When the forces of Eleven become fully activated on earth, they have
the power to change history in the making. Within the number and
sequences of Eleven (29, 47, 38, 92, 83, 74, 56, 65) lives all
answers and questions. Eleven teaches us every problem is a divine
opportunity to learn. It shows us how to see beyond what is everyday
and boring. It try's and tests our faith and our belief. It forces
us to listen to that small still quiet voice within the silent
witness. It reminds us we are not victims but victors and are all
vast beings who have come to earth to help with the ascension
process starting with ourselves. It asks you to finally locate the
light within and share it with all. Eleven is our Best Friend and

11:11 is a number activation sequence. Each time that you see 11,
111 or 1111 on a clock it represents that you are being given an
opportunity to walk into a Gateway of Manifestation. The universe
has just taken a snapshot of your thoughts, which are then
manifesting physically in record speed. The time period from
November 11, to January 11 is considered to be the HOLY TRINITY
months the 23 faces of Eve and Atom. All in All it is a divine
decree and opportunity issued to all of earth to Wake-up, and become
your true light.

Eleven is also the number of masters. 11:11 is an encoded molecular
structure of Remembrance, activating the Master of Light we have
always been. This is the Biological Ascension, and 11:11 is the
Ascension Doorway. The Light of Ascension comes in many forms and on
many levels. It comes not always in one day, or one moment. For we
Ascend and descend continually word by word, thought by thought.
Ascension is birthed from every breath, every thought, every word,
every day.

Hathors speak
by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
Telephonically, you sit at a longitude and latitude that requests
the presence of the higher levels of your own light. Your soul
broadcasts beyond the boundaries that you see and that you seek. It
sings in a universal note that cannot be understood or deciphered by
the human ear or the human consciousness.

The next levels of attunement and at-one-ment that you seek lives
within at the solar crossings of your light and your humanness.
Creating a four-cornered aspect. For eons humans have thought of
themselves as body, mind, and spirit. But now the spirit takes on a
new octave of transference and transformation. Your humanness
stands divided. Your mind stands divided. And your spirit stands
divided. Not separated but multiplied times two. Everything is as
an ameba that separates itself coming into more of its true

The energies of the 11:11 grand entrance and portal of self, is
accentuated by the sounds that your body makes. Use the silent
sounds within your own internal universe. Allow the pulsing of your
blood to be heard as your own music, the beat of your heart, the
sound of your breath as the wind enters you and circulates as a wind
that enters a cave and sings about its experience. Even the cracking
of your knees and your bones gives to you the sound of life, as the
humanness in all its frailties and vulnerabilities awakens.

Humanly you expand, mentally you expand, and spiritually it has
already begun. You will find that there are many new avenues to
experience these tri-verifications of what was once polarity and
duality. There is no longer just the white tiles or the black
tiles, but there is the gray area that you enter. the gray says that
I will sit here and rest as I decide about right and wrong, dark and
light, good and bad. The gray area is neutral, free of comment.
You will use it to decipher all the encoding and the secrets that
live within your hearing range.

You exist multi-dimensionality. You know this. You pay lip service
to this knowing. You pay your bills on earth, but do you pay them in
heaven as well? All of your actions of earth are as a
centerpiece. You are an intersection for all dimensional fluxes that
you exist upon. All of your choices here on earth also influence
the outcomes of all other stellar experiences. Everything that you
send out bounces back to your earthly presence. All avenues of time
and space deliver you messages, incoming and out going.

you are becoming a deciding factor in these other levels of your
light. For so long human beings have frowned upon their very
humanness not seeing it as divine. They have frowned about what
seems in-just and unjust, and have seen themselves as victims of the
universe. As you become the portal that you so seek, as you become
the gateway of light your understandings will change in
accordance with how you intercept what comes forth to you
telepathically, clairvoyantly, and physically.

You have been told since time began that ye are Gods. That earth is
a place of Gods, a Mecca of Gods. A place where those of the
grandest intention and the grandest abilities meet to play to and
act out with one another. As you stand in this creational portal
and you become more aware of every cell of your being, you will
become 100% responsible for your creations and all of their tales.
There is be no more excuses. There is no more victims.

The next 6 years brings you to the final phase of what is to
transpire. Everything that you do influences the outcome. Every
negative thought that you have about yourself, about others, your
neighbors shifts the scale into more denseness that is destined to
be destroyed or more light that is destined to be berthed.

