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Thursday, August 6, 2020


TARA: [Reading Rama’s report] “I called Tom the Ring Tailed Cat* about 11:00 this morning. [Go to http://2013rainbowroundtable.ning.com/page/rama-s-contacts for explanations of who Rama’s contacts are, and their code names]

He said to me, “Lord Rama, the news is a mixture of b.s., connected with the stories of how the Right is bringing ‘so-called order and democracy’ back to the United States—???

"Meanwhile, the Left is screaming ‘All Lives Matter,’ and I say, Lord Rama, if the truth is going to be told, about both parties having corruption and criminality that go to the sky, then we’ve got something to work with.

"Lebanon has fallen into corruption. Also, sanctions that the US has placed on Lebanon have led to their economy falling into the trash bin. We can say most other countries have come to the rescue. France sent two planes with all kinds of necessities and investigators and people on the ground to assist in many ways.

"Russia sent huge help, with food, medicine, water, rebuilding supplies, firefighters, first responders, doctors, nurses, trauma specialists.”

TARA: Blaze the Violet [Transmuting] Fire [of St Germain] is pretty much what he was saying!

Many, many countries in the world coming to address the issues of any country in the world—that’s progress! That’s a big change, if you haven’t noticed in the past!

Also, there’s been some rumors that were on the Veterans Today website. They were intimating that there was a nuclear bomb that Israel used in the situation, and that’s not correct, right, Rama?


RAMA: As far as I’ve been told, that is not correct.


TARA: They used some kind of technology to put this information—and pictures—up there.


RAMA: [Veterans Today Editor] Gordon Duff and the people at Veterans Today support Trump and Q-Anon, and Q-Anon is another conspiracy fiasco that’s tied in with the extreme Right and the lunatic fringe on the Right—Blaze the Violet Fire! I’ll keep it clean and leave it there!

I could go right over the edge with what I got to say about that, because how they are preaching hate and creating the division going on right now between the different communities, with false information, tied in with a tinge of truth—that blurs the energy, and kind of creates a place where the energy is not in a pure state, and we’re being asked to stay in that pure state.


TARA: Randy, we look forward to hearing more from you tomorrow [Saturday, about his experience flying from Thailand to Canada, and seeing five or six ships in the sky upon landing].

[To Rama] The day before yesterday—you got to talk to Lady Master Nada, didn’t you? Tuesday?

Lady Master Nada text messaged you from Lebanon late in the morning, and she said to you, “Lord Rama, there were two huge explosions in Beirut.”

She basically said there was nothing going on other than that.

Though there’s irresponsibility involved. I’ve heard two different dates—I’ve heard that those explosives have been sitting in that warehouse—ammonium nitrate-filled explosives, sitting there 13 years. Other people have said “only six years”—six or 13 years sitting around and not being checked on!


There’s a rumor that a worker was doing some welding and started a little fire by accident, and it got into the warehouse, and there you go! Put fire and ammonium nitrate together, and that’s what you get.


[There were] 2,700 tons of ammonium nitrate-filled explosives. Ram, you were told I believe on Tuesday, that there was something like 4,000 dead, at least.

They’re not reporting anything more than 100 dead, maybe a couple hundred more people buried under the rubble, and 4,000 injured. So when all of this is said and done, I would say, it’s already on it’s way to being the real 9/11 over there [in terms of misreporting of the number of dead].


We’re told under 3,000 people were killed at 9/11 Ground Zero, and it was over 90,000 people that were killed, and it all happened that day.


Is there anything else, Rama?


RAMA: Today I went and sat in the plasma field today and talked with Mr Fenn for a little bit, and mostly talked with the plasma field.

And what the energy said to me is, “We are in the Lion’s Gate window. Use discernment and caution at this time, because the dark ones have lost. Love them even more at this time.”

Because it is getting extremely hairy as journalists are in the crosshairs now—freedom of speech. Fascism—where to go with this story? With what’s going on with the SS and other folks across the expanse here.

The quantum field, the plasma field, was showing me these various images of circles and the spirals that are in every culture around this planet, that go back millions of years. They were showing me pictures of Stonehenge and something called Woodhenge which is in England.


Now we have another article, that there was a Woodhenge found in Portugal in the last day or two. Another one!


