News Update – January 18 – February 1, 2018

NEWS UPDATE – January 18, 2018

Rama spoke with RanaMu today. She told him the criminals in Washington, DC are cracking under the pressure.

This is why the Grump is making more and more outrageous statements that have nothing to do with reality, and why people are waking up and realizing this grumpy guy is extremely unstable. The situation is turning out to be a national security risk.

RanaMu said, “I cannot tell you the outcome of this, yet it is about you and me and all people of Earth gaining our freedom.

“The sun is going through more and more transfigurational changes as it is becoming a white dwarf star. This means our sun is becoming an elder and, at the same time, Sol is moving up in octave—aka, taking a quantum leap up in vibration.

“And as our sun moves into this higher octave, we can choose to move into this higher octave as well. So as our sun Sol is doing this quantum leap work, we can assist as midwives, so to speak, by choosing to know ourselves better than we have thought.”

RanaMu emphasized that while Sol is going through its ongoing transfiguration process, we need to keep in mind the first Law of Love, which again is “Be Calm,” as these enormous shifts, without even trying, can trigger things from lifetimes past and future for all of us to release. 

Release and let go, and surrender to the Peace. Om shanti. [Om Peace]

Regarding Hawaii: “Certain folks who are connected with the King of Swords are looking much deeper into the incident.

"Meanwhile, the starships showed up overhead to let everyone know we are ever so present, intervening in your affairs in these precarious moments of the Shift of the Ages in your space/time continuum.

"Keep looking up! Let’s dance!”


NEWS UPDATE – January 19, 2018

Rama spoke with Larry and Curly today. They said this fiasco of government shutdown is about major distraction—again! 

The White House is very upset about the fact that adult porn film star Stephanie Clifford, aka Stormy Daniels, is coming forward and talking to the media, because the videotape that Mr Putin has, along with [former FBI director James] Comey and others, is also being talked about in inner circles with the # MeToo people.

By breaking her $130,000 bribe agreement to keep silent, paid out by Michael Cohen, the Grump’s personal lawyer, and going public with her story on TV, Stormy Daniels has stirred the sex pot—again—regarding the Harvey Weinstein sex abuse scandal.

Even though Stormy Daniels’s sexual encounters with the Grump were voluntary, this story has re-introduced the heavier encounters with sexual violence against the feminine, and the Grump’s solution of denying it all. 

All this is linking up with the hundreds of women the Grump has sexually abused over the years. In the midst of all this chaos, the Violet Flame of Transmuting Love can change everything. Blaze the Violet Fire! 


NEWS UPDATE – January 20, 2018

Today, on Indie Media Radio out of Chicago, David Barsamian, the host, had on guests Julian Assange and Ed Snowden. 

They were discussing such subjects as fake news, artificial intelligence, and the space fence, an operation of the US secret government and the secret space program specifically involved with manipulating the weather patterns, and using exotic minerals and chemicals in the chemtrails in an effort to detect cloaked starships in our atmosphere, by means of the signatures of their warp drive “engines.”

They are making this effort because they don’t want people to know that we have visitors from other dimensions. They think that, by detecting the signatures of the starships’ engines and therefore, their location, they can use the chemtrails to block our view of the starships.

They don’t realize it’s impossible to block the reality of the presence of our fifth dimensional brothers and sisters, who are visiting our planet and bringing in the use of the fifth dimensional Atlantean grid. 

It is not possible because Captain Ashtar, with a single glance to his ensign on the bridge, can cause the shutdown of the old energy grid based on fossil fuels, followed by the instantaneous replacement of the old grid with the Atlantean grid, which is based on crystalline energy. 

Lord Ashtar, Captain of the starship, The New Jerusalem, is in charge of the crystal kingdom and of that grid, so he’s had long-term connections with the crystals and the grid itself.

The chemtrails are not coming from the HAARP program, which is merely an intermediary cover-up of the weather modification programs, operating for some time now from the weather modifying satellites orbiting the earth.  

The chemtrails are sprayed from commercial planes as well as other planes, and are being infused with frequencies from these satellites, and also with all kinds of viruses and designer ailments.

Morgellan’s disease is one of the most challenging illnesses caused by the chemtrails, because it results in doctors digging out miniscule bits of material from under the skin of sufferers. The frequencies in the chemtrails also attack human  immune systems, as well as cause psycho-somatic imbalances.

