Germanwings Plane Crash Near “CERN”

Did the magnetic field created by CERN take down this Plane?

Yet another “repercussion from that dangerous CERN power up yesterday! When will mankind LEARN to stop fooling around with nature! 

An Airbus A320 with 144 passengers and 6 crewmembers has crashed in Digne region, southern France. The jet, which belonged to Germanwings low-cost airline, was flying from Barcelona to Düsseldorf.

The jet took off from Barcelona airport at 08:55 GMT, according to Spanish Airport operator AENA.

The plane crash in the French Alps was confirmed by General Directorate of Civil Aviation (DGCA). The jet crashed in the Upper Bléone Valley, Le Provence wrote. “There are no survivors” in the crash of Germanwings flight 4U9525 in the French Alps, said Alain Vidal, secretary of state for transport on Europe.“There was a distress call…. This distress signal showed that the aircraft was at 1524 meters, in an abnormal situation,” he said.

The rebooted Large Hadron Collider is facing a delay of days or even weeks, after a short circuit was detected in one of its powerful electromagnets.

Following a two-year break, the LHC is getting ready to smash protons together once again – at new, higher energies.

Before the collisions begin, proton beams must travel safely around its 27km circumference in both directions.

Those full laps were expected to begin this week, but that plan will now be revised.

Cern, the European nuclear research organisation which runs the LHC, said the “intermittent short circuit” was discovered on Saturday.

It affected one of the magnets that will eventually send protons racing around the LHC – specifically a magnet in “sector 3-4″.

Nearby, sector 4-5 of the machine – the area which triggered a more eventful false start when the LHC first commenced operations in 2008 – had already been lagging behind the other seven in the gradual “training” process that the magnets must go through.

But the short circuit is a more serious problem, in terms of the delay it could impose on the restart.

Cern said it was “a well understood issue”, but because the magnets are supercooled to temperatures approaching absolute zero (-273C), the repair could be time-consuming.

If it requires the faulty magnet to be warmed up and re-cooled, the delay may stretch from a few days to “several weeks”, the organisation announced on Tuesday.

“Any cryogenic machine is a time amplifier, so what would have taken hours in a warm machine could end up taking us weeks,” said Cern’s director for accelerators, Frederick Bordry.

‘No time wasted’

Scientists at Cern emphasised that the restart timetable was always flexible and that Run Two of the world’s largest machine is still on target.

Rolf Heuer, the organisation’s director general, said: “All the signs are good for a great Run Two. In the grand scheme of things, a few weeks’ delay in humankind’s quest to understand our Universe is little more than the blink of an eye.”

When it eventually comes to the science, there are many big items on the LHC team’s wish list for Run Two – including detecting dark matter, making further observations of the Higgs boson, and ultimately, the search for a “new physics”

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