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RAMA: Greetings!

TARA: We’re still waiting for the automobile [to be fixed]! They’ve been looking for an important part, and it was found today, finally. So let’s see the car fixed tomorrow!
In the meantime, there have been all kinds of creative people coming round and toting Rama around!
RAMA: Yes!
TARA: He has a device that he uses [given to him by King of Swords], where he can go up on the roof and talk to all kinds of characters.

What did you learn in school today, Rama?
RAMA: I spoke with Tom The Cat, Sweet Angelique, and Mr X. They said that ET Corey [Goode] and Michael Salla put out an article [“Was Hurricane Irma Steered by Maser Satellites in Weather War Against US?”] on
There’s a satellite that goes into the “Star Wars” realm that Ronny Ray-gun [Reagan Sr] put together, and they are using that to manipulate the weather.
At the same time, the Sun is going through a transfiguration and transformation. There are all kinds of x-class solar flares [happening].
Someone put up a picture of a coronal hole in the sun. As you go to, you can see it. All of this is affecting the planet, the people. Every animal, vegetable, mineral, and particle is feeling this, as we move up into the higher realms.
For the 13 Families, the empire is continuing to collapse all around them, as more and more comes out about corruption, collusion, money laundering, murder, international war crimes and such.
TARA: As it’s worth something—a commodity, a person—it’s being trafficked! They’ve been doing this for thousands of years.
RAMA: Yeah, and we’re in the midst of the brinkmanship chess [game being] played between North Korea and the US. And Mr Kim [Jong Un] is not a dumb cookie. The ones over here [who hold the nuclear codes], Gen John Kelly, [General 'Mad Dog' Mattis and General McMaster,] the mad hatters in the West Wing—there is some semblance of sanity in the consciousness of these people.

They know what war is about. They are not going to let nuclear war happen. On the other side of the coin, Ashtar has said “No Nukes!” and he means it!
TARA: Who’s not going to let nuclear war happen?
RAMA: The mad generals in the West Wing—they know what the nuclear codes can do. Even though they [recently] went to [visit] the missile silos.
TARA: General Mattis did that. He’s one of the three holding the nuclear codes—not the Grump!
RAMA: It doesn’t look so positive, yet Lord Ashtar has said, “No nukes!” [However,] they’re playing a very dangerous game, and it’s saber-rattling at a level where it’s involving the UN and Russia and China.
Mr Putin and Mr Xi know how the game is played, and it’s right at the razor’s edge at the moment because of the increased energies pouring in right now, and the way it’s being told to me, is that something could just turn on a dime in the District of Columbia, and it will be larger than Watergate.
And there’s going to be quite a bit of shuffling, of [getting] the country’s house in order.
TARA: And there’s nine humongous starships circling the sun, the size of Neptune and larger. It’s all the Blue Avian [hawk-headed] tribe , and they’re here [to remove the dark ones] after the accountability on the third dimensional level that is going to happen here, with these 500,000 collaborators, in a story of epic, mythic tales we have never quite seen in our history!
RAMA: Equal to [“The Epic Tale of] Gilgamesh”!
TARA: They’re discussing whether that long poem [“The Epic of Gilgamesh”] really happened or not. They settled on the idea that it happened around 4000 BCE, and was shared in oral tradition for a few thousand years. Then around 1800 BCE, it was put down on paper.
It’s the story of how we were gods and goddesses. Then after a while our gifts weren’t there anymore. [As we made very compromising choices and engaged in war, we lost our gifts—clairaudience, clairsentinence, and clairvoyance, etc.]

RAMA: This is the story of the Elohi and Elohim, and the story of the Orion War, which began in this sector of the galaxy and [has now entered into the history of our Earth, since the high middle period of Atlantis. The removal of the last remnants of the Fallen Angel presence on Earth is the removal of the Deep State.]
We’re watching the end of [the Orion] War play out right now with the 13 Families, who have lost everything. They’re playing a very tenuous game at best, because the world has awakened, and [their shenanigans are being] met with the energies of the Force [coming through the people. LOVE IS THE ANSWER!

As] I see the folks on the screen like Ms Hillary saying she’s blaming Bernie and Russia and everyone else [for her defeat]—send more Love!
The Cassini spacecraft, which has entered Saturn’s very intense atmosphere, ended its life as a third dimensional object/probe. Yet what we do know about Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto is that they are in the higher realms, and the vehicle for travel in these realms is the etheric Lightbody.
I know that what we have seen of gigantic ammonia gas clouds and other chemicals would eat humans in a matter of seconds—I don’t exactly think that’s what Saturn is about. There are beings on Saturn. Lady Master Nada presides over the Solar Tribunal on Saturn, [in her etheric Lightbody.]
I have gone to the Solar Tribunal on Saturn as a guest of Lady Master Nada and my father, Ashtar. I sat in the gallery—similar to the upper second floor in the Congress—and I watched the Solar Tribunal in session. We have a very different view of Saturn on this planet than how it really is out there, and I pray that gets shared with the people.

