2017-11-26 Eagle and Condor


Pearl Means: Women of Standing Rock

You don’t try to fix what’s broken”

In the spirit of Russell Means, it’s that pyramid effect – it doesn’t matter as you look through history; it doesn’t matter what empire, what period – the Ming Dynasty to the Soviet Union and now, most recently, we’re in the throws of the demise of the American Empire. They are built with the same model – top down.

And the man at the top is inevitably going to fall and he’s looking both sides who’s coming up. So this whole fear-based pyramid, that’s the pyramid model, and it’s never worked. They eventually implode and you look at us, as Indigenous Peoples, and we continue.

Matriarchy runs in a circle, timeless, limitless, continuous, and that is the beauty, that’s the key to surviving is we‘ve got to come back within that Circle of Life.

To understand, not just intellectually, rather in our heart because what’s in our heart goes out to the world. That’s power.

A film by Shannon Kring

[The presentation of this segment of the 30 minute show included indigenous people from all the Americas who came to Standing Rock.]

Transcribed by Tara, November 2017.

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