(I don't make it a habbit of ever posting from Fox, but this is funny)

It appears that a Bernie Sanders supporter hacked into some construction signs in the Dallas area. 

Drivers traveling along I-30 early Tuesday saw a sign reading "Bernie for President" and another that declared Donald Trump to be a "shape shifting lizard!!"

Hacked road sign in the Dallas area.

Another let morning commuters know that work was canceled and instructed them to "go back home."

Earlier in the weekend, a sign reportedly told people to "party hardy, y'all!"

Police believe the signs, operated by a contractor, were reprogrammed manually by someone who broke the locks. They cannot be programmed remotely. 

The crime is a misdemeanor, carrying a $1,000 fine and up to two years in jail. 

The signs have since been fixed.

Watch the report from FOX 4 below.

(Couldnt embed video here, you will have to watch it on their site)