TARA: The Woodhenge, the original one, is big logs from very large, ancient trees, standing in a circle, then they have logs from ancient trees lying on top of the circle.


RAMA: What these are, are giant portals that different galactic beings used to open, and beings would come through or starships would come through, and they are all over the planet.

What the plasma field was showing me today, is how light, color, sound, vibration, frequency activates these portals, and this is part of the ancient teachings that got lost.

Graham Hancock and many others talk about this. Tom Kenyon, who talks to the Hathors, talks about this. With the sound frequencies, they open up the portals and the galactics come through.


I guess the reason this is coming up right now, is because these portals, in and of themselves, are speaking to us, and saying, “We are part of Gaia’s structure, as you are too, and we’re talking to you! It’s time to do the mission here, because all the kingdoms and all the queendoms are coming into focus, with all the beings coming out and saying, ‘We’re all part of this. It’s not just what you can see. There are many amongst us that are energy beings.’

“And they are showing up as the energies get higher and higher, and they take on form.”


As we are ready to see these beings, they show up. Because of the need of the hour, they are showing up nevertheless, because the mission is Priority One. If we want to live and Gaia wants to live, we gotta work together!


TARA: And more and more portals are going to show up.

The media is in collaboration with the wrong side of the fence, in general.


RAMA: That is part of the matrix that as I keep saying each week, is falling apart.

You can see it as just the absolute b.s. every single day of what’s going on with this and that, and who said what—Trump and Fauci and blah blah blah.

To answer your question, Randy, I didn’t know Trump had a bruise from an IV on his arm. I try not to look at too much of the weirdness on the internet. I got enough of my own! Dealing with all of these beings I talk to.

Just that in the sense, the media—Where is freedom of speech, when the SS can come with no-knock warrants and say, “Oh—you’re an enemy of the state,” and they’re doing that [to journalists] more and more.


TARA: [Reading] “The breadcrumbs dropping from the Manhattan DA's office are leading in the direction of a major financial fraud investigation into Donald Trump and his family business, Trump Org. The latest clue stems from New York Times reporting that New York prosecutors issued a subpoena last year to Deutsche Bank, Trump's go-to lender ever since the late '90s . . .”

[For full article, go to: https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2020/8/5/1966924/-Manhattan-DA-sub...]


RAMA: This story gets deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole, and I need Morpheus to explain this stuff!


TARA: “The bank reportedly offered up detailed financial records over a series of months last year. That means that Manhattan DA, Cyrus Vance, already has the records in all their glory, and all the clues they might provide on what to dig for in a criminal probe.

The DA’s probe of Trump was originally thought to be more narrowly focused on the hush money payments—Trump’s attempts to silence two women with whom he’d had affairs . . . “


RAMA: I’ll just interject here—this story goes a lot deeper, and I’ll bring a name up—the [Washington] DC Madam. And this story encompasses all of Washington for decades.

Jeffrey Epstein’s island, by the way—Joe Biden has an island right next door to Epstein’s. I don’t know what to say about this, other than, it’s time to clean house.

We start over, like the Grandmother and the sacred elders are talking about. Circles of holy elders that come from the stars, and the Wise Councils of elders who are the Ascended Masters here on the planet will make themselves known.

They already are, like Dr Greer has talked about—when the signal is given—and like M T Keshe has talked about—when the guns don’t work [anymore], and we have dialogue, conversation, then folks will be showing up to pass the talking stick to more than just me and my beloved here.

I keep being told, “Set a plate for Elijah!” and I’m not just talking empty air. These beings show up as the coast is clear, and you get the message direct! And Lord Maitreya is on the planet!


TARA: What we’re coming toward now, and what we must remember, is that this is not about Pres. Trump.


RAMA: No. This is about this planet, and Ascending along with her.


TARA: And it’s been going on since the time of Yesu—Jesus. In other words, the Vatican and their pyramid power people—this is our sisters and brothers who decided to go a little wayward on the path.


RAMA: Not all of them were bad. I would say, they made choices, and because this is a polar Universe, the idea of negative and positive is just a concept. Like positive/negative poles on a battery. It is about intentions and the energies. If you use energies out of their time-space continuum, that’s when it becomes evil.


