Djwahl Khul is a great and humble Tibetan Master in the tradition of ancient esoteric spirituality. He is a member of the 'Spiritual Hierarchy' often refered to as the 'Brotherhood of Mahatmas'. These are spiritual guiders of mankind and teachers of ancient cosmological, metaphysical, and esoteric principles who have formed together at the origin of all the world's great philosophies, mythologies and spiritual traditions.


The origins of his name are uncertain. Although khul is a Tibetan word meaning 'region, jurisdiction etc.', the name does not seem to be of that language. 'Djwal' may perhaps represent the Sanskrit jwala-, meaning 'light, flame or illumination', while 'khul' might be a rendering of the word kula- 'group, family or community'. Treated as a Hindi name, the final a's of both words would be silent; thus jwal kul. These are, however, mere speculations.


The spelling and pronuncing of his various names have varied over many years often appearing as 'Djwhal Khul', 'Djwal Kul', "The Tibetan", "Master D. K." or simply 'DK'. He is known throughout the Hierarchy as the "Messenger of the Masters" and on earth as "The Tibetan". His special mission is to keep certain channels of communictaions open between humanity and the Hierarchy.


The Masters of Wisdom are the great beings, although as we, they have traveled a little farther to a greater measure of light. Among them are those who have chosen service in our planetary Hierarchy, or Spiritual Government. They guide our planet through its own miraculous evolution with Their love, wisdom, and compassion. Among these great Ones, is the Master Djwhal Khul!


To his students he is often simply refered to as the Master D.K. and is one of the better known Masters having worked through numerous channels, notably Madam H. P. Blavatsky and Alice Bailey. (Madam Blavatsky who on the inner plane is now known as Lady Helena) Through Madam Blavatsky (late 1800's) His powerful work "The Secret Doctrine," revolutionized spiritual thought of the day introducing to the world at large ageless wisdom teachings.


While at that time still living and teaching in Tibet, he continued his channelled materials to the West through Alice Bailey during the first half of the 20th century, creating an impressive body of spiritual resource material which is still available to seekers today. He is profoundly learned, and knows more about the rays and planetary Hierarchies of the solar system than anyone else in the ranks of the Masters. He works with those who heal and with all who definitely aim at the healing and solacing of the world.


Djwhal Khul is a cosmic master and principal overseers of The Milky Way galactic graduation. He has been known to take physical embodiments on planets to aid shifts to higher consciousness. To my own suprise I have learned that Sanat Kumara and Djwhal Khul are one in the same and Djwhal Khul is the cosmic realized self of Sanat Kumara. They both can be located at various places, according to their Mahatma Level of realization.


The Master Djwhal Khul is adept on the second Ray of Love-Wisdom having taken the fifth initiation in 1875. He works with those who heal, and cooperates unknown and unseen with the seekers after truth in the world's great laboratories, with all who definitely aim at finding cures to the healing of the world and occupies himself with various pupils of different Masters who can profit by his instruction working largely with certain groups of the devas of the ethers, who are the healing devas, and who thus collaborate with him in the work of healing some of the physical ills of humanity.


According to Theosophical writings, Djwal Khul is said to work on furthering the spiritual evolution of our planet, using highly developed powers of meditation known as siddhis. Djwal Khul's name first appeared in the work of Madame Blavatsky, a co-founder of the Theosophical Society though he is falsely attributed to helping write the Secret Doctrine, published in 1888, which was primarily written by Koot Hoomi and El Morya, according to Blavatsky.


He it was who dictated a large part of that momentous book The Secret Doctrine and who showed to H. P. Blavatsky many of the pictures, and gave her much of the data that is to be found in that book and the writings state that he also lives an outwardly normal life among ordinary human beings. Theosophical texts state that the Mahatmas, members of the esoteric Brotherhood, were considered to have provided "hidden" guidance for the founding of the Theosophical Society in 1875. The texts state that Djwal Kul was also known by the name Gai Ben-Jamin in his youth, before he became a "Master", as he was later called. It is said that he made several thousands of right decisions in his recent lifetime which promoted him to master status.


Djwahl Khul has spent many lifetimes in Tibet and many other parts of the world. His last life was a Tibetan monk and presented the concept of re-using the physical body as a garment which the spirit can put on again at another time when desired or required to re-enter the earth plane. Djwahl khul works very closely with Master Kuthumi who is his teacher along with the Christ, Master El Morya and Master St. Germain and the mission that he has is to help and assist to bring to the earth a New Age Way of thinking.


Basically the New Age Way of thinking is in helping each individual to recongnize the importance of developing his creativity and at the same time encouraging cooperation at all levels of the plan and human endeavors. Simply said, Djwahl khul's great effort in our current times is to help humanity to see their similarities while working as a group on a single purpose rather then as a group of individuals each working for their own purposes and in conflict with one another. He suggest that we look at service from the viewpoint of how to fit into the whole rather then what it will do to benefit ourself.



Chakra: Solar Plexus


Color: Emerald Green


Gemstone: Emerald


Symbol: A Hand with a Torch




Titles: Messenger Of The Masters, "The Tibetan", Master D.K.


Vibration/Flame/Ray: Initiate of the sixth degree, Master on the Second Ray Love-Wisdom


Divine Quality: Removal of Fear, Freedom, Spiritual Education, Mahatma Virbration


Angels: "The Angel of The Presence"


Twin Flame: Sant Kumara, Ascended Master kuthumi, El Mory, St. Germain and The Christ


keyword: Cooperation, Creativity


Etheric Retreat: Ashram of the Master Koot Hoomi, Second Ray Ashram(created by Djwhal himself), Ashram in Mt. Shasta with Dr. Jousha David Stone




In 1919, the cook at the American Theosophical headquarters café, Alice A. Bailey (1880-1949), began writing books she described as being telepathically dictated to her by a "Master of the Wisdom" she referred to as "The Tibetan." Bailey stated that after initial resistance, she was eventually persuaded to write down the communications from this source. She wrote for 30 years, from 1919 to 1949.