Every positive thought that you have concerning the outcome of
humanities choices, the outcome of a love, or taking a chance,
shifts in accordance with your interpretation of events. No longer
are you at the mercy of others. All of life sits and awaits your
actions, your thoughts, and your interpretation of what events
represent. In all the mind fields of human understanding do not
exploit and explode what is of dark as it presents itself. Bless
all that seems dark within self and life until it screams for mercy.

These doorways are continually expanding and contracting in
accordance with humanity. As one who stands teasing electronic
doors, should you enter or should you exit, you no longer have the
luxury of playing with those automatic doors of expansion and
contraction for all movement forward is literally taken as such and
agreed upon by your quantum particles/molecules. All movement
backward is taken verbatim as truth. The theory that you move three
steps forward and two steps backward will not hold up in the new
light of the new day, as you become the gateway that you enter. It
is time for you to enter all that you have held secret and sacred
within yourselves. Everything that you seek lives within the
cellular /stellar memory.

From this point forward as you walk toward the 11:11 on November
11th of 2006, you will walk fully into who you are. You will find
the peace that you seek. You will find the love that you seek. You
will find the truth that you seek. There is no turning away and
running. There is only a movement forward through you into the
universal you. Your every word, your every thought, your every
intention is received as a truth. Will you enter? Or will you
exit? What is hidden reveals itself as a scroll that is rolled out
to be read in a language that is not understood by the intellect.
The awakening comes. Are you ready?

We are the Hathors. We are living light held within sound. Within
your words, within your music, within your voice is living light.
You are the Language of Light that you so seek to speak. It is
laced within every word that you speak. The geometry's of your words
is felt above all other actions. Action always needs to be taken,
but realize that intentions are there even before you can take one
step. with that knowledge, intend sacredly. Intend honorably.
Intend in Love. We leave.

by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
The sacredness that you are, the sacredness that you seek, the
sacredness that you yearn for, comes forth to you in the upcoming
times as you breathe in the possibilities of your evolution and your
un-birthed tomorrow's. On the autumn air comes an issuance of
decrees and knowledge that has been hidden and awaits your arrival.
It exposes itself surmounting the borders of non-disclosure,
entering you through the air, your breath, and your intention.

You each hold and house records of what has come, records of what
will come, and records that forever exist through space and time
documenting what has been. You hold within you ancient truths that
did not work, and ancient truths that succeeded. These escaped
ancient truths are a platform, a base, and a Voice. Decree what it
is that you seek, what it is that you desire, and bypass the chaos
of manifestation.

The world is not haphazardly created by outside energies. Each one
of your prayers does not leave the auric energetic field of your
Mother Earth, but ricochets off of her energy body and lands upon a
place that announces a wish fulfilled, a dream imagined, a problem
solved, a success assured. Your prayers do not leave the
surface/environment of the earth. They are not sent via cosmic mail
delivery to a god that checks his prayer email.

Earth herself has the quantified ability to manifest for and with
humanity. These thoughts that run in your minds, hearts, and in
your everyday existences are asking for solutions, not from a
government, not from a board or a committee, not from a book or a
dialog with a wise one, but from you. You house and host the
truths, the wisdom's, and the solutions to all thoughts and problems
within your sphere of existence. Everything that is issued to you
in thought, in action, or in decree can be solved by you in thought,
in action, in decree!

When you ponder injustices, you awaken a cellular vibration and
knowledge of every time throughout existence that that injustice
existed. At that point of awakening you can strengthen or dilute
the injustices by your thoughts. Your woes, your wants, and your non-
solutions can command the elements into disaster. Or you can embrace
your inherent power by using your breath, your intent, and your
manifestation ability to assist in the solution of the problem.

You inherently hold all questions, all answers simultaneously. In
this upcoming experience of humanness, when you have a thought that
involves or revolves around a person's decisions, a place, or
disease, or injustice – your biological essence is asking you to add
your thoughts of completion to it. It is crucial to add your
thoughts in a positive element to the outcome, not to hold on to the
negativity and the injustices or ask why on any level (body, mind,
and spirit) that the problem is not solved.

