Ashtar: Our Grand Partnership with You and Mother Gaia Ashtar on the Road Teleconference 4/24/12


Our Purpose is Love-To Express it, Live it, Empower with it.

Ashtar: Our Grand Partnership with
You and Mother Gaia
Ashtar on the Road Teleconference 4/24/12
"Well, Greetings Beloved Family! It is so delightful that once again we are here joined in this wondrous Gathering of Hearts, minds, and indeed the entireties of our energy fields coming together in the High Dimensionality, which is our Divine Birthright, all of us together. And we have much to accomplish in this evening, and with the Joy that we bring to our togetherness, our Oneness. And we will start by making very clear, or shall we say to clarify, that which is our purpose. There are others - we know that you are hearing from other sources about these wondrous events which are happening.
"There are many, many, divisions in the Ashtar Command, and we shall be focusing upon one of these in particular this evening, and that is the division which is the technology - bringing the technology for what you might call the massive clean-up of Mother Gaia Herself, and all of Her Kingdoms who are affected and impacted upon by the toxins, and the poisons, and the shakings-up, which have been artificially created by those who would exercise control. You know, you Humans have a statement, and we don't want to introduce anything real bloody into this, but just for a moment, don't visualize, just hear the words: 'There are those who would cut off their noses to spite their faces!' And, that is certainly true of these ones, the hold-outs, you might say, the last line of attack. Nevertheless we assure you that they are indeed being dis-empowered, and as Master Rama has stated, and Master Tara also, that they are being removed from positions of influence where they can do any of these things anymore.
"So we want to turn again to the primary mission that we have through this Voice, and with this Ashtar on the Road Group, and that is Ascension Preparation. Now there are many phases, and components, we shall say, that are in the getting ready mode for that great mass Ascension of the Planet, and all of the Kingdoms who are, shall we say, moving up. That's an easy way to visualize the moving of the consciousness of Planet Earth, as well as your physicalities, yes, you get to take them with you in a much modified form, and that of course is a part of the preparation, and that is the primary area with which this mission, this Ashtar on the Road Mission is concerned.
"Yes, our foundations, the cornerstones of our foundations, Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, and Gratitude, are the basis for the teachings that we offer. And while we are delighted to put Light upon a number of topics to bring forward Truth and information that you may not find elsewhere, we would ask that you remember that our priority mission here is the Human preparation, because we want everybody to come. The invitation to Higher Dimensional Lifestyle is open to all, to all Kingdoms of Mother Gaia, and to all members of the Human Kingdom, no matter what color hat they've worn. And there are the white hats and the dark hats, and those are the ones we speak of most often, but remember what's in between white and dark anyway, except many shades, many shades of gray. We want to emphasize that anyone who truly wants to be in Expression of Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, and Gratitude, is indeed prepared for Ascension. And we have been somewhat successful in convincing many of those who've been wearing the dark hats, or at least the gray hats, to come to the Light, to recognize the Divinity within all life, all members of all of the Kingdoms of Mother Gaia, and yes, Mother Gaia Herself. She has consciousness, and She is so much in Love with every member of every one of Her Kingdoms, and this, of course, is that kind of Love we call the kind that 'passeth all understanding.' And it is to share this Love that we come together in this Sacred Gathering.
"And yes, we have insights into what is the news behind the scenes. And we shall take some time with that even in this Gathering. But it is to remember our main mission for all of us, all of us here gathered, all of this Ashtar on the Road Family. Our main mission is to be this Love in Expression, and to remember Who We Really Are, to come together in Oneness, and to share this great Love, and to be indeed expressing from the Higher Dimensionalities, and to be in Communion with those in our Guidance Groups.
"I, Ashtar, am a multi-locational Being of Light. I am Spirit. I do not occupy the body of a Human, at least not in this moment. It might serve in the next moment, but in this moment, I have my Light Body fully operational, and even while I sit in the command chair on my ship the New Jerusalem, my energy is everywhere, and I Am within each and every one of you, because you have all invited me into your Hearts, as you have The Mentors, the other Mentors, as you have your own Personal Guides and Angels. And that is why we are so mighty, Beloved Family. That is why we are so empowered to do the things that we do. When we come together as One, we truly are the highest Expressions of Love, and that is the greatest mission that we hold!
"Now you've heard it right. Many, many, more exciting events are going on. Have you heard that the government of Japan is contemplating evacuating forty million of its citizens, because of the radioactivity still present there? This is what has to happen, and this is what the government of Japan, the people of Japan, and all of us together united have to put forth as a message - if you choose to do so - and it is that all nuclear plants must be closed, lest there be another Fukushima, another Chernobyl!!! And finally, finally, there is some information in mainstream news media. We're not talking about the mainstream news media of the United States of America. We are talking about news media in other parts of the World which are picking up on the fact that the government of Japan is actually in negotiation about exactly where these people can go. And yes, there are some egos making their voices heard in this drama, because there is some tension, some apprehension about how where these people go will further empower the country that they go to.
