’s all in Present time. The idea of a linear timeline is dissolved now into Present time as we are now in 5D, rather than 3D.  As we deal with accountability, the idea message is to take it to the highest level of Love beyond polarity.  Balance is really important right now.

That gives us unfettered opportunity for the new chapters to unfold.
And Bernie Sanders has said, regarding Trump’s decision to rescind DACA: “What Trump did in removing 800,000 great young people from DACA protection is one of the ugliest things any president in the modern history of this country has ever done.”

A powerful statement!
RAMA: Larry & Mo told me today that there have been statements between Mr Kim [Jong Un] and Mr Trump. Yet Larry & Mo said there will be no nuclear war and, as always, they are trying to scare the heaven out of everyone, right down to the wire.
TARA: Kim Jong Un said he was going to target the US on the 15th and drop a nuke. There was a report of all the different nuclear fallout shelters all over New York City. They were talking about reactivating those things. It’s very challenging, because they’re trying to scare people in so many ways. All of this is bubbling up.
In the meantime, Ray McGovern was on Redacted Tonight VIP and brought that whole [Russia] dossier forward again, pinpointing that Hillary set up the whole Russiagate scheme with the DNC and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.
And Rachel Maddow’s been on a roll! She’s had numerous times where she’s gone over historical points. From Woodrow Wilson’s actions and the follow-up to them, and how the KKK entered into the political scene. This country hasn’t ever really been free,  from the very beginning.
All the historical reference points [show that] NESARA completes the process started in 1776. St Germain showed up to Thomas Jefferson as the Founding Fathers from the South did not want to sign the Delcaratiaon of Independence unless he took out the clause about ending slavery, the provision he had included in the document he was commissioned to write.  St Germain told them to sign the document without the slavery clause, and he would be back to make sure that the original intent of the Declaration was carried out. And here we are.
 All these documents will be brought up from the Bruton Vault documents. Right now, the Rockefellers own the property and are preventing access to this historical material. Once the Rockefellers are rounded up and defrocked, the whole truth and all the evidence will be brought forth to the public.

RAMA: Send more Love! The Angels, fairies and devas all week have been saying, “Send more Love to these storms and calm these energies down!”
TARA: And to the people on the jagged disillusionment road.
Bill Moyers was on Laurence O’Donnell’s show yesterday, and he said, “During the campaign last year, I kept thinking that Donald Trump has given a big bullhorn to some of the most malevolent furies in American life. I’ve now decided that he is the malevolent fury.

“Somebody said today, ‘He has to get away from himself.’ He can’t get away from himself. This man does not seem to me to have what we would normally think of as a soul. He has an open sore. Everything antagonizes him.

“He’s constantly at war with everybody, and he degrades everything around him. He is the malevolent fury that is attempting to provide a return to many of the practices and behaviors that we have spent 250 years overcoming.”

“The bull that carries around its own china shop!”
RAMA: Bill Moyers was press secretary for LBJ. That was a big deal. LBJ, after he wanted President Kennedy dead, had a lot of karma sitting on him. He drank every day of his presidency.
TARA: He was part of killing that clone of JFK Sr. He hated JFK Sr.
Bill Moyers said that Trump “rode to power on the wings of a dark lie, one of the most malignant and ugly lies in American history. We must not forget it.”
Remember, Moyers is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. So is Michelle Obama. These are Light Beings, bringing the Light in, taking those existing structures and transforming them.
Bill Moyers has a heart connection to maybe hundreds of millions of people in this country. And he did that series with Joseph Campbell—all those mystical teachings! This is we all get to shine . . . as all this work that hasn’t been out there forever and a day, comes back!
We’ll all find out soon enough about the deep state. Dr Greer’s film [Unacknowledged] is all over Europe, US, and Canada. One of our sisters had the opportunity to share that movie with her extended family. Ordinarily that wouldn’t have happened; however, the higher energies are here, opening people’s hearts and changing their mindsets accordingly.
RAMA: The Galactics are here!
TARA: Think pink! There are actually pictures from NASA where there’s a pink circle around the sun—that’s Love!

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