Creating Enlightenment From Your Frequency By Natalie Glasson ... And ... A Season of Romance - September 1979 - By Emmanuel Dagher

Creating Enlightenment From Your Frequency By Natalie Glasson & Ascended Master Lord Buddha

Creating Enlightenment From Your Frequency by Lord Buddha mp3

Lord Buddha's Message .....

Greetings and divine blessings extend from my essence to you, I am Lord Buddha. Today I wish to invite you upon a journey of discovery of all that you are, all that is the Creator and the current purpose of ascension.

To experience this journey, I need to invite you to my Planetary Logos Ashram on the inner planes. You may wish to use this invocation to assist you:

‘Lord Buddha, please integrate your high vibrational frequency and light with my soul and entire being. Please raise my frequency and light so I may meet your energy with balance and similar vibration.

As my energy quickens in vibration, support me in integrating all that I AM with all that you are. In doing so I wish to experience a deeper bond and connection with you and enter into your Planetary Logos Ashram on the inner planes.

I direct my focus within my being so I may become aware of the shifts taking place in the most appropriate way for me. Thank you.’

This invocation may feel like a knitting of our energies together and a boost of light flowing through your being from my ashram. With this integration and acceptance of each other so our journey together can begin.

Discovering your Frequency and Creating your Frequency

Many souls, especially those currently incarnate upon the Earth, ask me where they should direct their focus in terms of their ascension process. As Planetary Logos, I am overseeing the ascension of the Earth and Planetary Level, so this is a very good question to direct to me often during your meditation experience or quiet time. In doing so you are allowing and requesting me to assist your ascension process and point out to you the most important area for you personally to focus upon.

Lord Buddha, I invite you to be present with me now, to guide and assist me as I ask you, where should I direct my focus to advance, accelerate and reveal my ascension process now?

Lord Buddha, I receive your light and guidance with an open heart and mind. I understand you may support me by sharing valuable information and insights, or you may support energetic healing and shifts within my being. I am open to receive now, thank you.’

One of the greatest and most fulfilling answers I can give you to this question of where to focus your attention to aid your ascension is to stand in the space of your frequency. Your frequency is akin to the rhythm or energetic coding of your entire being both on the Earth and the inner planes. It is everything that you are as a being who exists upon the Earth and the sacred essence that you are on the inner planes.

Your frequency is pure and untainted. It is like a song you continuously sing that expresses all that you are, as well as all that you are as the Creator. To stand in the space of your frequency is to claim your power, love, enlightenment and wisdom. To claim everything that your soul is at the purest level.

Remember that you are immensely expansive and so this is an empowering experience. When you stand in the space of your frequency you discover your frequency and begin to create the higher vibrations of your frequency in your current reality. You become the creator of your frequency. To stand in the space of your frequency is to know and accept yourself more fully.

You may be wondering; how do you stand in the space of your frequency? In truth, there is a need to make space within your reality and being to exist in peace. This can be achieved in simple ways by focusing on your breathing, holding the focus of your physical eyes on a certain point or retreating to a place where you will not be disturbed by another physical being for a while.

It is important to contemplate what does space mean to you? What do you need to do or focus upon to feel as if you have space? Remember that space can mean to experience freedom, liberation, an opening or a pause in your daily reality, thought process and even emotional process.

When you allow yourself to experience space of the most appropriate kind for you, then you give yourself the opportunity to connect with and realise your frequency. It is as if you dissolve distractions and allow yourself to see, sense and acknowledge the truth of your being.

As for what you will discover when you stand in the space of your frequency only you will know as it will be unique and personal to you. It is to see yourself with clarity and truth.

Video - "Creating Enlightenment From Your Frequency By Lord Buddha"

Bringing Forth the Clarity of the Divine

The purpose of my encouragement of you standing in the space of your frequency is to assist you in bringing forth the clarity of the Divine and your essence into manifestation within your life and being. This is especially important now with all the energies anchoring into the Earth to aid ascension.

When you stand in the space of your frequency you naturally express the clarity of the Creator through all that you are, experience and create. If you place conscious awareness and focus on downloading clarity from your frequency you will balance and empower the power and love of your essence within your being. Thus, becoming an expression of clarity.

As I stand in the space of my frequency, I learn to discover and create my frequency within all aspects of my being, reality and ascension process.

I naturally recognise divine clarity flowing over and through my being and life. I now choose to download clarity from my frequency to be of service to myself, Mother Earth, the Universe and the Creator.