"Compassion, we are happy to say, will prevail! It may take a bit longer in your time, but you see, when we come with our ships, we have the ability to move anyone, anywhere, any group anywhere, and we have talked before about evening out, more or less, the population on the Planet. Hitherto, places that would seem to be quite unwelcoming to newcomers, will become lush and green, with the evening out of the temperatures. Right now, yes, global warming is a reality, but it will not stay that way forever. And so there will be plenty of places on Planet Earth where it will be beautiful, where the climate will support the people who choose to live there. And since the whole Planet is going to be disease-free, and toxin-free, why not? And there will be people who will just want to, oh, shall we say, pack a goodie bag, and it would be very light, and travel, and travel, and travel, wherever they choose to on Planet Earth and Beyond. It will not be unusual to hear messaging going out. We're not going to say advertising, because the whole face of advertising is really geared to 3D right now, and it needs, what you might call, an upgrade, uplifting.
"But there will be calls put out: 'Leaving for Venus tomorrow morning, all who want to come are welcome, no charge, just bring your Love'. Messages such as that will go Worldwide. That will be the way of things. Nobody's going to be stuck anywhere that they don't want to be. Everyone will have Freedom to be where they want to be, and Mother Gaia will be a joyful place! Anywhere on Planet Earth, you will feel the Joy and the Love of Mother Gaia in welcome - and all of Her Kingdoms will join in the great chorus of welcome to the great Love, the great Love that you, and all of those of the Light, bring to those places, Beloved Ones.
"For now, we must say, be joyful that so much Light is shining in so many places, places that you might not think of as having leaders. Yes, Obama still will be making announcements, big ones. And yes, Keith Obermann will still be one of the Truth tellers, and he will be televised, or broadcast World-wide, along with Rachel, and Ed, and some others who have known the Truth. And oh Beloved Ones, if you could just look inside their brains, they ready to absolutely overflow, directed by their Hearts, so full of Joy to be able to finally speak the Truth that they have known all along. It shall be great days of Freedom of Expression coming!
"And so we come back to that which we are most wanting to focus upon, and that is the expressions of Love, from each and every one of our Family Members, and indeed from all the Light Workers, whether they're awake now, or not. We have a pivotal role to play in the broadcasting of the great news of the Love Light returning to Planet Earth! So understand that each one of you wears the, what do you call them, the name tag, or the hat, or the jacket, that says 'Ashtar on the Road News Team', YES We Are! We are the bringers of the greatest news to Planet Earth, and that is the return of what you call thinking from your Hearts, and allowing your brains to feel, to open, to feel that great Love energy, that great Light, and sharing it. And so if you are feeling as though you are in a bit of a quandary: 'What's my mission, what am I here to do?' You just heard it!
"And now one other thing we wish to mention. For those of you who have been hearing about, you know, volunteering, or turning in your resumes, or applications to the Ashtar Command, or the Galactic Federation, Beloved Ones, you're already members of the Ashtar Command! All you need to do is focus upon what you have passion to do. Are you interested in the new forms of energy, are you interested in healing, are you interested in being a Brother/Sister of Love, and Light, and Joy on Planet Earth, or elsewhere? And there are many, many, other positions. There are communications. There are all kinds of, what would you call that, subcategories within the job descriptions. That's pretty understandable in 3D is it not? And we want this made very clear. Your applications are all accepted, if you care to have them be so. You're already here, you're already here, in mission, in service, and in the Love of the One We All Are!
"Now it is perfectly delightful to have you sit in conference with I, Ashtar, or your Guides, or anyone, upon whom you choose to call to discuss more details of your passions. Your passions are your job description. You can say, 'My passion equals my job.' Whoa, that's pretty big isn't it? How about Freedom? How about not having to do a 'J-O-B' anymore, because you can do what you have passion to do? There's only oh, one little guideline, and that is from the Christ Consciousness: 'Treat everyone else with Love and respect as you yourself would be treated.' And our loving thanks to our Beloved Brother Sananda, because even though, and for those of you who are feeling the energies right now, Sananda is here, and what He says is so true now: 'Beloved One,s it makes no difference how my words have been corrupted, what lies have been attributed to me in the manner in which I spoke, what has been misquoted - it makes no difference. The one thing that has lived, and never been able to be destroyed on Planet Earth, is the basis of all of my teachings, which is that which you call the Golden Rule. Thank you for letting me come and share this with you. Thank you Brother Ashtar!'