The outer planets are not violent masses, [but that is not what NASA has been allowed to say]. That’s why they’re called [NASA]—“Not A Straight Answer!”
TARA: After the accountability at this level, these [hawk-headed bird tribe galactic beings] will be bringing aboard those nine star ships, all 500,000 [cabal war] criminals. They’ll be escorted to the Draco Constellation, where they’ll be tried [at the Draco War Crimes Tribunal] for intergalactic war crimes, which they’ve been [committing] for a long time.
Lady Master [Neptha El Ra, Lord Metatron's Twin Flame], will preside over that tribunal. Princess Ardala and her father King Dracos are the head of [the Draco] constellation.
RAMA: The Draconian empire . . . They have come back to Love, and they serve on the Galactic councils which [serve all of the 27 galaxies that come together at Super Galactic Centre, including our Milky Way Galaxy.] They have given all of the reptilians in those galaxies the chance to come back to Love. Those who have not are the ones here on Earth, called skinwalkers, [including all the 500,000 plus intergalactic war criminals].
TARA: They [Corey Goode and Michael Salla] have a deeper explanation of the weather war satellites, and how they create these hurricanes, especially Irma.
RAMA: They speak in these articles about weaponized uranium fuel rods that are depleted uranium rods that have been used for nuclear fuel reactors. They’re called “Rods of God.”
They’re depleted uranium and extremely dangerous.
TARA: They’re focusing those rods into the eye of Hurricane Irma, right into the Atlantic!
RAMA: Ashtar will show up! Then we’ll have another conversation, and I think that is so in the moment—right now!
BIG WILL [caller]: Tomorrow is the 15th of September. What about the TDAs? [the so-called “Treasury Direct Accounts”]. Do you know anything about it, Lord Rama?
RAMA: I don’t even go there!
TARA: It’s a black op. You’re giving your consent to keep 'them' in power. Don’t touch it! [See]

That hole in the Sun—the Earth is now being affected by a solar wind that has sparked a G2 magnetic storm. So expect more!

[See “Solar Wind Sparks Geomagnetic Storm” at]

RAMA: As the energies increase, expect more insanity from the District of Criminals!

TARA: What about what the energy is doing to the Earth?
RAMA: As these solar flares/storms hit the Earth, it creates the Aurora Borealis. If the solar winds are strong enough, it can affect the atmosphere—they get pulled into our atmosphere.
TARA: Dr Greer’s got a new update that goes way beyond where he’s gone before!
RAMA: Yes. Dr Carol Rosin interviews Dr Greer. She came and talked at the first Disclosure Conference in 1999 at the National Press Conference in DC, when they first did this and 50 whistleblowers came forward. Dr Rosen worked with Dr Wernher von Braun. [See]

He [Dr von Braun] helped Hitler build the V2 rockets. Von Braun helped create a lot of the secret space programs, to be used by our black ops with malintent, to cause harm to Mother Earth and all the life upon her.

[See Dr Steven Greer’s Update: “Info Beyond Where He Has Ever Gone Before” on The Carol Rosin Show at]

TARA: Another report on The Ed Show was from a conservation biologist. His name is Dr Reese Holter. Dr Holter said, “We have 560 billion extra tons of CO2 in our oceans, due to man’s poor conservation of the oceans.

“And a result, with this amount of fuel heating up our oceans, we have never seen a category 5 hurricane like Irma ever before. Irma produced 37 consecutive hours of 185 to 195 mph winds.