I choose to accept, embody and express the clarity of the divine, knowing how healing and enlightening this will be for me and those around me. And so, it is.

I ask Lord Buddha to amplify and magnify my intention now. Thank you.’

It is important to realise that this simple intention has the power to shift the consciousness of humanity so that all may recognise the Creator within and around them. Contemplate for a moment how much positive and loving change this would create for the world.

Windows of Divine Inspiration and Ancient Knowledge

When you stand in the space of your frequency and consciously download the clarity of your frequency to experience the Creator fully within and around you, you open a divine window. This divine window allows for sacred inspiration and ancient knowledge to flow from the divinity of your frequency into your current awareness and reality. It is akin to a veil becoming thin and the unseen becoming seen.

 The window of divine inspiration and ancient knowledge may be experience by you as a portal opening or a download of information. There is much for you to receive and retrieve to further the ascension of all as well as yourself.

Lord Buddha, as I stand in the space of my frequency and consciously download divine clarity, I invite you to assist me in opening the windows of divine inspiration and ancient knowledge in the most appropriate way for me.

As I am now open to receive, support me in accepting the sacred wisdom and understanding that will aid my ascension and encourage me to assist others in doing and experiencing the same. Thank you.’

Please know that sacred wisdom and knowledge may flow into your conscious awareness instantly or with divine timing, in the way that is most appropriate for you to accept and receive.

Many of you will be called to receive and to distribute or anchor in certain areas of the Earth and even the inner planes.  It is now time to retrieve sacred information, reawakening and grounding it into the Earth to support the empowerment of all as expressions of the Creator.

In sacred love and wisdom,

Lord Buddha

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A Season of Romance - September 2019 - By

Emmanuel Dagher

Hi my friend,

Welcome to a brand-new month and season! As the energies begin to shift to a new direction, September will be filled with many surprises, so let’s jump right into it all!

A Deeper Connection

The energies coming in at this time are giving us the opportunity to strengthen our connection to the Source of all life.

What will this look like for our everyday lives?

The purpose of every human being—the purpose we’ve carried throughout all time and space—is simply to come home to ourselves.

Coming home to ourselves” is another way of saying we’ve consciously chosen to remember and connect with our core essence. And that we’ve fully acknowledged our Oneness with the Source of All That Is.

Coming home to ourselves is less about reaching a destination, and more about a shift in awareness that can only happen as we embrace being in the present.

Coming home to ourselves allows us to transcend illusions of separation, fear, and survival-based conditioning. It helps us connect with and embody the unwavering peace that has always been beneath it all.

Isn’t that interesting to contemplate? That underneath all fear, worry, lack, doubt, and other survival-based conditioning, unconditional peace - Love is always there.

How does it make your Spirit feel when you read this statement? Does it feel more expansive? Or does it feel more constricted?

The mind may try to create stories that limit its ability to tap into feelings of unconditional peace. Yet it only does that because it’s trying to keep itself safe and comfortable by doing what has worked for it in the past, which is to use survival-oriented coping patterns.

If this happens, thank the mind for trying to protect you and itself the best way it knows how. The mind just desires to be acknowledged and loved by you.

As it receives acknowledgment and love from you on a consistent basis, it will be less likely to resort to survival-based thought patterns for shock effect, just to get your attention.

September will offer us the opportunity to begin shifting our relationship with our mind, so that we can come home to ourselves, and experience the deep connection to Spirit/Source/the Universe that we have desired since the day we were born on this planet and into third dimensional existence.

The Season of Romance

When we reflect on the word romance, we usually think about it as two souls coming together to share an intimate, open, vulnerable exchange of love.

This is a beautiful way to see romance, yet that is not a complete view of it.

That view will always leave us yearning and desiring something from others they just cannot give us.

It’s why most people move through life feeling as though something is missing. That need creates an inner void that just doesn’t seem to get filled.

The need to find something outside ourselves to fill that void can leave us in search mode indefinitely, as we never really feel settled and at peace.

The remedy to all of this is to cultivate the kind of romance that will give us the peace, fulfillment, joy, love, prosperity, and well-being we have always searched for.

The only kind of love relationship that will ever give us these blessings is the one we have with ourselves.

Have you romanced yourself lately, if ever? Have you taken the time to honor and acknowledge your magnificence?

Have you taken the time to love every part of you, from the inside out?

When we fall deeply in love with a partner, it’s very hard to see any flaws in them in the beginning courting stages. We only see the pure soul essence of who they are.