Each time your thinking goes forth to the place of "why something is
not acknowledged," then you to become a team player in alignment
with the problem not the solution. Your destiny is to be part of
the liquid solution of all things that you seek. Everything that is
addresses by you is addressed by you because you are part of the
solution. It does not matter if it is personal, planetary, or
private. You have a deciding energetic vote. You have the deciding
X-factor. You have the deciding quantum that will shift the
situation from problem to solution. Do you see how much power is
involved in this knowledge?

Do you understand that with each thought throughout your day, you
are influencing the outcome of humanity, of earth, of this Universe
that you exist in. You think that you do not make a difference but
you do. Every thought you have is a deciding vote. Every desire you
have to make right, to do good, is a deciding vote in favor of
illumination, ascension, and evolution.

Look at your day. Look at your thoughts. Look at your actions and
then visulize, how many matchsticks pile up as problems and how
many matchsticks pile up as solutions. Everyday work on that until
that problem pile no longer exists and there is nothing but a grand
mountain of solutions. When someone gives you a problem as a gift,
say "Thank you. know that you have a solution. know that you
have an answer.

Will your dreams live or will they die? You decide. Will the earth
live or shall she pass into star dust. You decide. Will disease be
conquered You decide. Vote from your heart. Make a difference
from heart. Decree from heart. Hold the focus on what you want to
see. You are the deciding celestial vote in everything that you
wonder about.

We are the Sananda Council of Light and we will speak more in the
future. Open your eyes to your gifts. We leave you in love and in

A PORTAL OF LOVE in the Pleiades
by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
We have always existed as light. We can be nothing but the
_expression of light. We herald from the suns behind the suns, the
light behind the light. We are your reflection as we are your
beginning. We are all that has ever existed and all that has been
birthed into form throughout time. And thus we are one with you as
we are one with all. You may recognize our essence as the sun, the
star, and the star field known as Alcyone a beacon within the
Pleiadian Star System.

We are referred to throughout text as the Great Central Sun, as the
Great Beings of Light that escorted humanity into an echelon and a
ladder of genetic difference. We come forth on this day to reflect
to you portions of yourself that have been hidden within your own
human shadow. We come to reflect to you the trueness of your beauty
and of your abilities that you see not as you are caught up in the
whirlwind of healing, of fixing, of deleting, of letting go, of

You each represent a universe, a universe with amnesia that has
forgotten who it is. Your body houses trillions of galaxies and
constellations that represent all of the livingness that you have
incarnated as. Your earth is a host to all of these millions of
universes that expedite themselves into fullness of being and
fullness of remembrance. There is not a mere meek mortal within all
of earth's structure. As in all existence there are black holes,
white holes and blue holes. There are red giants, brown dwarfs.
There are hot stars; there are cool stars.

You are galactic beings of unimagined proportion. It is time to tie
up the loose ends and cut away the frills of being stationary and
inept in your so-called humanness. The light that comes forth
emanating and radiating is from the star Alcyone. This star shone
brightly in Atlantis, in Lemuria, and in Ancient Egypt. It was the
light that was worshipped by the Mayans. The Anastazi and Sumerians
alike knew its warmth. It has been known and experienced throughout
civilizations and beings that go beyond your records of time and

The earth is ready to receive its stellar pulsation's once again.
Alcyone reaches down and gently gathers you. It gathers every iota
of you that is fractured and it COMPLETES it. It gathers stretched
DNA that is thin and frail and it makes it strong and vibrant. It
gathers cells of sadness and it brings them joy. It gathers all
parts of you into a point that can begin creation. It is a portal
of love.

this energy comes and escorts you into more than you ever thought
possible. secede from the union of all that you have known to be
limitations and become a sovereign nation of light unto yourselves.
No longer can you wait on, your family, your town, or your
government to become unified. You are a complete entity onto your
self. You are a complete unified field of light onto your self.
There is nothing that is fractured or broken within your existence
except, as you perceive it to be. You must step back from the pain
and the isolation and look fully at who and what you represent.

You are each here as Emissaries of Light, as Ambassadors of the
Creator. You are not here to putt about, to grow frail and old and
diseased. You are here to grasp completion and see in totality –
why you have existed at all. You are not here to be in pain, to be
unloved, to be abused, or to be poor – for all of that is beneath
you – thousands of levels beneath you.

It is through this earthly particle acceleration and unified field
of light that you are birthed into totality. There is nothing that
you cannot accomplish. There is nothing that you cannot create.
There is nothing that you cannot heal. You effect and affect
everything and everything in your world.

