This week's Message is an excerpt from the Collective's new book: Abundance For All: A Lightworker's Way to Creating Money and True Wealth.

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An Excerpt from Chapter 4 of Abundance For All
“On Changing Your Abundance Blueprint"

[Question] If it’s in your blueprint—part of the life path you chose before coming Earth—to live very simply, without much money or material things, can you change that blueprint at a soul level?

Can you revise your blueprint or design for this life, so that you can have an abundance of money and true wealth, and still be in accordance with your soul’s journey in this life?

[The Collective] We are surprised that we are not asked this question more frequently!

For most assuredly, all of you wrote many things into your “blueprint” or design for this life, and many millions—in fact, most Lightworkers—wrote in the desire for and conditions of a simple life, to aid them in detaching from the need to have numerous objects, large homes, and more money than was necessary.

This was a choice made at a soul level before you incarnated, mainly to reduce the number of distractions that might take you from your higher path or devalue its importance.

And to lift your eyes from the obvious “physical” or outer situations to that of the inner, energetic realities. And yes—many of you are now unhappy with that decision.

You might wish to sit down with your support team of Angelic guardians, higher self, and spirit guides (and your own powerful soul), and ask, “Have I learned what I wanted to learn from experiencing not only simplicity, but lack of money and other resources?

"Because while I value simplicity, and its clarity and elegance (as many of you do), I do not value the experience of lack. That seems to have worked its way into my life, and I do not find it supports my life path or life work. In fact, it distracts me from their fulfillment.

"I do not wish to continue on the path of financial lack, even if that is what I wrote into my design for this life. I require your help in revising that part of my blueprint!

“I am hereby declaring my right as an empowered Lightworker to reclaim my ability to create abundance in all its forms.”

We would encourage such a conversation, listening inwardly to their response.

As with every question you ask your support group, if your inner ear does not hear any actual words in reply, then tell your soul and support group that you require them to send you the energy of their wisdom and insights.

These will then reach you as inner thoughts that suddenly occur to you, seemingly out of the blue, which contain exactly the right insights or solutions.

You are also able to receive guidance in the form of outer signs, symbols, or written or spoken information that reaches you from your environment—perhaps from a book, the internet, an overheard conversation, an article headline.

The right ideas will suddenly appear and you will know inwardly that this is the solution you have been seeking.

We would also say, that if you do hear an inner response from your team, it may be what many hear when they ask, “Why is this happening?” and that is, “Because you chose it” as part of your life path.

To which you will undoubtedly reply, “I am now un-choosing it! I am declaring my right to reclaim my ability to create abundance in all its forms! I now absorb the wisdom of the experiences of lack, limitation, or scarcity, and I am releasing those outer situations from my life now, for all time. I am choosing Abundance now, and always.”

Your subconscious may fear this new abundant life, thinking it will pull you off your path . . .


Copyright 2016, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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