TARA: And the good news, is that out of 20-some elections in different states, [there were] 15 winners for the Democrats, and they were all Native American!!

Caroline: Do you know what states these were? Probably, out West or in the Midwest.

TARA: I know one of them was in Kansas. There was about three or four of them. I mean, Kansas! Middle America! Woo-hoo!

Chris Hedges had a discussion with a Canadian philosopher [and author John Ralston Saul—about his book, The Unconscious Civilization.]

[Reading] “It could be argued that we are in the midst of a coup d’état. None of us has chosen this for our society, though our elites quite happily go down it . . . “

[Chris: “This book gave me the vocabulary to understand that corporate coup d’état. How it was carried out and how it expressed itself in our society. In 1995, writing something like that felt really risky, because I was essentially saying, ‘You know, Mussolini essential won the Second World War. It was his proposal—corporatism.’ ”] 

[Vinayak asks for more information regarding how the Faction Three White Knights were first formed, and what their mission is]

RAMA: What I can say, [regarding] what is the mission of the Faction Three White Knights—they are part of the Forces of Light, along with the other galactic forces that are part of the Ashtar Command, and this involves the Ascended Masters, and different galactic beings that I keep talking about, that are connected with the Wise Councils of Elders.

Dr Greer knows about this. He may or may not be at liberty to talk about it, because it’s about raising our consciousness to the level of connecting with these beings. Yet right at this time, the Faction Three White Knights—

TARA: Tell them where the White Knights started this. The White Knights go back to [the middle ages in] Europe. They go back to the Knights Templar in Europe.

RAMA: And there’s a controversy about the Knights Templar as well.

TARA: Well, the thing about the Knights Templar, is that at the time, women had nothing [that they were allowed] to say. Only men could be part of the Knights Templar.

Yet in the Inquisition, the Vatican stepped in. The Vatican’s just another name for Rome. So it goes all the way back to the time of Jesus. He was declared a traitor [religious heretic].

The White Knights came over here as escapees during the Spanish Inquisition. They went to California primarily. They went underground, and they started brainstorming, “What can we do to form a coalition to go up against what they [the pyramid power structure] have already been planning, to completely own the world and make it a completely white supremacist world?”

Which [the white race] was an experiment. There weren’t ever any white people [that developed naturally as a race], ever.


RAMA: This is a deeper story about the Fallen Angels, and what happened 13,000 years ago, and 25,826 years ago. And how all the various ancient civilizations are part of this whole story, where we fit in as well, in the context of how our 12 strands of DNA got reduced down to two, and we lost a lot of the memory from the Akashic Records, and now it’s all coming back.


TARA: It had to do with advancing technology. Advancing and stealing, after taking the Roswell Incident, for instance—taking that ship. They took that starship out of the sky and captured one of the starship people.

In the story of ET—Spielberg’s movie, ET—that was in 1981, 1982.

What happened in 1981 / 1982—Ronald Reagan was only in office for a month, and then he was killed and cloned, and basically Bush Sr. took over. And Bush Sr. and the Clintons, they had talking stick, and they’ve never given up the talking stick. Even though Bush Sr’s not here anymore, it’s the New World Order vs. the people.

So yes, we have free will choice. And the Faction Three White Knights—King of Swords [Rama’s boss] has been doing this since the early Seventies. R&T have been doing that—anybody who’s alive and is old enough to do something like that, we’re doing it, if had any sense in their heads!


RAMA: If you had family that opposed the Vietnam War or went to war and saw the horrors of what we did to those people over there. The stories, the lies this government has told since the beginning—it has to do with the secret deals that had to do with the fallen Angels and the reptilians and the other not-so-nice ET races that want to own the planet, yet they don’t get to.


[Reading a question] “How can we prepare and benefit most from the Lion's Gate, and how can we all celebrate this opening of the portals, and the increased Light and Love on this planet?”

What I can say is, right now, focus on these energies pouring in, and do the meditations. Do the satna, the spiritual practices we’re being taught by all the different masters and beings coming in.

Like Dr Greer talks about, when we collectively come together through the meditations, we make a difference, and it’s making a difference right now whether the media are speaking about it or not, it is being felt in the quantum field, and it’s making a shift, right now!