You are beings that have forgotten their value and vastness of light
and purpose. If you are to save this world, you must begin with
self. You are not a victim to anything and to anyone unless you
decide it is so. There is nothing that can harm you, there is
nothing that can destroy you, there is nothing that can take from
you – for you are the center of the universe in human form. You
have forgotten the totality of your being.

Ask everyday to be infused with the remembrance of 'who' in truth
you are. Allow yourself to become that component of light that has
existed through all space and time. You are a grand light that
cannot be destroyed, cannot be lost. Wake up to who you are. You
are the beginning and the end. You are the alpha and omega. You
cannot exist any other way except in fullness of your light.

Speak as a God. Think as a God. Become as a God. Do not allow the
distractions of your day, your body, and your thoughts to own you.
Step outside of the body and observe it as a vehicle that you
instruct, a vehicle that transports you through space and time and
documents experience.

When you have a thought of someone who has passed into spirit, you
are with them. When you hold a thought of disease, you start to
become it. When you have a thought of limitation, you are gifted
it. Where your thoughts are is where you dwell, it is your
creational address. This address then becomes your quantified
universe and defined field of light. Redefine who you are to
yourself and then it will follow as the day follows the night that
you will be re-defined in every cell of your body, and level of your

You are the center of the universe. Do not take that lightly. For
wherever you stand in your thinking, in your self, in your
awareness ripples out through all existence. It affects your past
and present and your future, for all is connected to every thought
of the Present.

Stop whining in your humanness and see how grand you are, for you
are greater than all that has ever been created. You are the light
that calls to its self. Awaken from sleep and amnesia and see the
Grandness of your Being. Do not be humbled by your own light, for
it is grander than any expression of humanness' can conceive.
That is your Divine Right and your Divine Inheritance. All things
belong onto you. And so it shall be THE STAR COUNCIL OF ELDERS FROM

The Elohim Speak
by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
I am HE that dwells in the House of the Lord. I am He that dwells
in-between space and time. I am He that glides upon the emanations
of the past, the present, the future. I am He that is faster then
the speed of light, deeper then the speed of sound. I am Elohim, as
I am you. I come to bring you into awareness of the aspects of
yourself that you have pushed away throughout time and space.

In this corridor that you now entrance into, there is a conjunction
of every aspect of yourself that has been never been embraced. All
of the doings and the un-doings of this life experience that has
pushed itself into the cellar of your consciouness. Every part of
your stellar countenance that you still have not acknowledged, and
every alien-based incarnation that you are still fearful of. They
all come together at the summit of your human-ness, meeting at the
entrance and the exit, the rip tide, the flow and the ebb of your
being-ness. Adjoining and conjoining together to awaken the sleeping
dormant giant and dragon within you.

It is beyond time for you to stand in the very center circle of
every experience that you have known and unknown, and walk forward
once and for all to meet them. They represent what you once were.
In order for you to move forward into totality, into placement of
light – you must fully integrate every aspect that you have not
acknowledged, every anger that you have sequestered away. Every
toxic thought throughout existence now takes form and taunts you
into submission.

All levels of the past escort the self of the Now into a doorway, a
doorway that opens to the 11th level of your light. You stand at
the 11th hour of your humanness. Barren and exposed before the
clock strikes twelve.

Each time that you have poisoned yourself by thoughts or actions –
you were trying to kill off the debris that clung to you, that
haunted you, that chased you in the night. As you give up the toxin
thoughts, one by one these energies, these angers are exhumed and
brought to the surface. You can not push them away. You cannot
kill them. You cannot wish them away. You cannot scoot them under
your denial.

The Hall of Mirrors that you stand within as you enter this next
level of light is one that has brought many a warrior to their
knees. They have dissolved in fear and quaked in panic. You will
be tempted to kill the PAST toxic emotional thoughts with all any
substances that will help you forget. Anything that anesthetizes
them and keeps them dormant. It is at this point of intersection
and retrieval that you must learn true unconditional love – from a
Master of Light standpoint. Look lovingly at all that you have been,
all that you once were. See every level of your human reflection.

All that you have ever called upon throughout all time and space
gathers to once again invite you through a gauntlet of wisdom.
Asking you not to give in to fear, temptation, or anger. You are
asked to love these elements that try and stop you from becoming.
It is this portal of love that you have cried for, that you have
prayed for, that you have begged for. It is not an easy entrance.
It is as traveling through a black hole falling, falling, falling in
order to find one's true self. This is the Trans-portal that you
enter. A portal that will take you beyond space and time completely
into other levels of self.