Bailey wrote that Djwal Khul's intention was the revelation of esoteric truth in our time. She believed her work was done on behalf of the "Hierarchy" of advanced beings, that she stated included Djwal Khul, would help prepare the way for the "Reappearance of the Christ", and would be the second in a series of three revelations meant to usher in the New Age, she referred to as the "Age of Aquarius".


In a preface included in many of Bailey's books, Djwal Khul, in the dictations described by Bailey, refers to himself as an abbot of a Tibetan monastery and the spiritual preceptor of a large group of Lamas. She wrote that he lived in Northern India, near the borders of Tibet. Other than that the books do not include personal details about Djwal Khul, and the dictated content focuses on his esoteric teachings.


Of the minimal personal details, Bailey writes that Djwhal Khul considers himself a "Master" and an advanced disciple in the spiritual, non-physical, Ashram of the Master Koot Hoomi, who is considered by Theosophists and other followers of Alice Bailey's teachings to be another member of the same "Hierarchy" of advanced beings. C.W. Leadbeater claimed that he saw Djwal Khul teleport into a room in which he and Madame Blavatsky were sitting.[!]


In Alice Bailey's works and books she described as "co-authored" with Djwal Khul were published and publicized by the Arcane School and the Lucis Trust organizations she set up with her husband, Foster Bailey. Over time, Djwal Khul appeared in the writings about Ascended Masters (a phrase not used by Bailey) of various New Age organizations and Ascended Master Teachings.


Elizabeth Clare Prophet has also stated that she has channeled Djwal Khul as well as the other Mahatma's, Koot Hoomi and the Master El Moyra, resulting in dozens of volumes of transcriptions. Like Bailey, the leaders of these groups described themselves as having direct contact with him and other "Masters of Wisdom", and to be working as their disciples on the physical plane.


According to Elizabeth Clare Prophet he led several notable lives recorded in our history books. Djwhal Khul generally appears as a modest figure in the 'pantheon' of groups not directly connected with the Arcane School. Within the Arcane School, he is treated as a teacher and not an object of devotion, according to his request as stated in the writings by Bailey. Djwal’s previous incarnations include Confucius as well as Lao Tsu, the father of Taoism. In the Biblical story, He was Casper, one of the three Wise men searching for the baby Jesus.


It is believed by those adherent to the Alice A. Bailey, Ascended Master and Benjamin Creme teachings that Djwal Khul coordinates the activities of the seven masters of the Seven Rays to advance the Plan of the Masters and is the communications director of the Ascended Masters. The scholar K. Paul Johnson maintains that the "Masters" that Madame Blavatsky wrote about and produced letters from were actually idealizations of people who were her mentors such as Djwal.


Johnson asserts that the Djwal Khul was actually Dayal Singh Majithia, a member of the Singh Saba, an Indian independence movement organization and Sikh reform movement where Djwahl again is treated primarily as a teacher and not an object of devotion. He lived in Northern India, near the borders of Tibet and is said from there to have set up his own 'Second Ray' Ashram. Other than that he seems reluctant to give out any personal details and it is only after the name of Djwal Khul became more widely known through the work of Alice Bailey has he now become one of the Ascended Masters of various New Age sects and movements.


D.K has said that Joy is a natural partner with love and light and it comes about from true knowledge of the real maning of being spiritual. When you are actively working to become a part of the Plan and to imporve your possiblities for service, Djwahl notes the progress you are making and will send you whatever help you need. Djwahl Khul is one of many other masters who serve as consultants in the bringing forth of a more ideal way of experiencing physical existence.


As it becomes more obvious that reading books helps usher in the New Age, channeling on the Earth is a very important part of what we in our department of the world teacher are seeking to bring to Earth. Each individual must learn to connect spiritually with the information that is most helpful to him or her. Djwahl Khul has suggested that to be a clear channel for the Plan, and for this New Age way of thinking is to work continually on clearing old misperceptions within yourself.


Old conceptions must be cleared in order for more light to flow clearly through you. There must be a constant searching within yourself for what needs to be released and what needs to be changed and these changes should have a continual openness to accepting the changes within self and accepting a newer, different viewpoint. There should be a continual process of completion and then releasing in order to open to a new level of understanding.


Lightworkers are those who are willing to look at theirself very objectively and very deeply, but still with great love and acceptance of theirself and others. Through this process one becomes more clear with their divine channel and more and more light becomes available within to flow along your physical existence as will as your spiritual existence.


Djwahl Khul would like to remind everyone that this is hard work, to look at yourself with very objective viewpoint and admit that there are things that need to be changed or things you need to do differently. Nevertheless, the benifits of having more light coming through your body as a result will make your life more joyous as you bring more light to the Earth. You can count on me, says Djwahl to stimulate your creativity.


Djwahl Khul is speaking today to modern people and assuring us that He is not here to do our work for us, but will do everything He can to help us understand the Plan, your part within it and how you can best serve to bring it forth now! This help is registered within you as an intuition, a clear knowing and a sureness about what you are doing that comes from the soul and from your heart.


This inner knowing is much more valuable to you than your ability to literally receive a message from us. Anyone can receive a message, accurate or inaccurate, but a person who is developing spiritually knows and understands what that message means and is able to act upon it. Allow your soul to become a part of your life, so that it can provide for you this inner knowing and the sureness that allows you to be in alignment with the Plan and with your purposes without conscious effort.


Thanks to Cmdr * LightSpeed * for sharing this wonderful message...


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