Drum to End the Rainforest Fires and to Close the Concentration Camps

Pick a time today or tomorrow that is meaningful to you—7:07 PM, or 10:10 or 5:55 PM, for example—and drum for the Rainforest at that time. Set an alarm so you'll remember . . .
I spoke with a friend this morning, and with my Spirit team, about the fires in the Amazon Rainforest.
I also spoke with my team about the hundreds of concentration camps now operating around the US.
My friend Shirley Bolstok is a gifted psychic/medium and numbers activation practitioner. She relayed to me that Earth Elements were telling her that if we could all drum for a few minutes for the Rainforest—as if we were both rain and a high vibration pouring down onto the trees—this will help tremendously to end the fires, heal the region, and encourage and comfort the animals and indigenous peoples.
Drumming is a powerful way to lift energies and bring a higher resonance to any situation.
If you wish to drum for your or a loved one's healing, transition, or to move to a higher vibration, add that in to your vision and requirements for fifth dimensional frequencies to assist the Earth now.
Even if we drum at different times, our energies will meet etherically, creating a group magnification of permitting only that which is for the higher good of all involved.
If you have no drum, use a desktop or a wooden spoon and cooking pot, or whatever you can improvise. The meaning and vibrations are the same.
The Collective and I will drum, tone, and envision with you.
Also powerful is the method they describe in their latest Message to Lightworkers -- blending your energies with that of your higher self, to bring lift higher the frequency of a challenging situation.
Just remember, after traveling elsewhere, to call back into your body all aspects of your Spirit.
As we lift our frequencies into healing for ourselves, our children, and our planet, we are collectively claiming our freedom, our mastery, our Divinity, and our planet's Ascension.
The image below is of an Angel, from the Notre Dame Cathedral fire in April . . .
Namaste! <3

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