Message to Lightworkers – November 13, 2014

Message to Lightworkers – November 13, 2014

A Message to Lightworkers – November 13, 2014

The latest guidance for those on the Ascension path, from our friends, the fifth- and sixth-dimensional beings known as the Collective:

Greetings, friends! We are glad to meet with you again this way today!

And we are full of positive reports and news.

Because your visualizations, your meditations, your expectations and powerful and empowering beliefs in your New Earth are birthing many changes in your world, on many levels.

Understand that those who have committed crimes against humanity and against the very nature of Life, breaking not only your humanmade laws but Mother/Father God’s Universal Law, are increasingly being apprised and informed of the trials, charges and in some cases, executions which they face.

They are to be given the chance to speak their tale and tell their story.

They are also now being given the chance to turn toward the Light, if that is their preference and their soul path.

It's Time for the TruthUnderstand that for many, it will not be their path.

Some of these ones are warmongers.

Others are child traffickers and child abusers or killers, fulfilling a particular role within a high-ranking institution such as the British Parliament, the United States Congress, or the Vatican, in which they procure children for abusers.

Others are high-ranking officials and politicians who change laws to enable banking and investment fraud of all kinds.

Others are the bankers and brokers themselves, or their legal teams who represent and protect them.

Others are intentional polluters of the Earth, or of the minds of the masses through the mass media.

Whatever their crime, they are aware of who they are, and increasingly feeling terror, and for some, remorse regarding what they have committed and expected to get away with, and the consequences they must now face.

Cloud Ship

On the far brighter side of life, negotiations continue and are progressing well, with your US President Mr Obama speaking with high-ranking members of the Pentagon and intelligence community, as well as those of other countries, regarding official disclosure of our presence.

There was far more than climate change spoken of and agreed to during Mr Obama’s meetings in China.

And though an attempt was again made on his life (there have been many), he remains safe and secure within the boundaries of his Secret Service security detail, some of whom you might say, are “out of this world” as one US Congressman remarked recently.

Look Up!!

He was replying jokingly to a “tweet” sent to him by a Disclosure advocate.

There are several groups now participating in what your Paradigm Research Group is calling a Tweet Storm.

And the reason for this Tweet Storm on Congress? Disclosure!

That thing which all Lightworkers say they fervently want and ask for. And most assuredly, it shall be yours.

But the way to ensure it comes within this next window of opportunity, beloved friends, is knock loudly and persistently on Congress’s great doors, and demand that we be let in.

Demand that they hold hearings so that they have official congressional record of that testimony which so many in the military, intelligence, and political government agencies are ready to give.

There are those who have seen missile silos melted down to prevent deployment of nuclear missiles—with a starship overhead, using technology those present had never witnessed before, nor knew existed.

Ship Spotted Near Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Others have witnessed ships coming up out of the sea (from undersea bases) or out of mountains (from underground bases).

Others have seen entities suddenly appear or disappear in a room in which they were meeting with other government officials.

Others have worked as scientists in laboratories and seen human/animal hybrids, terrifying as that may be.

Others such as Andrew Basiago and yes, your President when he was a young man, have themselves been transported to Mars and spent time there.

(Your President has traveled many other places in the Universe as well. We say “your President” because regardless of what country you hail from, friend, this is a man for all seasons, for all countries.)

Others have actually worked side by side with those you call ETs, of varying shapes, sizes and colors, on government projects.

It has been thus for decades, friends. Time to tell the truth, as our writer has been telling Congress in her tweets: “We CAN handle the truth.” And indeed you can. And so now must they.

Inner Earth from Space Station

We would encourage you, despite the slowness and sadness you feel in these dark winter days, wondering how you will pay for holiday gift-giving and other expenditures, to look up from your daily work and family duties, and inspire yourself with involvement in this great, history-making effort.

You are not passive recipients of others’ decisions. For in this time of great change, of unprecedented vibrational, light frequency shift and emergence, you are Creators.

It is up to you to create the Event that brings the peace, prosperity, renewal, environmental cleanup, free energy, Divine government and other astounding remedies that will be born of NESARA Law.

It is up to you to tell your representatives that you will have no more lies or cover-ups regarding our presence.

And that you expect them to do the jobs you elected them to do: to hold hearings such as the Hearing on Disclosure, and to hear the true stories of those who not only know of our existence, but are ready to welcome us fully, to live openly with you on Earth.

Open your doors, and allow us to come forward and greet you as our brothers and sisters, our family long estranged from us! Participate however you can!

Tweet or email, phone or write a letter to your Congressional representatives or to all of them, and tell them: It is Time: We demand Congressional Hearings on the extraterrestrials’ engagement with the human race! Now!

This one moment in time shall not come again. Grasp it with both hands, and be ready, friends.

Be ready, as they say, for the ride of your life.

Namaste! We are with you, always.


Copyright 2014, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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