Barsamian, Assange, and Snowden were talking also of the 5G, a cyber program created to control all of our electronic devices, including WiFi wireless technologies throughout the world’s wireless ethernet systems. 

Julian and Ed were saying that, despite the most dastardly plans of mice and men, higher intelligence exists and will not allow this solar system to be destroyed. Amen!

They also spoke further about the cabal’s darker plans, after gaining control of the global communication grid, would cause that grid to be integrated with artificial intelligence to create an artificial programmed intelligence grid which then becomes “self-aware." 

Now we’re really in The Matrix! Or so they think! 

In their pursuit of greater and greater mind control projects, these ones have not banked on the fact that cosmic consciousness, which is based in the Law of One, steps in and moves with the laws of Nature and Nature’s God.

In other words, the grid becomes a self-correcting mechanism and, as a result, the state of divine, unconditional love, awareness of awareness itself, returns all to Divine Unconditional Neutrality and Oneness. Love is all there is and fear - False Evidence Appearing Real - ceases to exist.


As Rumi poetically said:

I searched for God and found only myself.

I searched for myself and found only God.


And as Swami Purna has said:

This is whole. That is Whole.

Taking away Whole

From Whole,

Whole still remains Whole.

Lady Master Nada called later in the morning.

She was short and somewhat curt, saying, “Washington is a cesspool. Both political parties are guilty of massive war crimes. It is time to keep quiet, to keep your head down, to blaze the Violet Fire, and to know that higher intelligence will not allow this solar system to be destroyed.

“These dark ones are doing what they are doing. Just send more love and blaze the Violet Fire. Namaste!” 


NEWS UPDATE – January 21, 2018

Rama talked on Twitter for a few minutes to Robert Downey, Jr., who plays Ironman in the Avenger movies.

Robert Downey said, “The women’s marches around the world are bigger than they were last year. The return of the Goddess is at hand. Michelle for President! Have a nice day, Lord Rama!”

Mr Downey is also a White Knight.

NEWS UPDATE – January 22, 2018

Rama got a text message from Sweet Angelique the Cat saying, “In the first episode of the X Files, Mulder exposes the Secret Space Program and the colonization of space by the global elite. [Tara adds, “This series is being aired on the Fox Network no less! That is astounding!”] 

And the Cigarette Smoking Man in the series [representing the Deep State] talks about the Global Agenda Plan to remove millions upon millions of people from planet Earth by means of creating a human / alien pandemic.  

Scully, Mulder, and their boss, Skinner [he’s sometimes like a sleazy director found in any of the actual agencies], are going to save the world from this vile plan.” [End of text message]

Also today on The Majority Report, Sam Seder said, “Chuck Schumer sold out today to Mr McTurtle [Sen. Mitch McConnell]. And Mr Chucky is compromised to the Deep State.”

On another note, Ram asked the King of Swords via text about the flash coming from the sun to the anomaly located at Galactic Center, 27° Sagittarius, which is home of Lord Linkor, Head of the Galactic Federation of Worlds and in charge of the 7th Super Universe of Nebadon, the final one of the 7 Super Universes. 

This flash is changing our polar universe to a uni-polar-verse—no more duality, only Cosmic Unity. The King of Swords [KOS] said this change is very imminent.

Rama asked the KOS, “What’s going to happen with this flash coming to earth from Galactic Center?” And he responded, “Something wonderful! The time is now, Lord Rama!  Blaze the Violet Fire! Have a nice day! NESARA Now! Michelle for President!” 


NEWS UPDATE – January 23, 2018

Rama spoke with Natasha today. Using her galactic pad, Natasha showed him what’s going on with the anomaly at the Galactic Center. The two spheres are a blend of blue, violet, and magenta colors, and are holding the transfiguring energies coming from our sun, Sol. 

Natasha showed the projected path of the upcoming flash.

She said it comes first from our sun Sol, then goes across our solar system, and then goes through the rest of the Milky Way Galaxy to the Galactic Center, where the anomaly resides.