RAMA: [Answering a question from caller about the Galactic Federation]

There are different divisions of the Galactic Federation / the Galactic Confederation, and that this comprises many different soul groups across this local galaxy and the 26 other galaxies that are involved in this Universe of Nebadon.


The Galactic Federation that Lorie Ladd speaks about—there are many different galactic members that I may or may not be familiar with that she speaks of. Everybody has a piece to share in the story, as we all collectively wake up to what happened 26,000 years ago, and 13,000 years ago.

As I recall it, there’s missing pieces to the jigsaw puzzle, and it’s becoming clearer and clearer to many of us. As more gets revealed, we are all going to find that Earth is a lot older than what we’ve been told.

The Galactic Confederation of Worlds—they’ve been around forever. We’ve all been around forever, and we’re just getting started, in the sense that we can only go up from here.


As we are all immortal, this story, the adventure, is just beginning!


TARA: Recognizing that we are immortal, and what we can do to make sure the body is cared for  in a proper way has been a bit challenging, considering all the propaganda out there!


RAMA: The stories and legends about past civilizations on this planet that are just so fantastic, about how people use the Akashic Records, and the 12-strand DNA, and how we could walk on water, and fly, and with our consciousness, go to different planets, whether we chose to go in a ship or not—all this is absolutely real, right now.

CALLER: [To Rama] You had talked about taking a ride on some of these ships, and we’re getting a message, many of us, that in or sleep many of us are also on the ships. In my case, I don’t remember that during my sleep time.

However I’ve been blessed to have millions of ships visit me in the evening time, physically watching them. But sometimes you’ve talked about going on Mother Sekhmet’s ship.

I’m just wondering, can you share with us what that’s like? Where do you go to do that? Does the ship land right in front of you?


RAMA: How that works for me, is that when I get beamed up, I go into the shuttle bay like on Ashtar’s mother ship, the New Jerusalem, only I first start out spinning the crystals on a hillside, to call the ships in. Sometimes that takes hours, sometimes it doesn’t take too long.

TARA: Mostly when it’s overcast, and you’re in a place where there’s nobody else wondering what you’re doing, that’s not ready for that!


RAMA: Yeah. When I get beamed up to Mother’s ship, I first get beamed up to the shuttle craft bay, then I take something like an elevator that on Star Trek they call the turbo lift, and then I go up to the bridge.


TARA: You’re not in 3D anymore.


RAMA: No, you’re in 5D. As you stand in the beam and you get beamed up, your Lightbody merges with the physical, and you take on the Lightbody as you’re entering the shuttle bay.

As you’re standing in the beam, it gets very, very, very cold. And I mean, cold to the point where it feels like you’re in a walk-in freezer! I’m not sure what that’s about, except the energies of the beam—it’s just extremely cold!


And you can take the turbo lift to various decks on the ship. There are 12 levels, like Ashtar’s mother ship, on Mother Sekhmet’s ship.


TARA: On Lady Master Athena’s ship too. All of these ships, Kuthumi’s ships—they’re all about 5,000 miles in diameter. They’re huge!


RAMA: There are forests, and lakes and trees, and arboretums and council chambers. Like in the shuttle bay. As far as the eye can see, you can see shuttle crafts sitting on little pads, and I mean, thousands, if not more.

It’s like a scene out of Star Trek or Star Wars. I hope that answers it!

There are medical centers on these crafts. There are sick bays, or healing bays, whatever you want to call them.


TARA: They create new plants, new species. And they’re dealing with multiples of planets and star systems, and there is a consciousness that it all works together for what all life requires. We’re not a small piece. We’re all One, and we’re equal.

We might think we’re lesser than, but then we just take a smaller piece of the pie. It doesn’t mean we can’t take it on. That’s the meaning of “As the student is ready, the teacher arrives.”

“Ask and you shall receive, knock and the door shall be opened, seek and you shall find“—that is critical, to those who are watching over us, to be able to come in further and to respond and interact with us.


So we’re having these conversations—that’s why we do this. We might be speaking to many beings where we might not know who we’re talking to, but we’re talking to that which is another ourselves.