You enter into what is considered to be a blue hole where entire
levels of consciousness are transformed and transferred into the
next level of their journey. There is a completion as well as an un-
doing. There is a movement forward and there is a sliding
backward. There is a great dark and there is a great light. For
you gain entrance into all that God explains itself to be. Every
shade of gray, every shade of white, and every shade of dark. This
experience is not something to punish you; it is something that you
have signed up to experience as a soul it is a completion. After
this encounter is deemed completed, you will no longer have the
fractures, and the broken soul pieces, that limit you.

by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
As you move into the event horizon of becoming a constellation,
becoming a star, or becoming a sun you will exceed past the
expectation you have in this minute of time. You see yourselves as
meek and mild and incomplete. But we see you as seeds of galaxies
to come, of stars yet unborn, and of constellations yet seen. You
are vast beyond your ability to measure. You are vast beyond your
ability to remember. And you are vast beyond your ability to see.
See yourself as a nebula, a star nursery. See within that nursery,
the seed of your future; because you live there. You are not a
twinkle in some man's eye or some women's body; but you are a
twinkle in God. You are not just a human ascending, but you are
stars and galaxies and universes in training. You have not crawled
from the primordial sludge of the earth; you have come from the
beginning-ness of all. It is there that you search for your mirror

You are the event that you seek. Do not allow the instructions of
others to tell you when to birth your star hood, when to birth your
galactic event, and when to ascend. For you have each beaten a path
forward in time beyond the mast consciousness, beyond the mass
understanding. You streak as a falling star towards what your heart
yearns for. Do not stop and wait for the masses to catch up –you
will grow old waiting.

Each individual marches to a different drum. you will be instructed
in the nuances of receiving. For receiving does not mean receiving
a gift, a compliment, a penny, a found dollar, a meal; but
receiving is everything that gives to you. The leaves that fall
from the tree in the autumn receive the freedom that they give to
you, the letting go, the color, and the golden-ness of their being.
Receive from the wind, receive from the night, and receive from the
sky. As your time blooms, receive the bud that each new leaf gives
you; each new bud, a bud of hope, a hope of a new spring, of a new
chance, of a new doorway. Humans think that they can receive
because they hold their hand out, but you have learned to receive
much more from the land and the earth and the sky and the water.
Many of you have taken for granted the bounty that sits around you
and amongst you. You have taken for granted the friendships, the
love; the light that you all share as one.

As you come together, you create such a bountiful portal where
anything can be accomplished. Realize that in coming together you
form a portal. With that portal you open a doorway of opportunity.
For there is greatness in numbers. You are given opportunity after
opportunity to shift, to change, to grow, to become more. Do not
forget to accept the gifts that life gives you.

The doorway to you resides within you. You can see that reflection
in each other's eyes, in each other's smiles. But ultimately you
walk through your own doorway into you, through you. Walk into that
portal of new. Everything of life asks you to receive it. Not just
money, not just love, not just new clothes or furniture but

Look at your world. Stretch your wings. Stretch your perimeters
for when you stretch yourself, you will truly appreciate who you
are, what you have, and where you live. You are the true
treasures. You are the true riches. And you are what you seek. At
this time, we leave

by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
Numbers and humans go hand in hand. From the beginning of time known
we have been defined by a numerical equation whether age, birth
date, weight, or the numbers of camels we have in out dowry, numbers
have always seemed to be our silent partners.

Nowadays when a child is born the fist thing they are given is a
number that will follow them for the rest of their lives until death
at which time they will be given a new number to define them. The
numbers on our clocks tell us when to go, when to stop when to drink
coffee, when to sleep. Numbers are as much a part of us as our

In 1991/1992 the number 11:11 was issued to humanity as an
activation number. Escorting us energetically into a new octave of
Solar Light. Creating a numerical signature that follows us to this
day. This past month we experienced the number of 8:8, which
allowed us to walk into ancient Egyptian/Atlantean memories. Thus
creating a doorway in which we could understand more of our innate

We look at the clocks on our microwaves, autos, and watches. Over
and over again we see 11:11, 12:12, 1:11 2:22 etc. We innately know
that these numerical digits are important but cannot seem to find
the data that will explain the phenomena. Our eyes feel the
frequency of completion as we enter into the remembering of each
optical mantra.