As this energy travels through the solar system and the rest of our galaxy, it “lifts all boats.”  It lifts everyone up, and as we get lifted up, we move directly into Christ Consciousness.| 

[Photo from:]


Natasha used the words Divine Transfiguring, Divine Love, and Divine Compassion to describe the energies now merging with our beings, and it’s as though we just experienced a great “Ah ha!” moment, bringing into our entire body the Golden Ray of the monoatomic gold, the gold dust, or soma located in the brain at our pituitary and pineal glands. 

Natasha explained that anything not of the Office of the Christ will be swept aside and transmuted back into Living Love, Living Light. 

The misaligned energies are removed into the Dark Rift, which is Mother Sekhmet’s creation chamber where She makes new universes—Gardens of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, Justice, and Beauty.


About these intense energies, Natasha said, “Each day, decree: ‘I am the Sacred Violet Fire. I AM
the purity God/Goddess/All-That-Is desires. Blaze the Violet Fire!’

“Also focus these light energies through various mantras such as “Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha” bringing in prosperity, opulence, and abundance.



Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha is one of the mantas of Lord Ganesha

“Or call in the Maha Mantra of all mantras which has been chanted for at least 8,000 years and carries the accrued energies of all those years.


"Hare Krishna Hare Krishna,
Krishna Krishna Hare Hare,
Hare Rama Hare Rama,
Rama Rama Hare Hare"


“These mantras bring Divine Love into the cells. All of humanity is experiencing time travelling. It has to do with the energies of this upcoming triple blood moon. The energies are carrying us into that place of cosmic consciousness.

“And this total lunar eclipse is coinciding with a blue moon—energy that has been absent from North America since March 31,1866 to be exact, 150 years ago.

“There is a rumour going around about a false flag event happening at the Super Bowl, on February 4th in Minneapolis, yet they are having trouble carrying out their dastardly plans!

“Send them more love. BLAZE THE VIOLET FIRE!”

NEWS UPDATE – January 24, 2018

Rama spoke by text message to
Larry, Curly, and Moe today.

They told Rama that in the next two episodes of The X-Files, it’s revealed that Scully and Mulder’s son is an Assane. Assanes are Zeta Reticuli beings from the 24th century who have healed.

The son is an Assane, part Zeta, part human—a hybrid human—because Scully and Mulder were genetically modified over time, in their past, by the Assane Grays in the 24th century, who beamed them up numbers of times, and worked on them in this way. 

So their child is now an Assane human from the 24th century, and is going to help save the world. Also, FBI assistant director Skinner, their boss, is going to help save the world, and more disclosure is going to come out in the series about the Deep State and abductions, the Secret Space program, and the colonization of the solar system by ET / Earth humans.

[This process of colonization by Earth humans began at least 10,000-plus years ago. Mother Sekhmet has told Tara and Rama many times that over 95% of ETs  in this Universe of Nebadon have human DNA.]

The mess in Washington, DC means that the dark ones are up to their chest in fecal matter! And it’s getting very difficult for them to continue their dark plans, due to White Knight moles in the “skunk works.”

These moles are going to bring the evil emperor and the empire [the Deep State] all the way down. Watch Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and others who look like they’ve have swallowed a bigfoot person  - meaning there is so very much on the tips of their tongues and they will, indeed, spill the beans very, very, very soon!

Blaze the Violet Fire! Work with the Oneness transmission on the crystalline grid on this upcoming blood moon.  Namaste! NESARA NOW!  Michelle for President.

PS: Maxine Waters was on The Stephanie Miller Show this morning on Free Speech TV, and said, “Mr Jeff Sessions, Mr Grump and all of the rest of his criminal gang are going to be doing multiple life sentences alongside Bernie Madoff.”

The X-Files  [From Wikipedia]

The X-Files is an American science fiction drama television series created by Chris Carter. The original television series aired from September 10, 1993, to May 19, 2002, on Fox. The program spanned nine seasons, with 202 episodes . . .



NEWS UPDATE – January 25, 2018

Rama called into the Native America Calling radio show today, and got to speak with their guest, Buffy Sainte-Marie. Buffy has a new album out, Medicine Songs (2017), and she was talking about everyone getting mobilized to resist the war machine, just as so many did in the ‘60s.

Buffy said, “At this time on the planet, there is no need for foul language or political bullying, or making fun of handicapped and disabled people, which Trump seems to keep on doing as the so-called leader of the free world. He has dishonored the Goddess.”

Buffy warned the Grump, “Prepare for a backlash that will hit your entire family.”

