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Guru Purnima Blessings 
Dear Beloved Children,
Guru Purnima MoonTomorrow, Friday, 15th July is Guru Purnima. It is the day when the grace and blessings of the Guru are in full bloom, just as the moon is in full bloom. It is a very auspicious day to receive Divine grace, in its many, innumerable forms. As one walks on the spiritual path, various obstacles present themselves. At times, these are obstacles one would not encounter in the normal course of life. This is because the Divine, in a subtle form of grace, brings to the surface the inert negativities that are dormant within a spiritually inclined person. It is difficult to overcome these obstacles without proper guidance from the Guru, the remover of darkness. A total trust and faith in the Guru is needed at all times as one traverses  life and rises to higher levels of consciousness.

PratyangiraThe question most people ask is who their Guru is. This can get confusing at times, with so many paths to the Divine, so many teachers, or those who claim to be. The Guru can appear in different forms at different times. It can be in the form of a person, it can be a thought or event, it can be an energy transmission, it can be a saint who has left their body, or many other forms. Regardless of the source, an old adage holds true, when a student is ready, the teacher, the Guru appears.  The highest form of the Guru is the Supreme Self. As one dissolves the boundaries between the individual self and the Supreme Self, they realize that the Guru is always within them, and always has been. No matter at what stage a person is in, they can always connect with the Guru within. And it is the Guru without that becomes the catalyst for this realization.  As one opens their heart, the Guru inside blooms.

As one embarks on the journey to higher realms of consciousness, there are higher and subtler levels of energy. The body, mind and soul need to be adequately prepared to be able to process and merge with these energies.  These varying frequencies make up the energy or life force for all of creation.  This is the Shakti, the Divine Mother. The Divine Mother Pratyangira and Mahavatar Babaji have been guiding us in formulating powerful teachings and practices that can be used by anyone to merge with the Divine at these higher and subtler frequencies.  Through a series of finely tuned multi-leveled practices, the practitioner becomes sensitive and capable to connect with the energies of the Divine Mother. It has been some time since we traveled out of Singapore to meet with you, and we wish to share these divinely guided practices  with all, sometime in the coming year.

BabajiThe Divine Mother and Mahavatar Babaji's energies are guiding us to act as vehicles for their energies to be given out on this Guru Purnima day. We are inviting you to a conference call for receiving the energy and blessings. Details of the call are given below.

On this Guru Purnima, we ask that you take time to pay respects and homage to the highest Guru within you. Go deep within, seek guidance within, and ask yourself what the true purpose of your soul is in this lifetime of yours. May your hearts be open to receiving the blessings from the Divine Mother and Mahavatar Babaji and may you align your life and bring it in Ekatvam (Oneness) with the true purpose of your soul. 
In Ekatvam with all,
Love and Blessings,
Swamiji and Amma 

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