“Laughter, Lions and Portals”


If you’re sitting in your "holier than thou" light-addicted ivory towers
today, well...here come 13 lions roaring with some uncompromising
in-form-ation! Life is meant to be plain sailing, but currently
things aren’t so plainly “hunky dory” in the pages of the hu-man
story. Little “wake up calls”, and “niggling” are in the air, and a
stirring in the shadows, and this play of Maya will continue to
accelerate. As the “quickening” occurs, all that has been
hidden gets forced in plain view, and now the emperor has no

In case some of you are thinking that we Lions are “full of pride”,
well that’s what we Lion & Lionesses do, we guard portals with some
degree of dignity. We sense underlying positive and negative
vibrations, and yes, we Lions are “highly sensitive empaths”. Trust
us, we’re not prone to sudden fits of senseless rage, like a pack of
dogs sensing fear, and we not like self-professed “spiritual people”
lovingly attacking others. We’re not pussy footed either, and we roar
when its needed, this is not intended as a warning, but please try to
stay aware around us! We don’t take sides, but we observe, because
we see no need for competition. Consciousness expresses its Self
through us, and we just let it love. We arrange our Selves next to the
pillars either side of an entrance to certain wormholes. We
encompass dimensions, and keep them complimentary for sentient
beings who find their “appropriate place” in the Universe, the
optimum frequency for their stage of evolution within the greater
scheme of things. Us Lions have the overview, and front row seats to
the greatest show of all!

We are aware of all the projections going on lately “out there”. Have
you noticed how “titchy” people are getting? We Lions find it amusing
to watch people’s self-obsession, their compulsion to keep stroking
their “spiritual ego” inventing their agendas to avoid just “being
Love”. We see their self-imposed resistance, their dissonant
relationships, their conscious and unconscious misalignment between
their positive and negative poles, and the power imbalances between
their masculine & feminine sides. All the while, we see their denied
emotions attracting the very issues they least want to face. Ah Yes…
the Universe is perfect, just the way it works, it’s like an endless
game of chess in which winning doesn’t exist, and where resigning is
not an option! The only relief, and the real joy actually, is our
inevitable eventual return to Unity Consciousness. The question is:
are we taking ourselves too seriously, have we noticed lately, that
things are moving from “the sublime to the ridiculous”, and back?

We humbly suggest you settle down and “please enjoy the show”. You are “being breathed”, a “Symphony of Sound” is playing in your ears, a “two-part harmony of crickets” that is the ultimate vibration of “All That You Are/Are Not”. It’s all simple really, “your thoughts need stilling and your emotions need moving”, and such a simple formula can only belie the “profundity of Being”, an awakening to “effortless multi-dimensionality”! If you just try to become empty, Consciousness will become your red pill to 12D, Heaven on Gaia, and you just might end up “standing at the portal watching your Self go by”!

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