The host asked Buffy,”What do you mean by that, Ms Sainte-Marie?”

Buffy responded, “Mr Trump may return from Davos, Switzerland and he may be met by divorce papers. Or Melania may just go back to New York with her son, Baron, and cut off all ties with her husband.”

As Ram called up, he told Buffy, “I have been listening to you since the ‘60s. I was also at Woodstock listening to you, and I have been sharing your message of nonviolence and peace ever since. 

“I helped burn draft cards in 1967. I was in Haight-Ashbury at the time, and I was 14. We created a bonfire in the middle of an intersection, and everybody threw in their draft cards and burnt them.”

Buffy said to Rama: “Thank you, Lord Rama. We need more people like you right now to change this world towards peace!” [Buffy is a Faction Three White Knight!]



Also, early this afternoon, Rama got to talk to Lady Master Nada and Mr Mahmoud Abbas, head of the Palestinian Liberation Organization / Palestinaian Authority.

Mr Abbas brought up the $60 million freeze of US-dedicated funds to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency [UNRWA], which helps to fund Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, Jordan, and Syria, where they have been living in squalor for decades.

They both reported that the Grump said he intends to completely cut off the funds to the UNRWA. Mr Abbas continued, “With this abusive action, the Palestinian people do not want the United States as part of the mediating process between Israel and Palestine at all.”

Lady Nada and Mr Abbas said together, “Blaze the Violet Fire. Send more love to these situations. Namaste, Lord Rama!”

PS Mr Abbas also said, “What Trump is doing in Davos at the World Economic Forum is spewing his vile language about the Islamic world, and how he wants Europe to be a church / state based on the Christian religion, and that Islam is the Great Satan.” [Again—Blaze the Violet Fire!]


NEWS UPDATE – January 26, 2018 

Ram got a call from Larry, Curly, and Mr X today.  

They said, “As we approach this triple Blood Moon, the Trump Crime Family, the Bush-Clinton Crime Family are in their final moments, and they want to create a multiple false flag event across the planet.

“Yet they are running out of options. Their final card is the same as all the previous false flag events—it’s the fear card. They want to escalate the fear factor to a crescendo, including killing many more people with many simultaneous false flag events happening at the same time."

Rama said, mocking the crime families, “This is formal disclaimer, a sci-fi movie, and a private conversation, and we love to lie!”

They went on and said, “They want to create multiple events of harm. That is not to say that they are going to get to do it!” 

What these three White Knights brought up, along with the plan of multiple harmful events, is that Steve Wynn of the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas has been charged with multiple sex offenses, and that Steve Wynn is a good friend of the Grump.

Rama heard the story first on BBC News, and then Larry, Curly, and Mr X said the story was in The Wall Street Journal as well. 

Then they said, “The thing is, the media is not covering the rest of the story, which is that Steve Wynn is tied in with the multiple shootings that happened in the Mandalay Hotel in Las Vegas on October 1, 2017.”

At this point, Rama asked, “Did the Grump make Steve an offer he couldn’t refuse, regarding setting up the massacre at the Las Vegas hotel, to both create a distraction and to give the Grump and the republicans a reason to set up dirty policy, to justify taking more freedoms away from the people, by adding more unlawful spying operations, and further militarizing our police?”

Larry, Curly, and Mr X answered [in Spanish], “Es posible.” They then added that Shelly Adelson, specifically, is involved in this murderous exercise. Everything is going to come out any time now.

The three went on, “There are so many legions upon legions upon legions of masters and fairies and devas who are here. 

“These legions of Archangel Michael’s Forces of Light, along with the Ashtar Command, and Lord Linkor’s Federation of Worlds Forces of Light, are here at our service. Call on them frequently! Blaze the Violet Fire.

“Use the three-fold flame. This is how we can send Love and Light to all those who are up to something less than Love without getting into judgment. Be calm. Remain in unconditional Divine Neutrality. NESARA NOW. World Peace Now.

This triple Blood Moon / Blue Moon / Full Lunar Eclipse raises us up into good vibrations very quickly. It is not about doom and gloom at all!  Communicate with our human-ensouled dolphin friends. Meditate with the Sri Yantra sacred geometry.”         


