High Council of Orion message for 28th October

I find this message pretty good guidance for how we can navigate our ascension. There are some good suggestions and perhaps they may offer you some guidance as to how to navigate the coming days. -E

High Council of Orion message for 28th October

 Karen Doonan

 Dear ones we come to guide and support as the last of the denser energies are being transmuted across the planet. Many of YOU may have felt the strong pull of these energies and questioned what was happening and whether the new was actually unfolding at all. We guide strongly that the new is now here dear ones, the FEELing of this will get stronger and stronger as YOU get stronger and stronger.

 Many of YOU across the planet have been through the traumas of healing lifetimes of emotions and this may have left YOU FEELing exhausted. We guide for ALL to rest and to drink plenty of water to clear the energies. This will settle down very soon for ALL across the planet as the new energies are anchored into YOUr BEing.

 Many are still holding on and we guide ALL to detach, where YOU find emptiness and hopelessness FILL that with LOVE dear ones, for the energies that have been transmuted may leave parts of YOUr BEing FEELing very different. This is a process dear ones and that process is done by YOU with our support. Co-creation is the process that is unfolding across the planet, yet many are choosing not to co-create and are standing waiting. Dear ones the new energies no longer support “waiting” for that energy was borne out of the teachings of illusion which taught that “all comes to those that wait”. That is a phrase that has been distorted. For illusion promised you gold and then taught you to wait for something that was in fact coal. Do you see our analogy dear ones? Do you understand our words?

 By waiting YOU hand over the power that is YOU, by actively creating and co-creating YOU use the full power of YOU. Do you understand our analogy dear ones? Do you understand our meaning? Many are handing over problems to the other realms and sitting back, how does this expand YOU dear ones? How does this show YOU the power that is YOU? For are YOU not equal to ALL REALMS? Do you not stand shoulder to shoulder with ALL realms? Why would YOU defer to a “higher “ BEing when in TRUTH ALL are EQUAL?

 Do you see how the teachings of illusion still run deep within YOUr BEing? Do you see how these teachings still contain and suppress YOUr BEing?

 As ALL move into the new energies the abilities that YOU have increase, the remembering that YOU are able to do also increases dear ones, many of YOU may have memories return to YOU in dreamtime and wonder why the “dream” was so clear, so real? YOU are moving through the transition period into the new, as the energies increase then so does the vision that YOU are able to hold and to FEEL. We guide strongly for ALL to detach from thinking about this process, this is a process that is felt dear ones and the human mind cannot FEEL.

 The heart will open further over the coming days and weeks and many may experience various symptoms associated with this. We guide YOU all to detach from these and to allow the FEELings to move through YOUr body. YOUr body is the vehicle in which to release the emotions that YOU have stored whether these be of people, places or events, there is no need to store dear ones, for that is not the purpose of the heart. As the people, places and events are transmuted the space in the heart grows larger, for it has been blocked with all the people, places and events. As the heart unblocks then sensations of heart palpitations, of pain in the heart area may increase as the heart begins to work once more. Many have spent lifetimes blocking the heart and for these humans the work to clear the heart may be experienced very physically. For others the physical symptoms may be less. Please detach from falling into the illusion of illness dear ones, YOU will FEEL the difference and KNOW that its from lifetimes of trauma. Many will experience not only the physical symptoms but what may be termed “flashbacks” to other lives and once more we guide YOU to detach. These are memories being healed dear ones, please allow them to go.

 YOU step more fully into wholeness with each breathe dear ones, continue the process, do not allow the teachings of illusion to fool YOU into thinking that somehow this was not meant to be. We have guided previously about the illusion teaching within the Ascension process and this is where it begins to reveal itself. Ascension is not always the “fluffy” process that many believed it to be, for that robs YOU of the power of YOU. If YOU have suffered lifetimes of pain and trauma then how does that heal if not through YOU? How would YOU expand, grow and remember how powerful YOU truly are if that was not done by YOU? If somehow it all evaporated how does that show YOU the strength that YOU have?

 Many have queried the ascension process with their minds and we guide ALL to detach from this teaching. The ascension process involves the heart for ALL are connect via the heart; the heart is the pathway to the soul. The mind will create various scenarios through the teachings of illusion to keep YOU away from exploring the heart, for illusion knows the route the soul.

 We ask ALL during this final transition time to BE, simply allow that which rises to the surface of YOUr BEing to rise and LET GO. There is nothing to be DONE dear ones, for the ascension process is about clearing and BEing, it is not about engaging the mind to unravel that which is FELT by the heart, for the heart already KNOWS. FEEL the human life experience that YOU create dear ones, do not blindly follow the “rules” for there are none, and as YOU move through this process that will be unveiled to YOU. Illusion sought to contain and suppress through rules and yet there are none.

 Many are about to step into a creation that defies the very rules they were taught; such is the power of the energies that unfold across the planet. These individuals co-create, they have let go and they have healed. ALL can do this dear ones; TRUST and FAITH in YOU are ALL that is needed. For too long illusion has taught YOU to distrust and have no faith in YOU and many are now clinging on to this teaching, let it go dear ones. For in TRUTH there is nothing that is not possible if YOU believe it to be. Step out of the containment and suppression and take YOUr place next to us for WE are YOU and YOU are WE.

 Many believe the angelic realms to have the powers of super heroes yet defy that within themselves. ALL ARE ONE dear ones; YOU have immense power yet many are still blind to it. TAKE CHARGE of the human life experience dear ones, many realms can guide and support but NONE can take charge of what is YOUrs. Do you understand our analogy dear ones? Do you understand our words? YOU are in charge of YOU.

 Ask to blend energies with us when YOU need to dear ones and we will answer the call to blend for ALL ARE ONE. Experiment with who YOU are, for so long YOU have been blinded to the gift that YOU are, unwrap it dear ones and FEEL who YOU are. For we have waited aeons to greet YOU and now the time is nearly here.

 We are the high council of orion and we come to guide and support ALL as they move through this transition phase. It is coming to an end dear ones and the new unfolds at YOUr feet. Look closely and YOU will see the path illuminated, for it is illuminated by the light that shines from YOUr heart. YOU are that LIGHT dear ones. Step into the brilliance that is YOU. ALL ARE ONE.

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