News Update – Thursday, August 24, 2017 – Stargate Round Table

News Update – Thursday, August 24, 2017 – Stargate Round Table


This was our Thursday News Update, as given to one of our fellow Stargate Round Table commentators, as Stargate Round Table was canceled last week:


TARA: Ron Reagan Jr. came on The Stephanie Miller Show this morning. And he said that Trump needs to be removed now!


RAMA: To hear the son of a president say that—not that I liked Reagan, but Ron Reagan Jr. is one of us!

TARA: He said, “I watched my dad go into an insane place like this guy. His dad was on alcohol, and he went insane.”


“Grump is insane, and he needs to be removed now. Immediately. It’s even dangerous to have him out there with the climate where it is now, on the global scale. It’s due to a massive abuse of cocaine.”


One minute he thinks he’s saying one thing, and the next he’s saying another thing. That is big-time dementia, due to Alzheimer’s.

His dad Reagan Sr. was doing that, and repeating the same thing over and over again. It has to do with an imbalance in the brain. And in the case of the Grump, it’s an accelerating dementia due to massive abuse of cocaine.


RAMA: What they were also talking about on the show, is how they are trying to get treatment for soldiers who have gone to Iraq and Afghanistan.

They come back with PTSD, and they’re given a bag of opioid pills to deal with their PTSD. They go to the VA [Veteran’s Administration], but they don’t really get help.

They go home with their pills and get drunk or high or with their opioids, and things get weird.

TARA: Tom the Cat and Mr X discussed a number of things today. One of them was a piece by Cobra, a very high vibrational piece. He is saying, “You may not judge an individual who came into one of these 13 Families.”

Because they’ve been tortured, mind-controlled, beaten to a pulp. If they don’t pass the test with those families—they ritualistically murder those kids, and make the other kids watch.


He’s been through all of that. He doesn’t know what it is to tell the truth, because he’s been a chronic liar since he was a child.

The Cobra article doesn’t say everything. It’s a very good piece, talking about the energies with the Eclipse.


What Mr X and Mother have said, is that they have crossed a red line—there’s no more dawdling, about whether the 13 Families will come back to the Light or not. That will be done on the other side of removal. These folks will be removed, because they are endangering the planet.


The planet could go supernova [due to cyber-war technology wars being fought inside the Earth].

To stop that process and stop them ruining people’s psyche, they have got be removed. It is time for people to get their feet on the ground, and get an education on what is going on!


Mr. X was saying, “No more time—time’s up! Mother Earth has said, “No!” This is pure evil, and it needs to be completely transmuted out of this environment.


RAMA: In this realm of Nazi hatred being perpetuated—supporting the idea that hate speech is OK. The First Amendment says that we can say what we want, within certain parameters, but I draw a line there.

TARA: Hate speech should be completely removed. It perpetuates a rip in the time/space continuum that perpetuates a downward spiral into extinction. Because only Love can bring the spiral up.


RAMA: Hitler started that spiral.

TARA: Napoleon did a darn good job too!


RAMA: Napoleon did a lot with the anti-Christ energy.

TARA: First was Napoleon, then the second was Hitler, and anything that is anti-Love is the third Anti-Christ. Because this is destroying the DNA strands. They have meddled with the human DNA strands.


That one hate speech guy, who was spraying tear gas into everybody’s eyes at Charlottesville, was saying that he didn’t approve of Trump giving “that beautiful girl his daughter to that bastard Jew, Kushner.”

They arrested him, and put him in jail, and he has no bail.


RAMA: That’s in the realm of what the Nazis would say—profiling Jewish people because you want to exterminate them, and that is not OK. Yet at the same time, Trump is supporting that stuff, which is scary.

TARA: There’s another article from the White Wing Collective of Nine. They have two videos and some transcriptions. It says, “Return of the Masters: Opening the Stargates and Collapse of the Fa....”


Hatred is the foundation of the false matrix. This is a complete false matrix. The DNA we are made of is only based in Love. They did some inserts into our DNA to program us away from Love, to build in war consciousness into the DNA of humanity, so they could have endless war, which is what Grump is attempting to do.

David Cay Johnston was on the Chris Hayes show, saying the Grump could create a situation where he could suspend the Constitution.


We created the Taliban, through Pakistan, through our CIA, in which the intelligence agency of Pakistan, the Inter-Services Intelligence, is an asset of our CIA. This is how premeditated it is—the Taliban is us, and the thugs in Kabul are no better than us—it’s the same kind of energy.