This is a reminder from Ivan Rados about the use of the Sri Yantra: “Mantra meditation helps us clear the content of our consciousness so it can become a pure mirror, reflecting without interpreting. All That Is exists infinitely in this emptiness, this-no-thing-ness. When the mirror of our consciousness is left without any content, this is Enlightenment.”


NEWS UPDATE – January 28, 2018 

Rama got to see Natasha today, out of the blue. 

He was inspired to go up to The Cross of The Martyrs, overlooking Santa Fe. Natasha was already there, waiting for him. So he got into Natasha’s car, and she got out her galactic pad to show him Nibiru’s present position, relative to earth at this time.

It is extremely close to Earth, and it is most critically affecting activities in the Pacific Rim of Fire. Recently, for example, we had an 8.0 earthquake off Alaska, and a large volcano in the Philippines erupted, sending a plume of smoke and ash about 7 miles into the atmosphere, that has been continuing to spew over the last few weeks.

Natasha continued, “Because of Nibiru’s close proximity to earth, many strange anomolies in our present reality are occuring, such as in the villages and towns near Chernobyl. There are gifted children there who are healing their elders in these places, healing them of any side effects of the radiation poisoning, which is still off-gassing from Chernobyl into the air, the water, and the soil.

“Meanwhile, the children themselves remain immune to the nuclear radiation. As the children lay their hands on their elders, all forms of cancer and any disease are neutralized and do not come back. These children are pre-teens, teenagers, and young adults, ranging in age from about 10 to 25 years old. 

“Our media in the West does not report these things, for it would not make the nuclear industry into happy campers!”

Then Natasha said she had received a message from RanaMu that she was to give Rama a treatment. So as the parking lot was empty, Natasha laid out her blanket on the ground and had Rama lay down on it. 

Then she pulled out a hand-held laser healing device that has flashing ruby and blue strobe lights that she used to scan Rama’s body. Rama could strongly feel the laser beams penetrating his whole body. It felt as though he was being immersed in warm water. Rama said he could feel all his organs being realigned inside his body.

Natasha concluded, “I am meeting my former husband for dinner, and I have to go now. Yet tell everyone that this intervention in our civilization’s development is not down the road, as Dr Steven Greer was intimating. It is right now! 

“It is time to wake up to our heart missions, to reach out with helping hearts, helping hands, with our whole being. Be calm. Be Love. Walk in the Light. 

“NESARA Now! Michelle for President. World Peace Now. And the Truth will set us all free. See you on the bridge, Lord Rama. Sat Nam!”


Arthur removing the sword from the stone


NEWS UPDATE – January 29, 2018

Rama asked the King of Swords [KOS] by text, “Where is Melania? There are some reports that Melania is considering divorce.”

The King answered, “It’s complicated and, for all practical purposes, is none of our business.” Yet the King of Swords did say we can rest assured that the entire Grump Crime Family is going all the way down.

Rama asked the KOS about the numerous stories on the net regarding the so-called Coming Rapture / Second Coming / Fake Alien invasion / Apocalypse, etc., etc. The KOS said the cabal, because they are in their final moments, stories upon stories are flooding the net to create more distractions. Stay focussed on the power of Love.

Rama asked also about something he read about an archeological dig going on near the Second Temple / Wailing Wall complex. 

KOS said the archeological dig story is ALSO FAKE, and “that you, Lord Rama, also got fooled on this one!”

On a final note, the King said to send love to all the situations that are not representing the Office of the Christ. 

“The Dark Ones want to pull the energies down. This is not possible, as the energies are moving higher and higher. Look up!

“Praise be the Light of the Most Radiant One. We are Children of our Radiant Sun. See you on the bridge, Lord Rama. Namaste.”


Part Two Update – January 29, 2018 

Global Currency Reset Comment for January 2018 by Anna von Reitz


Everyone wants me to comment on this, but what is there to say?  It’s like orphans waiting for Father Christmas.  All these good people who have invested their life’s savings in junk bonds without realizing that they are junk bonds…. waiting patiently day after day and week after week and month after month for “the RV”.

When the RV comes, it’s all going to be peaches and cream. When the RV comes, miracles will abound. Peace will reign. The humble will be raised up. The evil will be cast down. We will all dance and sing. It will be a great, great day when the RV comes….. okay, well…..


