Mother said "Things are going to speed up"

“The earth’s spin alone results in a surface speed of 1,000 miles (1600 km) per hour on the equator. The speed of the earth due to orbital motion around the sun is 66,600 miles per hour. This is 30 times faster than a rifle bullet. During an average human’s lifetime of 70 years, 41 billion miles are travelled. During the time it takes you to read this page you will have travelled more than 1,000 miles! The overall speed of the Galaxy is 1.1 Million miles per hour”. You do not feel this sensation of speed because the atmosphere is also moving at that rate, it has to, your 3d brain would over load if it tried to process the real rate of motion but you soul know and feels all of this and is constantly making adjustments to its 'rental unit". You are used to this 'speed' and now things are going to get faster and faster as the energies increase and we as the human race anchor this new energy into Mother Earth and ourselves, enjoy the ride. Remember to remain calm, cool and collective and you will make it because you already have made it, now your just remembering. Namaste.

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