Just like in our Civil War, the Rothchilds funded both sides of the war in Afghanistan. And mind control. They knew back then there would be a time of never leaving—even when Russia was using Afghanistan as a proxy war in the ‘80s, that was a plan too for us to experiment with all kinds of weapons.

That’s all Nagasaki and Hiroshima were about—we wanted to see what kind of weapons we liked better!


It was never about anything but trying to control an entire race, to do war as a convenient tool to make profits, and to use people and spit them out, and keep them in fear. The whole thing. That’s what we’re calling this, when we talk about the False Matrix.

This is why it’s confusing for young people, and all of the experiments Hitler did with our genders—excruciating horrible experiments that reversed the genders, because they wanted to use that as a tool of war, to keep a lot of people form having more babies—only their elites, and have more slaves that were terminal, who carried on with same-sex stuff.


Normal everyday human beings cannot conceive of this sort of stuff.


Grump doesn’t have the total power. He is a puppet. He’s being used by the Khazarian mafia—you have someone who is worth trillions, and is an undead.

On the 1st of October every year is the first day of the fiscal year of the following year. On October 1, 1979 it was the start of the fiscal year of 1980.

Jimmy Carter was in office in late 1979. He would have easily won that election, if it wasn’t for Bush Sr meddling with things—he set up the hostage situation so they wouldn’t release our military hostages from Iran until Mr Reagan was sworn in on that bible. That was premeditatedly planned.

Two months later, Bush Sr. arranged Reagan’s death. Killed and cloned on the 29th or 30th of March, so then he announced the next morning after the shooting—it was a CIA agent named John Hinckley who did the shooting!


RAMA: The Hinckleys were friends of the Bushes.

TARA: George Bush Sr became acting president by his own announcement, and it was never taken back. And life went on. Ronald Reagan seemed to come back, but no—that was a clone.


Bush Sr then stayed president for those two terms. That was premeditated. They wanted at least three terms in a row—Bush Sr had three terms, so they could reverse the entire New Deal. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was in his fourth term when they murdered him—they actually killed him.


They wanted to reverse all the good things of the New Deal.


He didn’t create it—it was Eleanor and her lover, Frances Perkins. They designed the New Deal, and it got in, because FDR was a 13 Families member. He was a soul who volunteered to go through what you go thru to be in those families and still manage to help people.


COR: President Obama was born into the 13 Families. Did escape that mind-control process?


TARA: His mother was one of the 13 Family members, and she did not escape—she died early of cancer.

His grandparents on his mother’s side raised him. They were good people, and they taught him the eight-fold path. He was also taught Sufism, because his mother was a Sufi.


When I was in Hawaii, I met a whole Sufi family living at the top of Haleakalā Mountain for 11 or 12 years.


They told me about Obama and his mother—they witnessed his birth, and were Sufis with his mother, and were part of his growing up when he was little!


And his dad being Malcolm X—he was told that in order to get anywhere near being president of the United States, he would have to plant his seed in the 13 Families.



So everything has been guided, on all sides of the story.

David Cay Johnston knows all about NESARA and then some. And he knows that the Grump was seeded into the 13 Families, with Mussolini and Hitler’s seed put into the Dutch royal princess’s womb. Imagine being not treated like a human being, but an object of use.


This kid was put in military school at the age of six! His parents said, “We can’t handle him!”


RAMA: They were grooming him.

TARA: Johnston said it was so that Trump “would become dictator if he could—and he would do so if he had a chance.”

The one heartening thing about the news—it’s clear from the coordinated messages from the Joint Chiefs, that Grump can’t get the military to back him, to take over the country.


David Cay Johnston said, “Yet that’s the only good news. We have not seen the worst of this. This man’s racism is becoming more and more evident. He is retreating into the evil inside himself. That was evident to all of us who know him well, who have not been dependent upon him, who have been independent of him for a long time. This is not as bad as it’s going to get, and I worry greatly for our country, and our planet.”


So profound, because that’s exactly what they designed him for! Imagine how tortured he’s been for ages.


RAMA: A Skinwalker, an archon, posing as a human.


TARA: He was designed.

RAMA: That’s the Dutch royals, who play in the realms of the occult secret societies, which do ritualistic ceremonial magic on certain dates, to evoke energies for certain things.


TARA: When there are good positive energies flowing, they reverse it. All the good positive energies from the portals, honoring the saints or Ascended Masters—they do rituals every single time to reverse it, and they continue with this.