“For these reasons, plus many more, it is unacceptalbe to continue to subsidize the wealthiest fossil fuel corporations and all aspects of the war machine, especially as we have all the renewable energy technologies we need to stop using fossil fuels right now.”
Hurricane Irma's winds registered at 190 mph when it slammed into the Virgin Islands. That’s why it almost leveled some of those islands—95% of structures are completely destroyed on Barbuda. That’s where we saw the reality of their malintent to create as much destruction and suffering as possible. At that Category 5 level, it touched on the northern coastal regions of Cuba too.
I believe with all my heart, that the work that was done by all of us to send unconditional Love, to let Irma know we don’t have any bones to pick with her—I believe that we did good work by successfully calming her down!
RAMA: Indeed, we did good work!
TARA: And there’s an intention [of the cabal], by 2022 to spend $900 million more, in addition to $584 million we spent in 2017, for a total $2.2 billion to keep the weapons going into Syria.
That [intention] got intercepted. One of the documents written by our black ops said the weapons were going to Kuwait, yet the final destination was always Syria, and [the document ] proved it. So our black ops were caught funneling these weapons to ISIL. ISIL’s almost gone in Syria.
They’re just keeping people pacified at the moment, by keeping arms money in the budget, feeding guns to the black ops, having people believe wars are necessary, and that endless war is what we have to do. They were intending to start something else with that, and they got caught.
A 3,500-year-old tomb of a goldsmith with his wife and kids was found in Egypt. The Egyptian antiquities minister said, “We’re inside the burial chamber of the goldsmith, [dating back to] the middle of the Eighteenth Dynasty. The tomb was found about 400 miles south of Cairo.
“They found other chambers hold other mummies and funeral masks, with statues of the couple . . . Behind that is another statue of their son. Coffins, pottery . . . the tomb is not in good condition, yet  the archeologists are hopeful it will lead to other discoveries.

“This is only the latest discovery of a series of finds this year. More than a 1,000 statues were found in a sarcophagi . . . “

[See “Newly unearthed ancient tomb with mummies unveiled in Egypt”]
And in Hillary Clinton’s new book [What Happened], she discussed what exactly went wrong – in her opinion – in 2016, as she suffered an unexpected defeat by the reality star, the Grump. And it seems as though Ms Hillary has compiled quite the list of who and what to blame. RT’s Sameera Kahn presents a different story . . .
Hillary said about who and what to blame: “Forces that were at work in 2016 . . .  Russia WikiLeaks . . . our press. She said, “I inherit nothing from the Democratic party . . . Bernie’s not a Democrat . . . The sexism and the misogyny, resentment, the stereotypes, nostalgia [still at work in the electoral process] . . . A lot of people didn’t want to hear my plans.”

In her book, Hillary managed to go on and blame everything and everyone under the sun. . . including Jill Stein, Julian Assange, Barack Obama and, of course, Vladimir Putin, mentioning Putin and Russia about 333 times.

[Ultimately, regarding the email scandal, Hillary lied about handling classified information as Secretary of State.

Hillary: There is no classified material.

Comey: Our investigation found that there was classified information sent.

Trey Gowdy: So, it was not true?

RT’s Sameera Kahn: Let’s not forget the constant slamming of Trump’s supporters.

Hillary: You could put half of Trump into what I call “The Basket of Deplorables.”

Kahn: And then there was a major strategic miscalculation, as she chose not to campaign in the Rust Belt, losing the Democratic firewall President Obama had won in 2008 and 2012—the same Rust Belt voters Bernie won over during the Primaries . . .

Hillary said she doesn’t plan to run for President again, yet she definitely is making sure she hogs the spotlight with her swan song.

And there’s a video of UFO portals beneath what they call the ISS [International Space Station], and it went viral. “UFO and alien hunters claim they are portals being used by aliens to monitor earthlings, since the rings appear too high up to be clouds . . . ”
This video has caused a stir among alien hunters!