CALLER: Do you feel that many of us are visiting the ships during sleep time?

CAROLINE: In other words, in our etheric bodies.

CALLER: I don’t know in what body. I know that when I sleep, in a minute, I’m gone. It feels like there’s a lot going on at night. Today listening to Lorie Ladd, she said, “Most of us are visiting the ships during our sleep time.” So I wondered if Rama and Tara have insight about that. I feel like it’s exercise or preparation for perhaps soon, many of us will be stepping onto the ships.


RAMA: Yes, we go up on the ships almost every night, into the integration chambers, the healing chambers, the ashram for study. The various healing centers around the planet, the inner retreats that are here on the planet that the Ascended Masters have.


A place I go to often, is St Germain’s inner retreat in the Grand Tetons, and I sit in the electronic chair there and get a “zap” or two. It’s not an electric chair! But you could say, but it is in a sense, the Ascension frequencies.


TARA: There’s a place on the back side of those three mountains—there are three peaks in the Grand Tetons, and they’re very tall. And there’s a river called the Green Tara River.

One New Year’s, a group of us rented a place there, and we sat right at the spot where below us was the Grand Teton inner retreat of St Germain. The inner retreat—the entrance is like a gothic archway.


RAMA: And it’s made entirely of amethyst crystals.

TARA: On the inside, it’s solid emeralds on all the walls. You’re getting the vibration of that kind of crystalline energy


RAMA: Amethysts and emeralds.

TARA: That electronic chair—explain that a little more—

RAMA: That is Osiris’s Ascension chair, is what it’s called. Solid gold.


TARA: And it’s right in the space of that space with the emeralds on the walls.


RAMA: it looks very similar to the chair Osiris sat in, in ancient Egypt.


TARA: You knew what that was, when you were there.

Anybody is welcome to go there. Do you want to explain an experience you might have had there?


RAMA: In the meditations we’ve done with Cheryl [Croci] on the Monday and Sunday night calls, I’ve gone there, and I’ve merged with the crystals where I just became part of the wall, and I’ve merged with the amethysts and the emerald crystals, and experienced being filled with that energy. Being in that oneness—not sure how to describe it in any other way!


I’ve known about these magical places all around the planet since the Sixties when George Van Tassel was having his meetings at Giant Rock with many other channels at the time. We all knew about these portals and entrances yet it as a challenge to get there without the Men In Black giving you a hard time—our present SS.

Because when you call the ships in, that activity sends a resonance in frequencies out, and the dark ones get alerted as well, so Blaze the Violet Fire.


TARA: It requires that you remain in unconditional Divine Neutrality.

As our brother John Lewis showed us, you “speak Truth to power” nonviolently. We are watching that happening. The people [in demonstrations] remaining nonviolent. There are provocateurs that the dark side is using to tempt the people to get rowdy. But I must say that Unconditional Divine Neutrality seems to be happening.


I would say, you could notice that yourself, right, Stanley? It’s amazing!


VINAYAK: Rama, will the goddess energy be stronger with the energies of Lion’s Gate occurring this week?


RAMA: Overall, what’s happening right now on the planet, is that in no uncertain terms, the patriarchy has been given notice. “You get in the back seat, and you get in the back seat NOW! You’re done. The goddess is here!”

That’s the way the Black Madonna is saying it, and she’s coming forward right now. Because this is the true energy that needs to be brought forward.

It wasn’t the frail white lady named Mother Mary. It was the Black goddess named Inanna or Isis. They took that power from her—that has to do with the Annunaki, or the other name for them—the Aseer.


This had to do with different factions fighting with one another for the power of the goddess.


TARA: That doesn’t make sense—to fight for the power of the goddesses! That’s like—duh!


RAMA: I know! I hope that answers the question.

CAROLINE: Rama, when you were in the Grand Tetons in the inner retreat—was that Inner Earth?

RAMA: I could say that there are entrances that go to Inner Earth, but these are called inner retreats—there are energy vortexes on the planet, and in The Keys of Enoch, there’s a map that shows all these energy vortexes all over the planet.


TARA: That is a very, very powerful book! We have even moved beyond what was written by J J Hurtak. He was in contact with Lord Metatron, so that book has plenty to say.