They’ve been trying because they lost their own planet. Because they sent their own planet supernova!


Then the Zeta Reticuli destroyed their Apex planet. So they’re all glopping onto Earth, because it’s such a beautiful planet.


As far as the red button being at his fingertips—not true, thank God. But not consoling that three others have the nuclear suitcase—T Rex [Tillerson], “Mad Dog” Mattis and [Gen.] John Kelly.


On The Big Picture tonight, Thom Hartmann said it’s time to give Exxon Mobil the death penalty. That would put T Rex in his place for good!

They have it far enough in the courts now that they are guilty of the entire global changes already into the sixth extinction.


They suppressed and hired fake scientists so they could make more money and continue to stay in power and keep the fossil fuel system in place. If they lost that, they would lose their power.


Just today that was discussed—that’s another message that NESARA is right around the corner somewhere. Because all these corporations of the 13 Families, they all get the death penalty. Then we go into a new dispensation, which is the Garden Returned.

They state in “The Collapse of the False Matrix” video and article that they can no longer do this ritual. It’s canceled.


Lady Master Nada and King of Swords called up Rama and said the same thing: it appears that they’re still clinging to this power, but they have been OUT of power for some time. They’re doing their best to make it appear they’re still in power, threatening to shut down the government.


The people have No Idea that this government has collapsed already. This is so much of a shock.


The thing is, that—I did my best to explain this on Ashtar on the Road—these big banks are buying back their own shares. They’ve been doing this since the first [2008] crash.

They’ve been borrowing money and buying back their own shares with it, and putting that money into their pockets. Then the shares that are still up there, and they raise the price of it—that’s called inflation.


They then need more money for the rest of the world, because they’re hoarding money for when everyone dies and they’ll have the planet to themselves—“Let’s get rid of these lemmings, keep only 2% of them, and have our elite garden to ourselves!”

So what they were going through now is seeing the writing on the wall that they’re almost there, and they’ve already lost. And all the other minions like the Comey and other people—he’s got another job now.

RAMA: Howard University keynote speaker. He’s on the Board of Regents at Howard University.



TARA: Our CIA is the bowels of this matrix. Behind everything we’re looking at called War, is the CIA. And all its subsidiaries, all the Alphabet boys. It’s so dark. And all their CEO friends need to get the death penalty.


Everything needs to go to zero!

it’s getting close enough now, because our 12 strands of DNA—that what the article is talking about: As the False Matrix is released, all 12 strands of our DNA is free to activate fully.


TARA: “The Return of the Masters” refers to the United States. It’s not somebody up there, an Ascended Master who’s a million miles higher than we are.

The idea of what’s happening when these Stargates flood open and the false matrix is gone—what happens? No wonder they’re Schumann Resonancing us up to 2,012 Hz!


This open letter to the Illuminati Bloodline Families—it’s at


Mother [Sekhmet] and the King of Egypt, Mr X and Tom the Cat said it’s not right—it leaves it open for them to heal, and it’s taking them down the road. But the time is up, and they will be permanently removed.

That’s what that other video transcription is saying, from “The Return of the Masters: Opening of Stargates”—permanent removal, and no other thing, though it’s very good in terms of what it is.

Cobra is compromised. He’s Faction Two. He’s still on the dinar/dong/Zimbabwe thing, and it’s very dangerous.


I got a call from someone who is active on the dinar/dong/Zimbabwe [conference] calls—“Since we now know that the Clintons got their money, you can be damn sure NONE of us [dinar/dong/Zimbabwe currency holders] will get our money!”

This guy has been a main speaker on those calls, and he just laid it out, even though some others would disagree.


These people do not realize that what’s happening is really happening. They don’t realize that the whole thing goes bye-bye. They still think the US is the greatest thing on Earth, and on its highest level, that’s its purpose. But they think they’re special and will have all this money and help the world, and everyone else will take a back seat. It’s total terror, because they’re afraid they didn’t make it and do the right thing.


COR: You had said a day or two ago that Trump wants to move us to a cashless society. Can he actually do that?


TARA: He will not be allowed to do that!


“Trump’s tweets could lead to nuclear war, says former CIA agent who wants to buy Twitter and ban president” [ ""]

This is Valerie Plame Wilson. She wants to buy Twitter so she can ban the president from tweeting.