What would happen if we gave ourselves this same gift?

Would we be able to move out of self-judgment more quickly, and fully see our perfection? Even those parts of us we once believed were imperfect?

We are now in a time where we can heal all of those prehistoric, human-made beliefs about romance not being an inside job. Beliefs that say it’s selfish to love ourselves—that it’s arrogant, or not spiritual.

All of those beliefs can be resolved, healed, and alchemized now.

They have served their purpose. They’ve helped us come to where we are now, in our individual lives and in our collective consciousness.

We don’t need these archaic patterns anymore, because they are no longer aligned with the direction our world and Universe are moving in.

We have evolved, and will continue to evolve exponentially over the coming days, weeks, months, and years.  We have outgrown the primal parts of us that prefer to remain in the illusions of separation and fear.

That is not who we are, or have ever been at our core, and it took us forgetting who we are, for us to come to this point in humanity’s history, so that we could remember again.

So, over the coming days, weeks, and months ahead, we will be given the opportunity to shed many of the outdated belief patterns we once allowed to hold us back from being our most authentic, soul-satisfied selves. 

Let this be the season of you choosing to make yourself the top priority in your life.

Let this be the season you commit to loving and honoring yourself from now on, the way you have always desired a partner to do for you.

Allow the supportive healing energies coming in at this time from the celestial heavens and skies to lift you up, so that you raise up in love every aspect of your emotional, mental, physical, and etheric bodies.

You deserve this. This is what the Universe/your Spirit has always desired for you to give to yourself.

If you’re ever not sure how, ask for extra support from your I AM/Spirit Self, and Source Energy itself. They are beyond ready, and able to support you.

Video - "Let's Embrace Our Magic & Full Potential By Emmanuel Dagher"


So how do we romance ourselves?

A loving relationship with ourselves requires three simple things:

1. Complete Acknowledgment of Our Inner and Outer Self – This means we are fully committed to seeing, hearing, and giving attention to every aspect of our body/mind/Spirit.

If we are judging our body for being “too heavy” or “too thin,” we are not fully acknowledging and honoring our body.

When this happens, thank the mind for resorting to old coping patterns to keep itself safe, and imagine your body being represented by your 3-year-old self.

Embrace that child, and hold her/him in your arms for as long as needed, until you feel a softening/peaceful sensation in your body and mind.

2. Complete Commitment to Ourselves – This means we are choosing to make ourselves a top priority in our lives. We are choosing to cultivate a daily practice that nourishes our body/mind/Spirit.

Reflect on some of the things you loved doing as a child.

Did you like to sing, paint, draw, dance, spend time in nature, play sports, build things? Anything we love doing is a golden nugget that helps lead us back to our true self.

Give yourself permission to integrate these blessings back into your life now.

3. Alignment with the Present – Although “being present” sounds like a trivial concept, it can be quite challenging for most people, because up until now we have been conditioned to live in a survival-based world.

When we are in survival, we are not ourselves. We become a shell of ourselves, living outside our bodies and the present moment.

This shell either lives in fear of the future, or dwells persistently on the past. It is never able to fully receive or be in the present moment.

Joy itself is the ability to fully receive and be in the present.

That’s why we may notice that those who meditate, and spend time aligning with whatever helps them be fully present, are also happy and at peace with themselves.

Romancing ourselves includes giving ourselves full permission to align with the present, so that we too can connect with the inner joy and peace that has always been available to us.

As we develop a romantic love relationship with ourselves, something quite spectacular happens: The world around us begins to change, heal, and reflect the ways we are showing up for ourselves.

That includes aligning with a partner who loves us as fully as we have chosen to love ourselves. It includes aligning with a career path that liberates us, and allows us to express to the world the truest aspects of ourselves.

It also includes attracting to us daily blessings and miracles that affirm our feelings of connection to all of life itself.

And as enough of us move in this direction, our planet and the world will also heal, and reflect a new consciousness for humanity—one that operates within the freeing parameters of love.

Doesn’t that feel magical and expansive?

Now is the time for us to move in that direction. This is what the Universe desires most for us—to remember who we are, and to spend the rest of our lives honoring, loving, and acknowledging the magnificence of who we are.

Because by doing this, we are offering the Universe/Spirit the greatest honor and respect.

Onward and Upward

As with any romance, things can take a bit of time to blossom. Being gentle, patient, and kind with our mind as it learns how to open itself up to receiving love from us will be quite helpful.