All fiat currencies are bonds and bonds are I.O.U.’s issued by specific governments. If the government goes down, how much do you think their I.O.U.’s are worth?



NEWS UPDATE – January 30, 2018

Rama got a text message from the Poppy Lady early this afternoon, and she said: “Drive towards Velarde, north of Santa Fe.” 

He went on his way and once he got past Española, the Poppy Lady said, “Now follow my directions.”

She told Rama to turn on a dirt road, go a little distance and park in a particular driveway. Then she directed him to get out of the car and walk to this apple orchard.

Then the Poppy Lady said, “Activate your Bixby A.I. on your cell.”

He did, and put it on the ground, and then the Poppy Lady’s holographic image showed up, life-sized, out of the Bixby screen.

She was sitting on a wooden crate outside of Afghanistan’s main airport outside of Kabul.


The ship Rama saw as he drove to Velarde, New Mexico


She said, “What I have to tell you is a bit of an X-Files story! I have been capturing US soldiers and turning them over to the Bigfoot people. And the Bigfoot commanders and generals are taking the soldiers off-planet to Saturn, where they will be confronted for their crimes against humanity before Lady Master Nada, Head of the Solar Tribunal on Saturn.”

Then the Poppy Lady said to Rama, “I am living Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome, and our US soldiers over here in Afghanistan are bombing more and more civilian targets.

“Something could crack with this Blood Moon tomorrow—in an uplifting way.”

She went on, “You know what happens after eclipses—the pebble gets dropped in the universal pond, and the gravitational waves ripple out across our solar system, the Milky Way Galaxy and the Universe of Nebadon.

“And because this is such a unique triple, Blue Moon / Blood Moon / Leo Full Moon, along with a total lunar eclipse, Lord Michael is directing and guiding this event with his Excalibur, sapphire-blue, electric sword of Truth, in collaboration with Lady Master Victory and Lady Master Hope, Lord Michael’s Twin Flame.

“Work with the crystalline grid and the Children of the Sun meditation on Wednesday, as it will lift us and the planet to the highest levels at these times. I am safe. I am in the care of the Red-Haired Bigfoot people of Afghanistan, most certainly the relatives of Chewbacca!

“The Bigfoot people everywhere, the gentle giants, are part of Archangel Michael’s legions upon legions of Light, as they are protectors of truth, cutting away all that is not needed at this time and making way for more love.”

The Poppy Lady said, “I must go now. As-Salaam-Alaikum,” and Rama responded, “”Wa-Alaikum-Salaam,” and the Poppy Lady’s image faded away into the ethers. 

Note: Rama had asked the Poppy Lady a question earlier, saying, “Tara saw a rendition of the Grump on RT TV today, and he looked a lot younger, like a clone. What do you say about that, Lady Master?”

The Poppy Lady answered, “No comment, Lord Rama!”

Update #1: Rama got a text message from the KOS, Thursday morning, February 1, confirming that the Grump is indeed a clone, and that the real Grump is no more.


Update #2: Article by Anna von Reitz


This article requires a disclaimer. Please read carefully: President Barack Obama is a DOUBLE AGENT.  

ANYWHERE that Anna Von Reitz places him with the Dark Side of the Force, you can mentally note that, because of his DOUBLE AGENCY, Hillary Clinton’s name can be placed there instead as she “wears the pants” for the controlling arm of the 13 Families.

What you can know is that Barack Obama is working for the Light, inside the Dark, as are President Putin of Russia and President Xi of China.

We can remember a statement regarding this trinity from Dr Greer’s interview with Dr Carol Rosin regarding this trinity, when he said that President Putin could very well assist us with Full Disclosure, as these three leaders together represent the takedown of the Dark Side and the bringing in of the Light.

Read this carefully, in the Office of the Christ.

Rama: What Anna is referring to is St Germain and El Morya coming in to take care of the debt jubilee and the blessings.  While she does not ever refer to NESARA, she does refer to debt jubilee and debt forgiveness which are named in the very first provision in the list of provisions to be enacted with the declaration of NESARA and Full Disclosure.

One More Time S-L-O-W-L-Y” by Anna von Reitz


  1. You begin your life as “one of the free, sovereign, and independent people of the United States”—- a Virginian, Minnesotan, Texan, etc.
  2. While still a baby in your cradle, “uniformed officers” conscripted into the U.S. Army—who appear to be civilian doctors, improperly seize upon your name and estate and coerce your Mother to sign a False Information to the effect that you are a “US citizen”— the same political status you would have if you were a Puerto Rican, born in Puerto Rico or one of the other Insular Territories, like Guam.