She can! She’s got the money to do it! Joe Wilson was the ambassador to Iraq during Bush Sr.’s time, and she was a covert CIA agent till more than 100 of her people got slaughtered instantaneously.


That’s the first thing Patrick Fitzgerald did back in 2005. He indicted Scooter Libby for outing Valerie Plame. And former Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitrage, and Judith Miller of the New York Times, and Bob Novak of the Washington Post.

One called the other—Scooter Libby called up Valerie Plame, and Valerie Plame put the name of the corporation that represented her covert status CIA agency in the Middle East—Brewster & Jennings—she didn’t put her name in The New York Times, but Brewster & Jennings in The New York Times.


As soon as that came out, they knew whoever was connected to Brewster & Jennings in the Middle East was connected to Plame, so they executed them all. In Saudi Arabia, in Turkey—they got instantly executed as soon as that came out in The New York Times. That’s mass murder.

That’s the blood Judith Miller has on her hands. She was on Jon Stewart, on The Daily Show, and he nailed her. He grilled her on one end to the other. She didn’t know how to talk!

When you’re making money like that, you do dirty things, or you’re dead. “Have I got a deal for you!” It’s gone way off the back end, and Bob Novak—I think he’s dead now.


And when an RT [] journalist hung out with the Trump crowd in Phoenix, she said they looked kind of bored!



News Update – Friday, August 25, 2017 – Friday Hard News Show


RAMA: Greetings!

TARA: [After the song “Fields of Gold” is played] We’re heading into the harvest season, the Fields of Gold. Let it be all it can be. Let beauty return to the Earth, and things that aren’t so pretty, send those people more Love. That’s the way of the Peaceful Warrior.

Lord Rama, what did you learn out there? The hurricane is about to hit, and it’s category 4—137 mph. And at least 35 inches of rain—that’s about 3 feet of rain. And they have police checkpoints.

I have a sneaking feeling this was manipulated on purpose, so they could get rid of a lot of undocumented workers. They are thinking, “Am I going to get out of the house, or drown?”


RAMA: What I can say about today, is that Saturn has gone stationary direct, and conjunct with Black Moon Lilith.


And today almost 2,000 years ago, Pompeii went under a flow of lava as Vesuvius erupted. Interesting interplay! In 79 AD.


I sort of remember it, and it wasn’t a good time, because of the nuclear winter that ensued after the Vesuvius clouded up the atmosphere for quite a few months.


No one has told me that Hurricane Harvey has been manipulated, but if you go on the weather Channel and look at the eye—it reminds me of the eye of Hurricane Katrina.


Meanwhile, the Grump is pardoning Arpaio—WTF? And Gorka has resigned!

TARA: His wife did something really nasty last week. Amy Goodman had this gentleman on who stopped being a neo-Nazi white supremacist, and he create an org for others who wanted to change, called Life After Hate.


President Obama had put $400,000 toward this organization, and Gorka’s wife took it all away.


RAMA: Send more Love!

TARA: Yes, send more Love.



RAMA: Also, I spoke with Tom the Cat and Larry & Curly today. There are new subpoenas concerning Russiagate. And of course, it’s all about the obfuscation of how both sides stole the election from Bernie.


And as the fates would have had things different—Bernie elected—we might be in a different place in the Universe. Yet I know things are right on course. It’s a very unique time to be alive. Very exciting, also precarious.


Tom the Cat and Larry & Curly said, “It is a very strange atmosphere in the District of Criminals, and high treason is in the air!”

And how things get played out from here, that I don’t get to know, because I’m not on their payroll and I don’t carry a gun. That’s not my mission. I don’t go there. I blaze the Violet Fire and extend Lord Metatron’s healing rays.

Also, starting today is Lord Ganesh’s birthday for 10 days in India!


Ganesha got his elephant head—one day, Lady Master Parvati wanted to take a bath. She created a boy out of clay, which is kind of these metaphorical stories that go into Mount Olympus and the gods of Olympus—how they created humans.

This metaphor of taking the clay of Earth and making a humanoid life form. Lord Ganesh was guarding the door while P was taking a bath. Lord Shiva came home unannounced and wanted to see his wife—surprise her. LG wouldn’t let him through the door. LG got angry and charged thru the door and chopped Ganesh’s head off.

LMP got angry and got out of the bath and said “Go find a head for my son!”

Lord Shiva went out and cut off the head of an elephant and came back and put it on Ganesh’s body, and it came back to life

TARA: And elephants never forget!