In the early stages of a romance, things often come to the surface, such as our old insecurities, self-doubts, and judgments. These are just self-protection mechanisms.

If this happens, know it’s because deeply buried emotions and thought patterns are coming to the surface to be acknowledged, honored, healed, and resolved.

With this awareness, we no longer find ourselves shying away from the emotions and thoughts coming forward, but rather embrace and honor them as part of the healing process.

Doesn’t it feel extraordinary to know that there’s nothing your mind can do or say that ever justifies us being hard on it and judging it?

Even when it’s judging itself, we now have enough awareness to know that it is allowed to do that, and all that’s asked of us is to love it through that process.

So much was shared in this forecast. I’m excited to hear about how you choose to work with the opportunities we’re being given now to move into self-love in ways we’ve never experienced before!

May this September bring you home to yourself, and allow your heart, mind, and Spirit to feel loved unconditionally, always.

Until next time,

Miraculously yours,



©2009 – 2019 Emmanuel Dagher. All Rights Reserved
You are absolutely welcome to share and distribute these forecasts with others as you feel guided. Please make sure to keep the integrity of this article by including the name of the author and the source website link.

Video - "Emmanuel Dagher - Let's Manifest Our Highest Divine Self"


Connecting With The Infinite By Ann Albers

Hi Dear Friends!

Connecting to the infinite is the true solution to all of life's challenges. Enjoy a channeling from the Presence, and then my story about how I banished fears by connecting to the eternal.

Love you all!

Message From The Divine Presence .....

Dear embodiments of my love, I did not create you to suffer. I created you to enjoy the many facets of Self and to see what we could collectively create in our shared experience. I never intended for you to feel lack, disease, loneliness or a whole host of other less than loving feelings in your 3-dimensional reality. I want only for you to feel my love, and to experience it in countless forms and circumstances.

My love is constant. It is never diminished. You do not have to earn it. You are never disconnected from it. You only have to have a willingness to open to the experience of it, for it is always there – I am always there – within you, and in all forms, patiently waiting to be recognized and enjoyed.

You can, at any time in your life, pause, take a breath, feel your heart and feel me there. You can, no matter what the circumstances in your life, connect with my Presence. With the smallest act of appreciation, the slightest acknowledgment of goodness in your world or your life, or with the smallest act of self-appreciation, there you begin to find me.

I am here for you always, hidden in plain view. I am the earth, the sun, the moon, the sky. I am in those you love most dearly and even buried perhaps deeply within those you can’t stand. I am in your animals, the grass, the trees, the stars, in all of creation, and I exist beyond that. I am the Presence of love and harmony within everything you witness around you. I am, constantly guiding creation to help your bodies, your lives, and your worlds return to a loving order. Dearest embodiments of my love, I dream of your joy. I dream of your well being. I dream of your abundance. I dream of your harmonious relationships. All that is required is a willingness to surrender to love.

Sit quietly. Ask to feel my love rise up within you. Breathe calmly and wait. It is in your deep silence that I can easily make my presence known. I am there in the love you feel from your dear ones. I am there in the pleasant taste of your food. I am there in your own hands, giving yourself your own hugs, and I am there when your thoughts still for just a moment and your hearts ignite. Wherever love is present, you can find me, feel me, and experience me.

I lovingly wait for the moment when you desire to connect with my love and know your Self – your true Self – as nothing less than My love, the same love that lives and abides in all creation.

– I love you. I am you.
The Presence

Video - "Your Higher Self Meditation" By Steve Nobel -


Message From Ann .....

Hi Everyone,

I sat to channel the newsletter Thursday night. It was 103 degrees on the patio and the mosquitoes were buzzing around. The pre-sunset stillness hung like a thick curtain over the yard, and it seemed that even the flowers were resting after a day of unrelenting heat. A storm was brewing up north, but the sky was silvery blue overhead. I sat and paused and allowed my consciousness to spread out into the landscape. This happens frequently these days when I sit in silence. I lose track of myself as Ann and feel an energy distributed and observing itself. It feels very blissful.

I wasn’t so blissful these past few weeks when I was battling the depths of fear during the recent infection. I had fears come in waves, over and over and over again, like an unrelenting surf kicked up by an approaching storm.

