Message From The Hathors ~ The New Earth as ONE UNIFIED HEART

The new calibration  has arrived and the Ancients One’s have been awakened in the inner etheric temples to pulse their original templates up and through all existing temples. 

Each Temple here in Egypt is a representation of an Inner Earth Temple, which is aligned with the Galactics Star Origin above. Above, below & centre, the trinity operating as ONE. 

Recently they have been united as a community (commonUnity) and the grids which were holding this resonance from rising have been overwritten. This could not have been possible prior to the entrance of the Solar heart which embraced Gaia as she ascended. Now the Galactic centre is spanning through her heart and supporting, amplifying and co-structuring the New Earth as ONE UNIFIED HEART. 

Visiting Sacred sites now will have a completely different feel, as the new templates are ready to be absorbed by all who walk upon them. Surrounding you within the Heart of all that is.

The Ancient Grandmother/s of Creation has awakened and is assisting this joy filling experience for & with you all. Re introduce yourselves to them and let them re-mind you of your Origin. They are weaving the new designs very delicately together as they can see where each and every one of their grandchildren are in their evolution. There are many of them.

Many mountains have been awoken as the grandmothers rose , and this will manifest in various ways throughout your known world, we ask you to surrender into the realm of re-memberance as you real-eyes that this is a natural evolution. 


Many will notice new sounds penetrating whilst simultaneously witnessing the new spectrum of colours that are now pulsing through, inner ear ringing is your natural adjustment to these. 

Know that only Light to cell programming can occur from this moment forth, we call it light to cell technology.  The intelligence of pure heart mind. This will appear in various ways to you – sound – especially dolphin & whales frequencies, light flashes, new colours & geometric shapes that you have not seen yet (but which are very familiar to you) these are being directed into your spine through the Solar heart and in-forming your cells of their original structure. It is a New Earth but dear ones it is a very Ancient Earth of which you will begin to re-cognise very quickly. 

The Temples here are now emanating original golden codes to assist the physical in-bodiment and unveil the crystalline structure of your body/the body of Earth.
Your bones will begin appearing as large crystal pieces (same shape and structure as the skeletal ) this occurs when the diamonds in each cell and energy line have been activated, merged and full kundalini stages are complete. 
Many are experiencing this now as the Galactic template/body integrates. This is why the sounds and colours are so vital to you, they nourish your body and living organism which is now visibly connected to everything.
You will notice a big increase in elemental activity, presence and feel. The mineral, plant & animal kingdom have merged and are thriving. It will appear in some parts that miracles are occurring, and they are, to re-mind you that this is a natural occurrence. 
 The hot & cold waves through the body are on track and normal, surrender to this and allow the light to communicate with your physical body as best you can, this will ease any symptoms you may create through resistance.

The physical foundations have been laid, all that has been done on the etheric realms (in your body also) are now anchoring into a physical experience here.
Mirrors are dissolving and now emanations are seen. All is very well, very well. 
Celebrations and in-joying these new in-formations are the living experience of what you would call 5D Earth. 

Welcome Home  you are now anchoring yourself into yourself

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