RAMA: No. And Ganesh is one of the Divine Beings in this pantheon of cosmic characters. Like LM Lakshmi—Om Gam Ganah Patah-ayyy Gah Nama!

When you chant that abundance, it brings in the wealth of Lord Ganesh at this time.


Also I heard today there are strange things going on around the planet concerning how the Grump is using this moment in time to create more chaos and more confusion, because he is experiencing such dementia.

Valerie Plame came on Stephanie Miller’s show this morning and talked about buying a seat on the board of directors of Twitter—$1 billion doors—and they are moving right along with their crowd source funding—“I expect this to happen very soon,” and then “Trump will be kicked off Twitter permanently.”

What she is doing with the funding is helping the NGO called Global Zero. There are people working with this all over the planet.

TARA: Aren’t they going to use it to buy Twitter?


RAMA: They’re doing that, but—

TARA: They’re separate funds. They created Ground Zero in 2008.


RAMA: Yes, the amount of cash this entails is astronomical. I can imagine it in the infinite abundance of Lord Ganesh. Yet when we step into the realm of what I saw of the gold certificate of the Poppy Lady—this is absolutely real.

This is how we create nation building, not creating fake stories about so-called terrorist. The only terrorists are the one right here, the ABC agencies. Those are the real terrorists, with the empire here. We have a demented Lord Vader. He puts Lord Vader to shame.


What we’re watching, experiencing, sending more Love to, is a situation that I’ve got to say, I’ve taken the leap of faith off the cliff. I know Lord Ashtar is here, along with the legions upon legions of Lord Michael’s fleets, and beloved Ascended Masters St Germain’s fleets, and Lord Kuthumi’s fleets—I could go on and on, how many masters are here with their fleets.


I have no doubt this is why they took Wm Tompkins out, because he was going to spill the beans. The fact this rear admiral got sacked with the Seventh Fleet.


An accident? Accidents don’t happen, when we can see a license plate from a satellite, whether it’s a terrorist or a protestor.


The stuff happening now, they are trying to take us out any which way, and it is their demise. The energies with Saturn going direct, Black Moon Lilith doing her story—you don’t mess with Black Moon Lady Master Lilith!


There is some huge stuff happening. Send more Love to the situations in the District of Columbia—the goddess. There is a huge story here.

TARA: Yesterday you said that Ronnie Reagan Jr was on The Stephanie Miller Show.


RAMA: Stephanie Miller and Ronnie Reagan Jr talked about how Ronnie’s father fell to a gradual dementia from Alzheimer’s.


“This man’s insane He’s got a cocaine habit. The nostrils show the classic signs of snorting coke all the time.”

TARA: In other words, he’s been abusing cocaine chronically.


RAMA: Yes.

TARA: He watched his own father [Reagan Sr.] go through this, except that his addiction was to alcohol. I watched my father do this same thing with alcohol. You start repeating things over and over. You’re not quite present.


BIG WILL [CALLER]: I understand the Seventh Fleet has been told to come home. What do you know about that?


TARA: The entire Pacific Naval forces stationed over here were called home, not just the Seventh Fleet. They’ll be brought probably to Hawaii, Washington DC, and maybe Alaska, Oregon, and anywhere in California where they have ports.

That’s a really big deal, and Sam Seder said it on Ring of Fire. So that’s the second time today—and we would take Sam Seder before other radio shows. Sam Seder is Faction Three.


RAMA: The fact that the whole fleet has been called back to port, and the sacking of this rear admiral—it’s a shake-up. It’s huge. I believe they’re going to start talking about the secret navy and SSP, leading to what’s across the galaxy.

TARA: They said all of the Pacific—all the ships assigned to the Pacific. I don’t know how many there are. Maybe somebody who knows can call in and tell us.


BW: This will lead to whistleblowers come out more—there’s a video out there right now exposing the US Navy, consorting with these top-secret programs.


TARA: yes, and Rama wants to play this piece about William Tompkins, who was going to expose all the files of Antarctica, and they killed him instead. This is his last request before they killed him.


BW: Yes, they did murder him.


TARA: What Rama was told is that it’s classified, keep your nose out of it!


[Plays video – Divine Frequency – Conscious Media Update -]

TARA: Rama, what are they doing in those DUMBs—the Deep Underground Military Bases?

I think they’re using cyber technology that’s actually endangering the guts of the planet.


RAMA: What I heard, on the periphery of circles within circles, is that the 13 Families are extremely petrified that they have been exposed. And yes, they have!

