So today is the last day of the old cycle, and tomorrow is the day out of time....the bridge between the old and the new.
Present to assist us are the Galactic Royal Lions , the most beautiful winged leonine Star Beings.
These magnificent Star Beings came to our Galaxy from Andromeda, via the Lyran star gate and Lyra, and then on to Sirius and Alpha Leonis.
They are Master teachers and guides for the ascension process and are associated with the constellation of Leo, particularly Alpha Leonis, the heart of the Lion.
They encourage us to build strength and personal power, and to have courage as we embody our destiny on the Planet.
This next step of Soul Embodiment is a magical process, but it will require that we activate our "Lion Heart" and step into our power as Star Beings in human form.
Farewell to the old and forward with the Archangels, Angels, Masters and the Royal Lions!

Celia Fenn

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