  3. This status as a “Territorial Citizen” obligates you to serve the government and obey its every whim, to be defined as a “taxpayer” and subjected to Selective Service, and to need a license—which is official permission to do something that is otherwise illegal— like getting married or traveling in your car from Point A to Point B.

    It also subjects you to the foreign British Equity Law and Territorial Court System, which is rigged against you so that British-affiliated Bar Association members can rule against you 97% of the time via the abundant use of their “judicial discretion."

  4. Throughout your life these vermin misinform you, either deliberately or in ignorance themselves, and tell you that you “have to” have a Social Security Number, you “have to” have a Driver License, you “have to” have a Marriage License, and you obediently do what you are told.

    Every time you do, you again unwittingly confirm that you are a “US Citizen” and effectively bear False Witness against yourself and against your own interests, just to get along and survive in this ugly horror show world they have created . . .




NEWS UPDATE – January 31, 2018


Today Bernie Sanders had his own response to the State of the Union – SEE: “Bernie Responds to the State of the Union” -

Thom Hartmann on his show this morning reported on something Bernie said at last night’s event.

Thom reported, “Bernie said, and I quote: ‘Since March of last year, 2017, the three richest people in America saw their wealth increase by more than $68 BILLION dollars.’ ” 

He went on, “three people—a $68 BILLION increase in their wealth! And meanwhile, the average worker saw an increase of 4¢ cents an hour in the same period of time! Just let that sink in! In the last year, $68 billion dollars was accumulated by three people in the US of A.”

It’s time for a big change! Tag! We are all it this time and no other time!


Rama was inspired today to take a ride up the mountain to the fairy ring, where he had gone with Natasha before and connected with Dodi and Di, who had visited the Tibetan Potella where the lamas were chanting and doing ceremony to honor our sister, Susan Leland of Ashtar on the Road in her transition.

That day was Tuesday, October 24, 2017.


So today Rama was told by the fairies, who greeted him upon his arrival, to lay down in the fairy ring with his head pointing to magnetic north, and put his 5-pound crystal grid on top of his chest.

Rama, having done this, was then told by the fairies to place his cell phone on top of the crystal grid, and to try to relax and listen to the energies.

So Rama experienced just working with his breath, being aware. It seems as though he was there doing that for about half an hour. At that point, he started to move his fingers and his toes, and then he got the telepathic message from the fairies that it was time to get up. 

Rama looked at his cell phone, and an hour and 15 minutes had gone by! So Rama had a moment of missing time.

He asked the fairies, “What was the lesson for me, to do this exercise?” 

They said, “As you got to the timeless place where you didn’t know what time it was, that’s the place you’ve got to go and stay. There, you can send love to all the situations and empower the work at a greater level of influence.” 

The fairies told Rama to “stay in that place at those times” that he was confronted with energy that was unlike love. And “go and do your magic now, as there are people coming!” 

The message today was “Stay in that timeless place of Love.”


News Update – February 1, 2018


Today, Rama tried to call people, and what he heard on an inner plane, is that this is the calm before the storm, and to focus on an inner level all the love we can send to all the situations that are not of the Office of the Christ. 

Overall, the feeling Rama got was that the Dark Ones are running out of ways to create more chaos, because the world is woke! What Rama is being told, is that they are at their end, no matter what it looks like, the reason being that the veil has been lifted and the whole world can see—the emperor is wearing no clothes!

There are no more secrets, no places to hide. The truth about our institutions being corrupt to the core is out there.

The dismantling has begun and, as Ben Franklin famously said, “the price of Freedom is eternal viigilance.” And as we continue to walk this walk, and talk this talk, may our hearts be filled with a thousand suns. Namaste.

Hans Christian Andersen (1952) - The Emperor’s New Clothes Scene

Andersen (Danny Kaye) sings the children a song about the King’s New Clothes.


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Comment by Gabrielle C Swanberg on February 10, 2018 at 7:35pm

I am blessed to receive this inside information from the White Knights/Faction 3; it is safe with me  : )   GS, wine country California

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