TARA: And they’re killing each other, and using some kind of cyber war that’s causing harm to the planet.


RAMA: I don’t know enough about that to articulate it, yet I know they are playing with technology that is messing with soul matrix—Goddess [Mother Sekhmet] gets to come in with Lords Metatron, Maitreya, Michael—the Four Musketeers I call them!


David Icke, bless his heart—he speaks about these kinds of things on his website, where they are in an absolute fight for their existence now. They have lost, because they have violated the cosmic laws of this Universe and this local system.


That’s why there are legions upon legions of help here already stepping in. There are insiders in all the agencies, as well as all the branches of the military.

At a certain point, they’re going to have to say, “With all due respect sir, NO, sir!” [to military orders].

I don’t know how that get plays out.

TARA: The other part of it is that they’re messing with our soul matrix as a human race. First and foremost, they’re doing worse and worse things messing with our DNA.

They’ve been programming for 13,000 years, and programming and reprogramming so they can learn of a darker way to do things. They experiment on humans. It’s excruciatingly painful till they kill them. Then they decide rather than killing them, we’ll just drive them insane.


Behind the scenes, which people are not keeping up with, because they’re busy staying alive—they’re destroying, murder the spirit of the Law, the spirit of the Zeitgeist.


There’s no spirit of the law here. They’re turning it into a Hitlerian colony again—that mindset.



RAMA: The fact that the Grump pardoned Arpaio.

TARA: That guy is a Nazi and a half, responsible for the deaths of so many undocumented workers! He stuck them in the middle of summer in Arizona in tents in 120 degrees. People were dying just of the heat! And putting rat poison in their food till they died!


RAMA:  I’d say we are hours if not days—


TARA: Where’d you get this from?


RAMA: It’s falling out of my pie hole! We have hours if not days of watching this guy go down, because he has committed high treason on various levels. There are people in branches of the govt who will take the reins.

I don’t know how it will get played out, but I believe there will be some confrontation as we approach the end of August, into September, and it could be sooner than that as the energies have pushed it to extraordinary limits of how we maintain our sanity in our day-to-day activities.


Before/after enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. I’ve got to keep my head in that consciousness, because this other stuff--

TARA: It’s really evil. It’s called psychic attack. The Prime Directive is “nonintervention in a civilization’s development, except and in case of nuclear or psychic holocaust.”

People are killing themselves like never before, from the psychic noise, and it’s really amped up now. It hampers the ability to connect the Buddhist plane of the mind with the resonance of the high heart. And the third piece of that is the soul.

They are trying to bust those three connections to oblivion, in everybody. So there’s all kinds of emotional/psychic interference of a super-evil way right now.


Remember their intention is to reduce the human population to under 2%, by any means necessary—they have reduced the human population by 2 billion since 1980, could be close to 3 billion by now, with these psychotronic game plan. It is super evil.


There is a need of the maturing of the Lightbody consciousness of Lightworkers. I got a call today from another one of our sisters, who is so connected to Trump.


I told her what Maxine Waters said on Free Speech TV on The Stephanie Miller [radio] show: There is a tape that Putin and Comey have of Trump at a hotel [which recorded him violently raping and murdering a 12-year-old girl]. Maxine Waters said, “And the world is going to find out what is on that tape that Comey and Putin have!”

And this sister said “I don’t believe that crap! They can make digital stuff real. You’re being duped, and Donald Trump is a good man, and we’re going to make it because of him.”

We said this in the ’90s—we were telling people about those books, there’s 52 of them.


RAMA: Channelings from Lord Hafton.

TARA: But not really from Hafton.


RAMA: I’ve watched Lord Hafton at the Solar Tribunals. He does not speak that way.

TARA: They’re called the Phoenix Journals. They are so dark! They fake Sananda and Ashtar talking. This is why we need a complete total trance channel. I believe Susan and Rama are complete trance channels when they bring people through.


Susan didn’t know that JFK Sr was a clone that was murdered, and the real JFK Sr was alive in a Witness Protection program. There was a time when she didn’t believe that.


Rama has never had a veil, so he knows everything they know on the other side of the veil, without a doubt that is a completely different story. If I were to say if there’s a difference between them, that’s it.


Roger Stone threatened Congress members on the air that as they were to try to remove Grump, they would face a Civil War in this country overnight.


PENNY: Rama mentioned David Icke. Is he talking the truth now? He was compromised for a while. What is his status?