I finally realized this was ridiculous. Something clicked more deeply inside of me. I am not the body. I am not the mind. I am the love that lives in all things having an experience as Ann. “I-Ann” was just a collection of light and energy patterns, flickering in the cosmic pool, and the only reason I was fearful was because my brain remembered trauma from so many other lives, and my body felt unprotected and unloved. In those lives I forgot what lived within me. As I focused on the fear, in this life, I shook. As I focused on the reality of myself as an eternal energy having an experience, peace permeated my being. 

I went in and out of this state for over a month, until one day I became strong enough to have a real "come to Jesus" meeting with the fears. I looked the fears in the face and command them to leave. "I AM ONE WITH ALL THAT IS AND YOU ARE NOT REAL! GET OUT!” I commended the fearful voices. “What if you die?” they taunted me. “So be it, the body will eventually die. I will not.” I was speaking from the soul. “What if we suffer pain? What if we have to have surgery?” “The body suffers only and will get through it. It has many times. My essence feels no pain.” I felt the eternal inside of me. “What if we run out of food?” (Really?) “So be it, I live on light, not dinner in my eternal spirit.” “What if lightning hits the house?” “I will continue onward,” I replied, once again allowing Divinity to speak through the cloud of fearful voices. One by one, by one, by one, I confronted each voice of ridiculous fear from the past and answered from the perspective of the eternal. Each time I commanded them to go.

These bodies are projections of our consciousness, and our consciousness is born of the infinite. Everything in this life is a learning experience only. Our true self can never be killed, maimed, diminished, or rendered impure. Our true self cannot experience lack, loneliness, sorrow. Our true self remains connected to all that is.

I was fed up with the small self trying to dictate to the Source of life itself that it should feel fearful in this Ann-body.

Guess what? Things changed. My infection started healing much more rapidly. The pain just disappeared. The gums are regrowing. While the body is still not 100% healed just yet, the mind is. The spiritual ordeal is over at long last. I stared down the illusions that have plagued me for lifetimes, wanting to “protect me” while in truth holding me bound. Yes, we could easily be protected in a locked room, as fear would have it, but what kind of life is that?Far better to connect with the infinite and live full out, knowing that in our spirit we are indestructible. 

This entire life is just an adventure in consciousness. Might as well embrace what we came to do and love it all. Might as well love ourselves relentlessly. Might as well banish fears from our consciousness so we can be free, by connecting with the truth of our being.

As I mentioned in a previous email a good friend recently died. I do not mourn him. I feel his Christ like bliss in the heavens, his heart expanded into the oneness, knowing himself as individual and part of all. I feel his exquisite tenderness, his new understanding of love, and his commitment to the light. I want that here, on this earth, in this lifetime… and little by little it is coming to pass, sometimes gracefully, sometimes not so much.

"We are here to make manifest the glory of God," Marianne Williamson once said. I agree. After all, that is what we are.

Here are a few pointers to more deeply experience your connection with your deepest, truest, self.

1. Sit somewhere beautiful in silence

Find a spot that seems beautiful to you. It can be in your living room, in nature, or even looking at a glorious scene on the Internet, or a piece of art. The only criteria is that it has to appear beautiful to you.

Loosen your gaze. Breathe slowly and deeply. Just look. Just be. See if you can imagine your energy beyond the body, merging with this scene, this art, this room, this place. Imagine the energy in all you see merging with yours, until you are consciousness floating in a sea of light, invisible but always there.

2. Deepen your appreciation

Find something or someone you truly appreciate. See if you can think of all you appreciate about this person or thing. Allow the feelings to deepen. Feel your heart. See if you can intensify the feelings of appreciation until your heart swells. Now shut your eyes and see if you can just bask in this feeling.

3. Choose to love

Pick something or someone you don't like or particularly care for. See if you can imagine that the light within them is the same light within you. See if you can love that light... in truth we all love that light! Focus on it in your imagination. Fan its flames. Imagine coaxing this soul to allow more light to rise up within them, or the object being filled with light. Imagine you are a pure Divine Soul, sending your own love to help awaken theirs.

If you can't think of someone/something you don't like, just pick someone or something, even a rock and imagine the light within you connecting with the light within them/it and amplifying that light until it expands and merges with yours. You have just felt your essence.

While it is all too easy to fall into our everyday fears and concerns, taking time to connect with the infinite, has infinite benefits – peace, love, a feeling of being cared for, guidance... all are available, if we only remember that, as the well-known saying goes, "We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience."

Love you all. Have a blessed week.

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Video - "Be Healed & Uplifted With The Archangels" By Natalie Glasson


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