Everybody on this planet is moving with these higher frequencies coming in. it’s just that it needs a bit of nurturing, and what we do together here really helps, that we nurture each other with the wisdom we do together, and use our meditative experiences and our prayer work.


Sometimes you just think you know what you’re talking about, and all of a sudden, you’re winging it because something else came into the scene.

Every 2nd and 4th Wednesday [of each month], Cheryl [actually, Caroline Oceana Ryan] has an Abundance Call.

It is so helpful right now. The fear and fascination with the dark side—it’s getting replaced by people saying, “I’m not listening to that anymore. I’m getting together with people who have spiritual values, and we’re doing good things on the planet, in spite of these dark ones.

Rama’s been telling us so many times, for the last 3 or 4 months now, that they’ve already lost. So the illusion of them wining is just that—an illusion.

CAROLINE: We have a caller on Line 3—I just want to say, if anybody wants to know about the Abundance Group Calls, they’re free and open to everyone. We do a lot of activations for Abundance. Just go to CarolineOceanaRyan.com and go to the Abundance Group page.

So Diana on Line 1—go ahead, caller.

CALLER: The NY AG has filed a lawsuit against the NRA< and they believe this will dismantle the entire organization!

TARA: I did hear that, and thank you for bringing it up, and [NRA president] Mr [Wayne] LaPierre is in trouble up to his third eye!

CALLER: I thought that was a big headline!

RAMA: It is! I can tell you, it’s time for the NRA to be dissolved. We need to put away the collective PTSD that’s gone on for so many eons, about harming each other because we’re “different.”

TARA: Thank you, Diana. I invite everybody to join here, because the power is invested in the power of the We!

We didn’t say a whole lot about what the White Knights do, yet Rama’s been in contact [with the Faction Three White Knights] since 1980, and I’ve been in contact since 1986, and Rama & Tara didn’t meet each other till 1991.

So Spirit has a funny way of working, where we’re doing similar things before we meet, at the proper time. Padme, you’re on the air!


PADME: [Caller] You were talking about the Knights Templar, when they left Spain. Can you talk more about the Faction Three White Knights? A lot of them are normal people, and a lot are galactic. And you’ve talked about how there are fatalities. How they’re not invincible, and they put themselves out there and risk a lot to do things for us.


TARA: Faction Three White Knights are a combination. There’s a group that’s called “the sovereign militia forces” and they’re participating at the 38th level above the [US] president.

There’s an organization there called the ACIO—the Alien Contact Intelligence Organization, and it’s a combination of beings from here as well as from around the galaxy—part of the Ashtar Command. So that’s galactic / human intervention combined. It’s required that both exist.


And the ratio in the sovereign world militia forces—there are 16 million galactics and 4 million Earth-born humans. One-quarter of them are us, on the ground, and the rest are galactics. The casualties among those who came in with physical bodies have been more than a few.

An example is John Lewis—he was definitely a Faction Three White Knight.


RAMA: Howard Zinn.


TARA: Howard Zinn. They took him out. Robin Williams. They took him out. These are all Faction Three White Knights.


RAMA: Whitney Houston!


TARA: Whitney Houston. They took her out, absolutely.


The term Faction Three White Knights means that you know the Truth and you know that the only thing that’s going to set you free is living the truth that you came in to be in touch with and be all that you can be.

The difference between Faction One, Two, and Three, the White Knights—Vinayak’s asking the question—Faction One is the dark side.


RAMA: The Bush-Clinton Crime family.

TARA: Both galactic and human. We talk about that pyramid structure. [Comments later] Faction Two is the military.

RAMA: This has to do with this thing that happened—there is this man on Gaia, Mattias De Stefano, who describes what happened in the beginning, when the different galactic beings first came here, and we started creating civilization and Beings of Light.


There were differences amongst the different groups. This happened due to varying degrees of our vibrations and frequencies. It also had to do with the fallen Angels misqualifying and twisting the energies, along with installing the matrix at the time, to have us separate our hearts from our higher consciousness.


TARA: On this Dark Side story, today there was a big fire at the Brussels World Trade organization. I don’t think that was an accident.


RAMA: I think they are trying to burn their bridges behind them.

TARA: They know it’s over, in other words!

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