We have a huge emphasis on clearing our past right now. We all came to create a story. This is what the mind likes to do. To many people have fallen into a victim role. Your meant to be the main character, the hero of your story. You have to chose to save yourself at some point, ditching the victim programming. You spent many life times to get to this point. Now is time for the ultimate shift in perspective. This energy will bring with it a release. It’s time to let go of the things that you feel bad about. This has been an intense month emotionally. This energy is trying to get you to go deeper. The things we think about influence our energetic field. It’s time to ascend higher. We will do that by letting go. The stars have been aligning to bring you more clarity. We have shifted elements and are now in Leo. We have a huge emphasis on relationships right now. The sign of Leo is about creating. With Mercury in retrograde it’s important we are seeing that we are at a crossroads. Do we continue on the same path, or do we venture off in a new direction? This energy is bringing us lots of options. It may be time to explore doing things a new way. On July 31st we will have a Black Moon. While this is a New Moon, it is also a supermoon. The focus will once again shift back to manifesting and what we are creating. Many people are becoming consciously aware that we live in a manifest reality. The changes in energy are amplifying the energy behind our thoughts. This Black Moon will have powerful effects of the tides as well as your body. This is a cleansing occurring. The more spiritual or energetic debris your holding on to, the more you will feel the purge like effects. This New Moon is the first in a series of three supermoons. The next two New Moons will also be supermoons. This means our manifesting will be amplified.

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