When you experience the numerical downloads whether MASTER NUMBERS
(all the same numbers) or PERSONAL CODES (seeing the same mixed
numbers over and over again) stop for one full minute, allowing this
energy to be birthed through you. Focus on your deepest desire and
see it as manifest. The universe has just taken a picture of your
thoughts. Empty yourself of any preconceived notions and let the
light sew up the frayed edges of your intentions. Each and every
number within your personal universe is triggering your subconscious
into a new pattern of DNA configurations.

'000' is a reminder you are always one with the universe. Feel
yourself within the center embraced by the Creator as you are held
and love unconditionally. Walk around the inner circle of self-
completing what needs to be completed.

'11,111,11:11' is a doorway or gateway into your highest potential
as a human seeking divine memory. One is a singularity within 'all
that is'. The 'one' seeks itself through mirror like reflection of
the world around it. This doorway offers an opportunity to surpass
any limitations you have unknowingly set for yourself. One to one to
one enter the oneness hidden deep within your being at the center
point of your soul. This energy stays activated until 2011.

'22, 222, 22:22' is the sequence of manifestation minus the
frustration. Keep a holding pattern with your intent, knowing that
what you have planted by your words, deeds and actions will grow and
bloom in accordance with the heavenly seasons.

'33, 333, 33:33' the holy trinity is activated within the
tetrahedron (3 sided pyramid) within your DNA structure. This number
offers an opportunity to connect with higher evolved spiritual
beings/masters/angels/Christ whenever you view it.

'44, 444, 44:44' a foundation of light is being cemented for you.
New opportunity comes without being asked. Stay balanced in what you
know to be divine truth and the platform of light will solidify.

'55, 555, 55:55' the universe is making changes for you whether you
ask for it or not. Allow the currents to take you into a new future
full of possibilities still hidden from you at this point of seeing.
Hold the vision until you land on the new shore.

Everything on earth is defined by a numerical configuration. All
life can be reduced and explained by numbers. The currents of these
numerical sequences bring into alignment a series of new
understandings that will help to adjust and balance every human. The
numbers on all levels align the body so it will be able to handle
the higher definitions of photon light that is making itself known.
Each number infusion is personalized to fit the needs of each
individual. Allowing them the necessary ratio of light particles to
numerical particles. As the brain adjusts to these new energies a
lifting occurs allowing the individual to exit the human/animal
ratio and be lifted into the human/light equation.

ELOHEIM represent the 6th realm of the Hierarchy of Angels

Gen. 6:2 the sons of ELOHEIM saw the daughters of men that they
were fair;
And they took them for wives...
We are nameless in form and formless in name. We stand on the edge
of your future, scraping ourselves from your past delivering to you
components of understanding that are exquisite in nature and birth
themselves through you in concentric circles of transformation. We
come though the nuances of your thoughts. The space in-between this
moment and the next. We issue ourselves to you as fabric that
becomes as skin, not something to wear or adorn yourselves with, but
something that you are inherent within. You each are gateways,
vortexes and doorways that shift the vibration and the frequency of
earth. You must be most careful in your pronunciation and your
annunciation verbally for you are Gods no longer in swaddling
Use the inherent cosmic divine judgment, which lives, within every
cell, which is no judgment at all. As you learn to become more
fluid, you will understand earth and her cycles, as well as the
cycles of other planets and the stars. Blend yourself into becoming
one with a particular star and the fluid-ness of your consciousness
poured into it. You are on the threshold of so many discoveries
when you learn to become nameless in form and formless in name. The
role of the Elohim in spiritual evolution is essential, since the
human Self has emanated from them. Having their residence in the
spiritual spheres of the Sun, the Elohim are especially devoted to
the development of Earth and humanity
The word Elohim had been mistranslated as the singular word "God",
and is actually a plural word which means "those who came from the
sky". Some believe every life form on Earth was created by advanced
beings from another planet with 25,000 years of scientific advances
who, were originally called Eloheim or "those who came from the
sky". Allegedly, some forty prophets in Earth's history were sent by
the Eloheim, but their messages were misunderstood and distorted by
humans, largely because of the difference in the level of scientific
understanding between the advanced race and earth's primitive one.


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