Could it Be? Another Resignation? “Pope Benedict to step down April 15 2012″ from Kauilapele's Blog

Now I point out that the article itself does not state "Pope Benedict to step down April 15 2012", but rather, "the Pope is thinking about resigning during the Spring of 2012." Anyway, a short article, so here it is.


Pope Benedict to step down April 15 2012

According to Italian daily newspaper "Libero", Pope Benedict XVI is thinking about leaving the papacy next April, when he will turn 85

ANdrea Tornielli, Vatican City

There is one front page news story that will certainly not go unnoticed: that is, that the Pope is thinking about resigning during the Spring of 2012. Journalist Antonio Socci has confirmed the same in the Italian daily, Libero.

"For now,” Socci writes, “he is saying that this may be true (Joseph Ratzinger’s personal assumption), but I hope the story does not reach the news. But this rumor is circulating high up in the Vatican and therefore deserves close attention. The Pope has not rejected the possibility of his resignation when he turns 85 in April next year.”

Socci recalls that the assumption he will resign, without any hitches, was the same thing Ratzinger talked about in an interview in the book “Luce del mondo” (Light of the World), when, in response to a question by interviewer Peter Seewald, he said: “When a Pope arrives at a clear awareness that he no longer has the physical, mental, or psychological capacity to carry out the task that has been entrusted to him, then he has the right, and in some cases, even the duty to resign.” Furthermore, in another passage, Benedict XVI wondered if he would be able to “withstand it all, just from the physical point of view.”

Next Up is Peter the Roman.

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Comment by Commander Randy on March 11, 2012 at 12:34am

Vatican Tries To Explain U.S. Classification As Potential Money Lau...

By NICOLE WINFIELD 03/ 9/12 05:05 PM ET AP

Vatican Money Laundering

In this picture made available by the Vatican newspaper Osservatore Romano, Pope Benedict XVI meets Germany’s Federal Minister of Finance Wolfgang Schäuble, right, during a private audience at the Vatican Wednesday, March 7, 2012. (AP)

VATICAN CITY — The Vatican on Friday sought to explain its presence for the first time on a U.S. list of countries that are a potential hub for money laundering, saying it was only natural to be included given its recent efforts to conform to international standards.

The U.S. State Department this week released its International Narcotics Control Strategy Report, which identified the Holy See as one of 68 countries or jurisdictions “of concern” for money laundering or other financial crimes.

Vatican spokesman the Rev. Federico Lombardi noted Friday that all the world’s major economies – the U.S., Japan and even Italy – are identified as countries of “primary concern” for money laundering. That more serious designation is because of the sheer size of their economies.

Lombardi said it wasn’t surprising that the Vatican was placed on the list of jurisdictions “of concern” since it joined a European evaluation process in 2011 to try to conform to international anti-money laundering standards.

In early July, the Vatican is expected to learn whether it has complied with a host of recommendations to fight terror financing and money laundering.

The State Department report didn’t explain why the Holy See was included, noting only that it was on the list for the first time. South Sudan, which declared its independence in 2011, was also included for the first time in another category of countries being monitored.

The Vatican passed legislation in 2010 making money laundering a crime and fine-tuned the law earlier this year. It also ratified three major U.N. conventions.

The moves are all part of the Holy See’s efforts to get on the “white list” of countries that share financial information and shed its long-held reputation as a secretive offshore tax haven whose bank has been embroiled in scandals over the years.

Comment by Lucinda on March 10, 2012 at 11:55am


Comment by Commander Randy on March 10, 2012 at 9:50am

Bangkok Post

US sees Vatican as potential money laundering hub
Published: 8/03/2012 at 07:32 

The US State Department for the first time listed the Vatican as potentially vulnerable to money laundering, along with 67 other countries.

St. Peter's Basilica is seen at sunset in downtown Rome. The US State Department for the first time listed the Vatican as potentially vulnerable to money laundering, along with 67 other countries.

The department's annual International Narcotics Control Strategy report listed the Vatican as a "jurisdiction of concern" along with countries like Albania, the Czech Republic, Egypt, South Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam and Yemen.

It said the Holy See appears for the "first time" in the annual report.

Vatican City set up anti-money laundering programs for the first time in 2011 and it will take a year to start determining how effective they are, a State Department official told AFP on condition of anonymity.

It is "potentially vulnerable" to the problem as massive amounts of money flow into the Vatican from around the world, the official said.

"Jurisdictions of concern" are a notch below that of "jurisdictions of primary concern," which amount to a watchlist of "major money laundering countries," the report said.

The latter is a wide-ranging list of 66 countries that includes Afghanistan, Australia, Brazil, the Cayman Islands, China, Japan, Russia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Uruguay, and Zimbabwe.

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