From Donald Newsom and Douglas Newsom (the twins), UPDATE - 11-23-2018

Greetings Beloved Family, Here is Don & Doug's Latest UPDATE!

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Bless you, Thank You!

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From Donald Newsom and Douglas Newsom (the twins),
UPDATE - 11-23-2018

To everyone, our beloved hosts, family, friends and BBS Radio listeners...

THANK YOU! Our family truly couldn't make it without your kindness, prayers
and love!

Two weeks has gone by since the California Camp Fire took our home, our
business, our vehicles and everything we've ever owned, collected, saved and
created as a family of seven! To say it has been difficult is an
understatement, and the realization of so much loss seems to become more
evident with each passing day. Through the years, our work was often
accomplished in very little time, because we had something in the past that
we could refer to, as a guide for all future work. We relied on this database
of knowledge. Donald and I were meticulous. We created reports on everything!
If we planted a tree, we'd have an excel file documenting its location, age,
cost, what it produced, it's species, how to care for it, etc... This is true
of almost everything we did! As you all know, we had backups for everything,
and redundancies for everything so we could overcome anything. We prided
ourselves in this fact, and endeavored to always find a way to make sure
nothing was ever lost, and under all circumstances, still accomplish our

Thanksgiving has now passed, and we haven't had much time to reach out and
update everyone (forgive us), as so much work needs to be accomplished, and
there is never enough time (it seems), but we want to THANK YOU ALL and WISH
YOU ALL, with infinite love, every possible blessing, and give thanks for
your prayers, friendship, wisdom and donations.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! We are blessed! And each day we realize how truly blessed
we are, to be alive, and to have such love, kindness and goodwill surrounding

Simple tasks like making a doctor's appointment, seeing an animal vet, going
to the mail, buying something to eat, etc... now takes a lot of time. We must
travel a long way to accomplish these tasks, and often, everyone and every
establishment is booked solid, out of supplies, or there is a very long
line... Given the magnitude of this catastrophe, it's understandable!

We are still trying to find a more permanent location to reside, but this has
proven more difficult than we surmised. Everything within a 90 minute drive
of Paradise is booked solid, all apartments, all home rentals and all bed and
breakfasts. We have been told that our insurance company will help to locate
a place on our behalf, however, after numerous assurances, and positive
statements that this would be accomplished, we still haven't heard a peep.
Once again this is understandable, albeit very inconvenient.

Currently we are staying in a small home, an air bnb located on a small
vineyard. We are also renting out a small building where we can set up our
computers and business. It is extremely expensive! Moreover, our home
mortgage payments, insurance, taxes, etc... on our incinerated home in
Paradise, CA must still be paid every month, even though there is no longer a
home or office to go back to... When you add this all up, and include our
monthly debt payments, the costs of food, clothing, gas, insurance, etc...
for seven people (the financial burden is awesome)...

Donald and I are ever hopeful, and we are maxing out our credit cards in
every direction to acquire all the computers and broadcasting equipment
necessary to be fully functional again. We are also asking for a grace period
on many debt payments, and trying to get a small business loan to help bring
down our monthly overhead. It is stressful, and sometimes feels impossible,
but we will make it work, no matter what, we will make it work! We do not
believe in failure! We will overcome these challenges, and WE WILL arise from
this situation MUCH STRONGER! Of that, have no doubt!

Good news! We have finally ordered ALL the equipment we need to be fully
operational! We expect to receive all the hardware and software within the
next 7 days.

Good news! We have our 24 hour station streams up and running for Station 1
and Station 2, which are now running around the clock and playing RERUNS of
prior Talk Shows, with music, commercials and BBS Radio promos playing in
between talk shows (AS BEFORE).

Good news! We have been working tirelessly to retrieve all the BBS Radio
promos, Station ID's, host commercials and indie music back from the ashes.
This will be accomplished within the next few days. Ultimately, all the data
on BBS Radio will be available! We have lost only a small portion of
information (maybe 2 or 3 percent missing, that we cannot obtain), which is a
miracle! And for that we are extremely thankful!

Donald and I (Douglas), and our family, Melissa, Kayleigh, Sean, John and
Thomas are forever in your debt! We have almost reached our goal of $25,000
in donations (almost $21,000 received), which is almost enough to purchase
all the equipment we need to be fully operational, although there is more
that is required, we can make it work, and over time, acquire the rest. In
many cases we have purchased slightly used and/or refurbished equipment,
which makes this all possible, given limited capital.

Our next objective is to get back to work as soon as humanly possible (within
a week to ten days). We are just waiting on equipment to arrive!

We humbly ask your forgiveness for the delays in getting back to full
operation, and we thank you all for keeping us in your hearts and minds, for
your continued support and donations, and for sticking with us through this
crisis! We are so very, very grateful!

PAYPAL link:

GOFUNDME link: [2]

From the bottom of our hearts, with so much love,

The BBS Radio family, Doug and Don, Melissa, John, Sean, Kayleigh and Thomas

the twins

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BBS Radio's co-founder's, Don & Doug Newsom Lost Their Home and all their broadcasting equipment in the blaze that consumed Paradise, CA. And thanks to many generous donations, they have risen from the ashes of paradise, not unlike a phoenix, and are back in business. Be that as it may they still had a great many losses, some of which they are still making up for. If you are feeling generous and want to send some more love their way in monetary form, click the link below to do so:

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