"Well, Beloved Ones, you heard it, the Guiding Golden Rule, which so many of you have expressed in many of your lifetimes here upon this Planet and elsewhere. You heard it from my Beloved Brother Sananda. It has lived all this time, and the Truth of it is, Beloved Ones, it is the Golden Rule for all dimensionality, for all Lifestyles. And if you open your Hearts to let the great Light in, that this wisdom carries with it, is encoded with, then you have the basis for the Lifestyle, both now and after your Ascensions are made!
"There is no change - Love is Love. And when you Love all with Compassion and Gratitude, and when you Forgive all - that is you hold no judgment - then you are living the Higher Dimensional Lifestyle. And this, of course, is the greatest preparation for Ascension that is called for, everywhere on Planet Earth. And this is why it is for the Kingdom of the Humans to live by this, and to lead the way to the Ascension Process, and through it. Now, it's already done from our perspective. It is for you to say, 'I AM Divine! I AM Ascended! I AM a Master!' And see yourselves in your visioning, upon the newly ascended Earth, and know that this is your reality, your path, as long as you choose for it to be, and know that it's done.
"So how about Mother Gaia? What's happening? Well we're going to tell you this. If you are looking at 3D Mother Gaia from the perspective of not knowing what's really happening, you might say, 'Ooooh! This is a mess everywhere! We've got oil spills, we've got earthquakes, we've got wildfires, we've got tornadoes, and tsunamis, and toxic rivers, and lakes, and even the oceans, and oh what a mess. And then there's the skies, and what's falling down on us from the atmosphere, and then we've got all this polluted soil, and on, and on, and on, and on.
"Don't go there! Why do we say that? Because it's all changing, Beloved Ones., We have, we have told you, we have the Bird Ships working 24/7 in your atmosphere, cleaning it up. ,The other day on this beloved Island of Maui for instance, there were chemtrails galore, there were actually two days of chemtrails that were so were obvious they could be seen all over the island. They even flew them right over the top of the sacred mountain of Haleakala. We were there too, cleaning and clearing. Yes, the vapors were there. Yes, it looked like horrendous chemtrails, heavy, heavy, heavy, so solid in the sky that they merged into one. We were cleaning them even as they were emitting them from the planes that carried them. We are doing this almost everywhere on Planet Earth. Now it's true that the vapors might cause some sneezing, and snuffling, and sniffing. And you, Beloved Ones, have the empowerment! If you see a chemtrail up in the sky, join in, call us in, invite us to do the clearing. We do it such that you can see the Bird Ships, or we do it invisibly, depending upon where we are. There is very little that we leave in the chemtrails these days, and only in certain very small areas, because evidence is being gathered, documentation you may call it.
"As to the Fukushima disaster, we have full capabilities to instantaneously, or almost instantaneously, clean up radiation. We are doing that to some extent, however it is necessary that there still be radiation found from Fukushima in Japan, where of course it is the most concentrated, and coming to the shores of other countries, in the atmosphere, and in the waters. Why you ask? Well because again it is to have the whole World wake up and say, 'No more, we've got to shut down all the plants!' And that is important!!!
"Beloved Ones, when we are announced, one of the first services that we shall be providing World-wide is that of our Hospital Ships, our healing ships. We shall be using color, or Light, and sound technologies in new ways. They are already here on Planet Earth in what you would call, what Mother Sekhmet calls 'incognito mode' for the most part, because if anybody gets too powerful with these, too well known, you know that there is an almost, well it is an automatic program that goes into effect which says that they are a threat, shut them down. Now this program is becoming less and less powerful. It is becoming dis-empowered even as we are here in this Gathering! Again, it's done! No more of these kinds of pollutions and toxicities being spread; no more diseasements; no more depressions or what I call 'down in the dumpies situations. It's done! But it is for particularly the Human Kingdom to catch up a bit. So we are working with Mother Gaia, and you may be noticing lately that there have been powerful earthquakes, but the damage they have done has been quite minimal, because Mother Gaia knows, She knows how much we Love Her!
"She knows how beautiful you are in your expressions from your Hearts, and She knows that She is partnering with us, even as we partner with Her, and She is responding. She is allowing some of Her heretofore undiscovered Kingdoms to even come forth, miracles perhaps. And yes, we know the Dolphins are still showing up on the beaches, and yes, as we said there is still radioactivity, and yes, there is still oil in the Gulf of Mexico, but we are mitigating, we are preventing, and make no mistake, there will be no more nukes!!! That was done a long time ago. Do not be concerned. Do not even begin to allow yourselves to drop into any kind of a fear vibration about nuclear missiles, nuclear bombs, or whatever you want to call them. It's over! And so, too, these nuclear plants shall be shut down, and so there shall be true harmony amongst all of the Kingdoms of Mother Gaia.
