LOVE Prevails: enter the world of Heart


LOVE Prevails: enter the world of Heart

Happy summer (!)…winter to those down south..and good heavens (literally) what. a. season. awaits. Confounding to think that we are already entering the second half of the year…it feels like forever and yet a night since we entered this universal 1 vibration, and now here we are, mid-pivot thru another major turning point, another grand completion.

We spent the majority of this month engulfed in the Pentecostal fires , burning off the residual dross from our causal life, including the crucifixion/resurrection journey to arrive here…transmuting some very old cell memories associated with the expiring (karmic) template….all this in preparation for another season of radically accelerated change.

As these sacred fires build within us they continue to clear the records of the past stored in our flesh…the cellular imprints/emotional impressions from lifetimes and lineages that are no longer needed are being painstakingly deleted from our DNA (via life initiations that make this release possible) even as we anchor our new templates for new life experience.

We’re at the point where “thinking with your Heart” is no longer op...

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Because of the release of so much cellular memory mimicking our past…it’s amazing/disturbing just HOW much the body holds…it may have felt like you were once again reliving some really old shit…lifetimes old…to the point that it was confusing to be back “here again” after not having been here for months.  But when you’re “in it”, you’re in it, and even tho technically we weren’t in it at all…just finalizing it…it is difficult to see outside of it nonetheless.

The good news is that, if/when you fully surrender to it…if/when you allow yourself to really feel the discomfort of whatever it is you have been resisting for multiple incarnations…acquiesce to that unfathomably deeep level of letting go that is required to release the gravity that we have been dragging around since the fall of man…then moving forward you will be afforded the ability to rebuild at the ground level, based on the full Truth of who you now Know you are.

Any remaining tears we found in the fabric of our lives since the equinox we must once again stitch with the threads of authenticity in order to weave an accurately reflective youniverse for ourcellves, based on our new/true coordinates, which will ultimately create a world we truly want to live in…a world of Heart.

This is why we are here, forging a physical ascension for the planet…we are the frequency of the future, embodied in the present, rewriting the past. We hold the vibration (blueprint) of the new world in our purified Hearts and so WE are those who must first bring that world into being.

To accomplish this, to truly bring our ascension home requires a grand completion of the first (human) level of the game, “the ultimate surrender” (the final death of our karmic past)…to let go of every last burden (spiritual, mental, emotional and physical) that keeps us weighted to duality, preventing us from moving fully into our true exalted state.  To wipe the slate (karmic template) clean is a tremendous effort…but once we do, we will find ourselves poised and ready to reassemble…based on our true divine template…as if our life in duality never existed in the first place.

This release from the causal world is/will be a different timeline for each of us, and it is so important that we stay true to our own unique path and purpose…but together we’ve already collectively established an unimaginable new potential for ALL of us. For some, the preliminary work is completing, the last of the puzzle pieces coming into plain view which means a shift in focus is on tap as we are called to greater life experience.

The first two seasons of this (universal 1) year provided us with a very thorough integration of karmic “lessons” with many mastery initiation tests at the physical level of life.  This was needed to culminate the last 9 years of learning/expansion, to bring those lessons “down to earth”, to synthesise that growth into real life experience so that we could effectively see-feel-touch our manifestations of the last cycle in order to open the pathways of the new cycle. It’s been a bit of a brutal amalgamation for those at the fore, but it served to bring SO much of our past to a head, to clear so much space in our bodies & lives for what’s next.

And so, we finish the last of this month in a sacred pause, still gathering our inner resources in quiet preparation for a very changing season ahead. Before we begin any new excursion we must withdraw from the world around us in order to consolidate our life force, to center our energy and stabilize. This is where many of us are now and have been for a while…in the mother (literally) of all voids.

As we reconnect to ourSelves at an even deeper/higher level, we will begin yet another new chapter of life experience…this time without the heavy layer of fear that has permeated our existence since antiquity.

The solstice-new moon in Cancer was a very significant marker point for this major ending/beginning but after such an intense month of eradication, we still need time to realign and regroup before we can turn outward again.  When we do, the new/next level journey of remembering our original creations in form will open to us as the introduction phase into divine level creation begins on earth.

Now that we Know how high we can truly fly, it’s time to find our new feet and learn to walk again.

Even if on water.



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