From Sekhmet - "Yes I Can 101!", published by Ashtar on Road

"Well Greetings!  Welcome to this installment of our 'Yes I Can 101' series,* which is for the purpose of assisting you in your empowerment and to your ultimate Ascension!
"There are as many stories of experiences, relationships, balances and imbalances as there are of you, Beloved Ones.  No two of you are exactly alike in the entirety of your energy fields, which is especially easy to understand when you consider the totality of your fields.  A big part of Who You Are now is where you have been and what you have learned in your 'travels.'  And so it is that you have arrived at this moment with your most individual attitudes, habits and perceptions.
"Thus it is no wonder that, as they say, some of you see the glass as half full, some as half empty, some with old contents, some fresh, etc.  Guess what - all of this can be true and more - it depends on what you perceive as your personal Truth!  If you take someone else's word on what the glass contains, then you are accepting their Truth, which, although it may be convenient, is not being self-empowered to discern what resonates with you!
"Now, these chaotic times are full of stories and opinions pertaining to a multitude of events and situations.  Some are destructive, cataclysmic even, and we know that you are hearing about them from many voices.  And as you hear the latest news, you have ongoing opportunities to descend into the lower 3D vibes of fear, which makes it real hard to do your missions, Beloved Ones.
"We have spoken before about doing a loving exercise to assist your egos to take a rest, or time out, from beating upon your fear drums in your solar plexus/adrenal and brain areas, most notably.**  This is absolutely imperative, as is the survey, or testing, of your fields to be sure that no astral or lower 3D energies have snuck in.  We have also advised that you close up cracks in your auric fields, if you find any, so that not even the tiniest ones remain.*** 
"Once you have done these things, you are each ready to discern your own Truth, from the highest levels of Christ Consciousness, or however you choose to call it forth.  Then, if you share it, be sure that you remain in this high level state when doing so.  This is where you are most empowered to help all of those who are locked in fear at all of the changes taking place.  There is so much coming to Light in these chaotic days, and you are here to bring high vibe Love, Peace and Truth to help Mother Gaia and all of her kingdoms to progress along the Ascension path!
"Now here's some Truth for you from I, Sekhmet, and from all of us who are here to assist you in this transformative process:  Yes, there will likely be more shake-ups because, as we see in this moment, the human voices need to speak up more.  However, remember that we are continuing to mitigate as these events occur.  They would be much worse if we were not in service with you.  BIG changes are coming which will be most healing and joyful for Planet Earth, and, although they are not yet complete in their manifestations into physicality, they are very much in progress at this moment, and THEY WILL NOT BE STOPPED!  It is to accomplish all of these ordained changes that the path is bumpy right now.  The bumpy times are not to last long, but our human partners must participate in calling forth sweeping changes in governments, energy production, healing, economics and all elements of the lifestyles on Planet Earth.
"It is therefore that we call upon you, Beloved Ones, to find your Truth in all that is happening now, so that you can stand firm in the Light.  When you thus empower yourselves, you become the messengers of Love, Peace and Truth, not only to your Divine Selves, but to the entire Planet.  And here is another Truth for you:  The more you shine forth your unconditional loving Compassion and Courage to the World, the more you empower yourselves, the more you commune with the totality of Who You Are and with the One We All Are,**** and the more you advance upon your individual and collective Ascension paths!!!
"So find your Truth, each in your own Heart - test if you so desire***** - and let the Love in it radiate out from your energy fields.  Together we are empowering the transition into the Golden Age of your Homecoming!  Namaste!"

Given through Susan Leland, March 29, 2011    

© Ashtar On The Road Publications 2011.  All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted. 


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