TARA: Prince Harry went with John Perkins and David Icke to the Amazon alongside the river and took Ayahuasca and did a ceremony, and Icke did too much. He overdosed and stopped breathing for a long time, then out of the forest came a full black panther shaman in full shape—a female.


With her paws, she pounded on his chest until he came back. “It’s not time for you to do this now! Get back in that body now!”


PENNY [CALLER]: Was that Mother Sekhmet, who appeared as the panther?


RAMA: Yes!


PENNY: So that experience brought him back to the good Red Road.


TARA: And what did that do for Prince Harry, and his mind!


I know that John Perkins is Faction Three. David Icke still has a bit of a noose round his neck no matter what, because he’s tethered to the British Crown, so he’s already in trouble.

But he renounced what he did publicly. He said, “I took a bunch of money from the Crown. So when I went around doing my nine-hour teachings around the world, there were things I shouldn’t have said that I did, and things I didn’t say that I should have said.”

There were lies he spoke for the queen. And lies in his book The Biggest Secret. One of them is that the King of Egypt murdered Princess Diana, which is really bad news.

The other was, “There are no Ascended Masters, just fake Ascended Masters programmed by the dark side.”

So not true, and he admitted it too! Those were two things he was paid to go round and say.


CARLTON [CALLER]: So we should still use a lot of discernment when listening to him?


TARA: Yes! Because as Thom Hartmann were to say that 9/11 was an inside job, or said that there are ETs—he’d be dead!


You can check into your high heart, no matter what anybody is saying, and check into the other person’s high heart, and find that resonance on a high level.


There are seven chakras, and seven levels of each chakra, so there are 49 levels there. And six more physical chakras that are subsets of the original chakras, and each has another seven levels inside them.


Then there are incarnations upon incarnations, and the most important thing is to remember that when we make a transition, it appears that we die. But it’s just the physical body that’s been dropped.


When we go to the other side of the veil, we go to the Antares Midway Station, where Lord Metatron and the Praying Mantis people—they’re 12 to 19 feet tall, lime green, master healers—and Lady Master Athena, work with us to heal us and put us through school.


There are different schools, depending on the incarnational patterns and the effects that need to be worked with according to the different layers.


I still get that my father is still there. He left the planet in 1969. He’s in remediation. He’s kind of slow!


This is why I liked the Letter to the Illuminati, because it said, “How dare you judge an Illuminati family member who is used and spit out to empower those families. That’s exactly what they did with Trump, and when they were done, they spit him out.

They put Hitler and Mussolini genes in a petri dish, put it in a Dutch royal princess, and created a baby. Then took it out of South Africa into the hands of a family everyone thinks are Trump’s parents, who aren’t. They are way into the hate.


His step-father was caught in a KKK murder scene in the ’30s—killing Black people. Don’t tell me that kid didn’t have all that transferred to him. That father and mother were selected on purpose, and for all we know, that stepparents were designed and put together that way too.

What kind of torture and mind control is that? It’s not about what’s coming out of the mouth of a demented gnome called the Grump.


We are equal. Equal to the source of all Light, all Love, beauty, wisdom, compassion, truth, freedom, peace—All That Is. We are equal to that, except for a few things, where we have chosen in our many incarnational patterns, we’ve made choices that left a question mark in our mind.


In the in-between times when we come out of that system of being integrated again into Galactic law. When that’s clear, we are omniscient, and equal to Mother. That’s a big thing. We make our choice—the people we want to meet, the parents we will have, the form of gender, the circumstances we take on.


The choices we made before we came in, with a veil—by choice—is very different from making a choice after the veil. You’re not necessarily exercising your omnipotence in the choices you make on this side of the veil.


The choices still have consequences, in the omniscient state. The consequences will still be incurred. The question we must make at every moment is to go to the deeper state of higher meditation and do it more and more, and choose more of those kinds of things and those kinds of practices, and aid others on their evolutionary path.




News Update – Sunday, August 27, 2017 – The Ascension Call


RAMA: Greetings!

TARA: Because of Hurricane Harvey, the rivers are going over their banks. All of the places where water and be deterred from housing areas—all of that is flooding too. They are expecting more than the 3 ½ feet of accumulated rain.


So Dallas is preparing a mega-shelter in a convention center, to house up to 5,000 evacuees. And Houston’s Brown Convention Center will be open soon. And there are 900 evacuees in San Antonio. Houston is opening some safe places such as libraries for people to go to.


