Be Love


Learn to be present in your heart.

Learn to be Love.

Be Human.


We’re in a mess. No ifs, ands or buts about it. It’s been building for thousands of years.


Our elders talk about the energies of the backwards turning wheel. In their world, balance is a state due to equilibrium, balance, and harmony with the self and all forms.


We have moved so far away from that it might as well be an idea that exists on the other end of the known universe.


They said that we wanted to explore being out of balance so completely, we wanted to see how far we can take the backwards turning wheel energy way of being.


And boy, did we do a great job of it.


So that now, thousands of years of that way of being has brought us to where we are today, in a complete and utter mess: at the brink of annihilation of ourselves and all life on earth.


More and more people are beginning to realize what has happened and where we have gotten ourselves.


Our elders said that we have pushed the experience of the backwards turning wheel culture with the masculine love of power overruling everything, and the feminine power of love and power to create in balance and magic not even being in the picture anymore, as far as we could possibly take it.


And now we need to change.

We know we need to change.


We know we need to make big changes if we want to have any hope of a future for this world.


The biggest challenge we are facing with wanting to make big changes is that we cannot solve any of these problems we’ve created with the same level of consciousness that has created them.


It will never happen.




Our teachers called this coming era an era that will be based on the energies of a forward turning wheel, “the Era of the Heart”.


To bring this era about we need to find and make our way back to our heart.


Because you cannot create anything on the outside without creating it on the inside first.


Nothing is going to manifest on the outside until you have manifested it on the inside first.


If you want to help create “the Era of the Heart”, an era in which life will be based on love and peace and balance and equality, on the outside you need to create it on the inside first.


And a good place to start when you want to move from your head to your heart is to find your way back to love.


And not just loving, or feeling love, or being in love, or sending love; we need to go far beyond that.


We need to become love.


We need to learn to be love.


You need to allow every cell of your body, every fiber of your being to be the love that it is and always has been.


Every tiniest vibration of our consciousness needs to become love.


We need to be love.

We have been love before and we can be love again.

We can remember.


Become on the inside what you want to help create on the outside.


That’s the level of consciousness that will allow us to solve the problems of our time. To change things and find ways out of the mess we are in, we need to find a way out of the mess we carry on the inside.


We need to find our way back to our heart and heal ourselves inside first.


That’s the level of consciousness needed to dream a new dream for our world and build bridges to that new world.


That’s the level of consciousness we need if we are to create a future for the generations if we are to create a future for our planet and all life on her.


Be present in your Heart.

Be Love!

Be Human.


Love and Song,





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