Speaking only for myself in saying: Just wanted to say how wonderful it is to share in Our journey together and that We are all students of these wondrous events unfolding with endless possibilities. I do believe and know that We, in innocence with Awareness of Divine Truth, are All of Pure Heart and Intent and can do no wrong. The experiences and lessons of Our lives are all coming together at this "time" and All injustices stand no chance of existence. If You would like, check out this website, the other links that are posted and any other links or websites that might be of interest. Find out what many other people just like You and I are experiencing and sharing. Question everything, challenge everything, discern and take only what is Truth to You, make it Your Own and pass on all the rest. As Einstein put it, "Only Gods Thoughts Matter, All The Rest Are Just Details." LIVE LIFE bound and determined with Love, Happiness and Joy in each and every moment. "Heaven on Earth" has Always been right here for Us, We just need to realize it. As Always, with Prayers and Blessings, Luv Ya, Lonnie 

A Message to the Future:


The Fifth Agreement:


The Science of Miracles:


Life's Ancient Secret


Amazing Energy Practice of Qigong Healing


There is no doubt, There is only ~LOVE~

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