“Video of 'UFO portals' beneath the ISS goes viral, sparks debate on alien existence once again”
UFO and alien hunters claim they are portals or wormholes being used by aliens to monitor 'Earthlings', since the rings appear to be too high up to be considered clouds.
New Delhi: The search for alien life has been going on for years and those involved in alien hunting or UFO hunting have many a times, come close enough to provide evidence justifying it.
This time, a video has caused a stir among UFO hunters after a YouTube user by the name of ‘Third Phase of the Moon’ uploaded a video of what looks like three rings similar to smoke drifting below the ISS . . . .
RAMA: I would say [what] they can’t say: These are portals, yes!
This means we can expect more and more disclosure of folks coming and going, and how the deep state is trying to hide this from us, which is not a good thing, because it casts the world governments as one big shadow government.
Because the people want Truth. They want freedom, and they want justice. They [cabal] can’t continue to hide this forever. Insiders are already starting to talk as well.
MARIETTA: Does the panel have any questions?
CO Ryan: Rama, when did you go to Saturn, and how did you get there?
RAMA: I went in the late ’80s, early ’90s: one time with Commander Soltec, one time with Mother Sekhmet, and another time with King of Swords.
COR: And Commander Soltec is—?
RAMA: Commander Soltec is the captain of the mothership called the Phoenix. He is the son of Lord Monka, who was Viracocha during the time of the Incas.
TARA: He’s the head of Mars!
RAMA: I’ve been talking to Soltec since the early ’60s. I got introduced to him by George Van Tassel, who was a contactee.
COR: So Van Tassel was actually a contactee? Some people have questioned that.
RAMA: He was the real deal! He put me in the Integratron before it became a big hit. It was just him and his wife and a few other people, and now it’s got dollar signs all over it.
COR: Can people still visit it?
RAMA: They have retreats at Joshua Tree where the Integratron is. [See] All kinds of folks lecture there and give workshops.
MARIETTA: Their two daughters are in charge of taking care of it at this point. So whenever we get the “go” signal, it will be activated.
It has no metal in the structure. It’s concrete and wood. It’s a healing chamber, might be a simple way to say it.
RAMA: A rejuvenation chamber.
MARIETTA: The plans have already been given of how to finish it when it’s the right time. It’s something that will happen; it’s just not the right time yet.
TARA: On Tuesday—we just want to share what was said on Ashtar on the Road [conference call]: Ashtar has said, “There will be no nukes [detonated], so don’t be alarmed about North Korea.”
And the criminality in the West Wing is as high as ever, with everyone carrying a gun.
There are insiders who can’t take it anymore. Numerous plea bargain deals are being made, to turn state’s evidence against the whole Grump family.
Even though Congress has raised the debt ceiling way over the GDP, and it’s only temporary, the facts are, that there is nothing there. The Fed [Federal Reserve] is completely broke.
Larry and Curly said “There are surprises awaiting us that we can’t talk about regarding 9/11. This is way larger than anything that has ever happened, including Watergate, many times over!”
There are a lot of people saying “It’s not OK to not tell the whole story, and that 9/11 was an inside job.” We  just want to put that in the Circle of Support.
There’s close to 90,000 people who were killed at Ground Zero that morning.
MARIETTA: What about the gold bars that were stolen, carried away in a few trucks?
TARA: $14 billion dollars’ worth! That went right into the cabal’s pockets. The addiction to money and power and control is a never-ending story.
John Pilger had something to say about this whole story. He was saying it’s not about North Korea, Russia, China. It’s about the US, the big bully on the planet, and it’s time to hold this country accountable for all its transgressions against the whole human race. That’s the most dangerous thing of all—this country’s underbelly.
TARA: The $14 billion was other countries’ gold stashed through the US banking system. The amount we owe China is $35 trillion. Madam Woo, the minister of finance came over here on the 15th of May at the closing of the bell of the Stock Exchange, in 2008, and she said, “I’m the Grim Reaper. Where’s the $35 trillion? Hand it over!”
Nothing happened. The story is so long. It started in 1933, when China lent the US about $800 billion in the 1933, which was enormous. That can’t be conceived of in today’s money.
They did that to get the US Corporation going, which is what FDR set in place, and at the same time, [he set] the War Powers Act [in place], for the cabal’s purposes of always having a war going on, so everyone in our country is always guilty until proven innocent.
That’s a two-tiered justice system that has never ended!
COR: And is it true that NESARA was supposed to be announced on the morning of 9/11?
TARA: Yes. But they laid the foundations for those Twin Towers in 1941! And they did WWII, but they laid the foundation for [9/11 in] 1941.
COR: Didn’t the Rothschilds—the cabal—plan all three World Wars at the same time?
TARA: Absolutely. The controlling power of the cabal—the phrase is, “Never judge anybody by the shoes they’re wearing.” If you weren’t born into their 13 Families—they planned to use [ordinary working] people as commodities. They did that for 13,000 years.

In Luxor, Egypt, they have all the instructions for cloning [in ancient structures,] in the hieroglyphics. They were doing it back then, in ancient Egypt.
COR: And that information came from the Annunaki?
RAMA: Yes. They did genetic engineering to create their slave labor race, and then that slave labor race woke up, and there were wars after that.
TARA: [Never-ending war is] the tool of darkness.
RAMA: The story of Sodom and Gomorrah—they dropped two nukes on those cities to annihilate those people.

TARA: When Sarah tried to go back for her worldly goods, and turned into a pillar of salt—that was referred to in Terminator 2, when Linda Hamilton[‘s character] went to Mexico and was in a little casita, and there was a picnic table there, and she sat at a picnic table and had a vision.
And she saw a child with her mother, with the child on a swing, then she saw fallout from a nuclear bomb, and it passed through that dream, and the mother and child turned into pillars of salt.
They tell us everything they’re going to do ahead of time in the movies!
RAMA: Hollywood and the CIA are in bed together. It’s unfortunate.
Iron Man, Captain America, The Avengers—
TARA: —all of those movies, the Pentagon funded.
RAMA: It’s about Raytheon, McDonnell Douglas, Lockheed Martin, and the technology they bring out.
At the same time, they’re leaking disclosure, but it’s not the kind of disclosure that needs to happen, where Peace and Love is the order of the day, as John Lennon said!

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