Autumn Equinox 23rd September 2014 at 02.29 UT / 03.29 BST

Autumn Equinox
23rd September 2014 at 02.29 UT / 03.29 BST

The chart for the Equinox is dominated by an intense ‘Striving Figure’. At the core of this pattern is an opposition (180º) from the Moon’s South Node conjunct retrograde Uranus in Aries, to the Moon’s North Node conjunct Pallas Athene and Mercury, in Libra. Here is the challenge to continue letting go (Uranus) of our attachment to ego-centred ways of being and doing, and to focus on ‘Right Thinking’ by balancing the knowing of our intuitive mind (Pallas) and rational mind (Mercury), so that we act in the best interests of others, whilst not forgetting to include ourselves in the picture.  Helping us to achieve this are two quincunxes (150º) from the South Node and Uranus; one goes to a conjunction of Moon and Venus in Virgo with the Sun in Libra, and the other goes to a conjunction of Ceres, Saturn and Vesta in Scorpio. 

Quincunxes demand that we undergo a deep learning process in order to make fundamental changes to the way we behave, so that our behaviour reflects the qualities of our soul, more than the desires of our ego. The first stage in this process is to become aware that something indeed needs to change. The opposition is making us acutely aware that we cannot continue behaving in the ways that we have been, according to the old beliefs, paradigms and archetypes of the past Age. The quincunxes are setting us on a journey to discover how to do things differently, which are appropriate for the energies of the new paradigm. 

The Moon, Venus and Sun conjunction in Virgo/Libra means that we need to develop a high degree of emotional discernment about what we should let go of and what we should keep in our lives. This applies particularly to our relationships. Do our relationships and friendships reflect and honour the awareness of our soul’s qualities, or do they pull us back into old ways of being that have outlived their relevance for us? The conjunction of Ceres, Saturn and Vesta in Scorpio is calling us to question whether the structures we have created in our lives truly reflect how our heart feels about how to be in the world. Are we living in ways that truly honour and nurture the deepest levels of our being, as well as honouring the environment in which we live?

Jupiter is involved in two ‘Learning Triangles’: Jupiter in Leo squares (90º) Ceres in Scorpio, which is quincunx (150º) the Moon’s South Node conjunct Uranus in Aries, which are trine (120º) back to Jupiter.

This triangle represents the challenge to manifest our vision (Jupiter) on the planet (Ceres), which can only be done by letting go of all our attachments to the past (South Node & Uranus). Moving in the other direction, Ceres squares Jupiter, which quincunxes retrograde Chiron in Pisces, which makes a trine back to Ceres: In order to know how to manifest our vision, we need to learn to listen to Mother Earth, because she holds the key to healing the past, manifesting the New and living in harmony with each other and the planet. A ‘Sensitivity Rectangle’ (Chiron, semi-sextile (30º) Uranus, quincunx Moon/Venus/Sun, semi-sextile Pallas Athene/North Node, quincunx Chiron) is poised between the two learning triangles, bringing a sense of urgency to let go and heal the past, so that we can move forward with our new vision for the future, now.

Juno creates a T-square with the South Node/Uranus opposition to Pallas Athene, North Node and Mercury, and another Learning Triangle from Juno square Moon’s South Node, quincunx Ceres, Saturn and Vesta, which make a trine back to Juno:

The T-square brings the challenge to remain in right relationship (Juno) with both the past and the future. In other words, the challenge is to not throw the baby out with the bathwater, when considering what needs to be let go. Juno’s Learning Triangle is showing us how to do this: the quincunx from Moon’s South Node/Uranus to Ceres, Saturn and Vesta is teaching us to listen to the depths of our hearts (Vesta) in deciding what is right for our own well-being (Saturn) and for the planet herself (Ceres). It truly is time to manifest what we already know to be true from our innermost heart; in order to do this, we must not become side-tracked by the concerns or fears of our egos, what others may think about our decisions, or how we and others have done things in the past; the only person to whom we need to justify our actions, is ourselves.

Finally there is a single ‘rogue’ square aspect, from Mars in Sagittarius to retrograde Neptune in Pisces, not connected to anything else in the chart. These single aspects can have an unpredictable autonomy, suddenly becoming active when we least expect it. Mars in Sagittarius is about acting with a sense of conviction and purpose; however, retrograde Neptune in Pisces can result in sudden energy loss and the undermining of our efforts, resulting in confusion and chaos. We can rest assured that when that happens, it is because the Universe has a much better plan in store for us than our ego does. Wisdom lies in realising this sooner rather than later, so that we do not keep pressing on with our Mars in Sagittarius plans, when it becomes clear that they are not working. We must learn to do what Mars dislikes most and wait patiently for things to unfold in their own good time. 

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