I know that one of our sisters, Glenda—it looks like she’s not being affected. She’s east of Waco, though the rain is getting there.


Anyone in that area—Big Will is in Dallas—it says you can text the word SHELTER all in caps, and put in your zip code and send it to “4FEMA.”


There’s a mandatory evacuation order for state highway 288 and state highway 86 in [parts of] Texas.

Harvey is a made-up [weather] manipulation. This was ordered up secretly by the Grump and his friends. They did it intentionally.

There’s a bigger reason for it: Houston, besides being the fourth largest city. Including its outlying area, it has more than 6 million people, 5 million in the center.

It’s the biggest center for every kind of energy we produce in the country. So this will raise sky high everybody’s energy bills across the board, and to do it in a big way. They did this to intentionally destroy this grid of energy that comes out of Houston.

So let’s put that out there, and put our self-generating energy from our 12th dimensional Lightbody into the cosmic list, and make it so! Everybody can do this. Five people have died in this hurricane.


Rama was listening to Mike Papantonio on Sam Seder’s Ring of Fire show this morning. He brought up how the Sunday news talk shows are going to distract from the real issues. And they have been, for a long time. They’re going to continue to do that kind of distraction.


The Number One real issue regarding the Grump, is the rape and murder by himself of a 12-year-old girl. He said it in big English letters.


RAMA: Yes he did!


TARA: This past week, Maxine Waters didn’t say it like that, but she said there’s a tape that Comey and President Putin have, and that that tape would be made known to the whole world, and he would have to deal with that.

And Lisa Bloom has in the recent past come on the Stephanie Miller Show, and said what Mike Papantonio said today. She made it clear!

Then Mike said, the Number One Issue with Hillary Clinton—she conveniently came out with her book How It Happened to distract from this story about her—is that she and her partner at the DNC leaked a fake story, saying that Russia hacked the 2016 elections.


The truth is now out there on RT that Hillary and Debbie Wasserman Schultz and other characters leaked this story to cover up their own rigging of the election and the primaries, as well as covering up Seth Rich’s findings of the truth—which is that Hillary Clinton and friends at the DNC collaborated in rigging the election on behalf of themselves.


Hillary Clinton and her people arranged for the murder of Seth Rich, to silence his voice of truth.


Then Mike Papantonio brought up the story of Ronald Bernard, a 33rd degree Mason and an elite Dutch banker. He exposed the financial industry Illuminati in a series of TV interviews. He has been found dead in Florida.


He was 61 years old. It was a murder. They set up a phony story where they said he called 911 and said he was in trouble, that he was on a Nature trail in Florida. He said [in his TV interview], “I was told to sacrifice children at an Illuminati party.”


RAMA: And he completely refused to do that.

TARA: Instead, he blew the whistle on these occult practices that are done among the banking elite. He told this in a series of gut-wrenching TV interviews earlier this year.


This was the result of that. He did the right thing. He had courage. He had faith in his actions, for the higher good of all. So let’s put him in the Circle of Support.


All these stories, yet and still, are all distractions. He [Papantonio] made that perfectly clear.


RAMA: Yes!

TARA: This story is nowhere in the media, including RT. At any given time there are at least 3 million people listening to airwaves across the planet.


With progressive radio and internet radio, the truth is getting out there! There are good Democrats [in Congress] working on using the 25th amendment to impeach Grump immediately.


That is as far as Mike Papantonio can go on the air, working under a gag order, without finding himself in the same shoes as our friend Ronald Bernard.


Yet we have been assured there will be mass arrests, not piecemeal situations. It’s not really about the Grump or Hillary being singled out. It’s about 500,000 treasonists collaborating with Luciferian programing to take this world into endless war.


And he said, “There’s some weird news out there—Taylor Swift has released a new album. In the new song lyrics, she references Pizzagate, human trafficking, and herself having a reptilian baby.”


Mike Papantonio said she was forced to participate in these evil activities—nothing new in Hollywood.


“All of these stories are horribly distracting from the real news, which is that the world is run by the deep state.

“Yet expect arrests at any time, and keep in the Light! NESARA now, and Michelle for President!” Then he said good-bye.


RAMA: I haven’t seen it yet on the internet, but I keep getting the sense that there are all kinds of craft all over Texas skies, not being seen even though the storm is doing what it’s doing, I think the craft are there to help people.

TARA: And those three fully decloaked ships during the eclipse—that went global!


RAMA: Yes!

TARA: [Reads the I Ching for this week]


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