"And communication between the Kingdoms, imagine that! Some of you are already moving into your telepathic communications, not exclusively with the Humans, but also with members of the other Kingdoms. This is so beautiful, Beloved Ones, and it is so joyful! For the most part you are communicating with your doggies and your kitty cats, but there are those among you who are communicating with what you call, the wild creatures, the deer, who come to dine on your rose garden perhaps, the raccoons, who want to catch the fish in your pond, the lions in the zoo, who want to tell you about the lifestyle of being born free. Even the snake in Harry Potter who really wanted to travel to the place from which he had originated, although he himself had been born in a zoo, and that was the jungle of Brazil - they are communicating back. Mother Gaia's Kingdoms of the Animals is communicating!
"And we want to assure you that the Plant Kingdom is communicating as well! What happens when you play some Mozart for your garden? Does your garden not respond with even more flowers? Try it. What happens when you walk amongst your herbs, and you say, 'Oh, I Love you all so much, and I thank you so much for being here. You give me so much pleasure, and those whom I share you with!' Do your herbs not have absolute fullness of flavor? Do they not practically jump into your hands that you may enjoy them? What if you picked some lavender and put it into room and say to it, 'Hello lavender, I am so happy that we have another day together.' Does your lavender not respond with an even sweeter and longer lasting scent for you?
"And the Crystals, oh yes the Crystals; let us let us not forget the Crystals, and that includes those you might not classify as Crystals. We call every stone, every rock, every grain of sand - what is sand anyway, except Crystals that the water has made smaller, made into many, many, pieces. We call them all members of the Crystal Kingdom, because they are alive; they have a consciousness. No they may not have legs, and run away if you pick them up, or whatever, but they have consciousness, as do all the Plants, and all the Animals, and all of the Humans. We cannot encourage you enough to communicate Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, and Gratitude to all of Mother Gaia's Kingdoms, because that's what we're here to do. We're all in this together you know. Yes, we're here with you. We're on the ships, but we have, remember, we have our presence here with you. We meet you!
"We shall be in accompaniment to you during your actual Ascension Process, even as we are here with you now, so long as you keep your welcome mat out for us, so to speak. We are here to be with you in loving guidance, throughout this entire process, Beloved Ones. And, oh, we are so thankful that you made that decision some years ago - 1987 it was on your calendar -, that you would do it this time! And we are so thankful that you're listening now to us, and other messengers, because this is truly, truly, a most wondrous, wondrous, undertaking that Planet Earth is doing with this Ascension Process!
"And the fact that everyone is invited, and everyone who accepts the invitation is going, is a huge miracle for the entire Universe to be in Joy and Celebration of. Mother Gaia Herself said, 'Count me in!' when the consciousness of the Human Kingdom spoke. And Mother Gaia has so much Love, it is absolutely beyond words for each and every one of you, Beloved Ones, for each and every one of you. You are indeed the greatest Expression of Love that Mother/ Father God has created! And we tell you this in all honor and respect, and of course, in the great Love we have for you.
"So know from this moment on - let this be permanently engraved in your Hearts. We are Partners in this Ascension, and you, Beloved Ones, are the Number One Partners of Mother Earth. Mother Gaia is the consciousness that you have joined with, that you have allowed the energy of into your Hearts, and that you have shared from your Hearts to Hers.
"And we are so thankful, and we are so blessed to be in this Partnership with you! And that, Beloved Ones, is the mission, the primary mission of this Ashtar on the Road Company, as we are here to join with you in Expression of thoughts, words, and deeds, so that we can tell you it's done, and so that you can know in your Hearts that this mission is indeed accomplished!!! So Mother Gaia thanks you, and joins in this Partnership of Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, and Gratitude, as we come here to honor Her, and to celebrate this Grand Partnership in this Ascension Preparation Mission.
"And so it is, Beloved Ones! And so it is! Salut!"
Ashtar's message was followed by The Flower that Shattered the Stone and Celebrate Earth Day, both sung by John Denver.
Transcription by Arnold Neal Troeh
Given through Susan Leland, 4/24/12. © Ashtar On The Road Publications 2004-2012. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.


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"The last call with Sananda was so powerful! I feel myself opening up to consider possibilities I never would have considered before."   D.B, NM, 4-5-12
"Lord Sananda, thank you so much for sharing with us how to fill ourselves with the healing energies. I had never had the information about the receiving and sending hands explained to me so clearly."   V.T., AZ, 4-7-12
"...a big heartfelt thanks for the communication from Sananda. I was quite moved by his loving response and it is helping me to focus more on what it is I'm burdened by and what the imbalances might be. Wow, teacher and mentor. Can't wait to have that conscious memory! "   C.N., TX, 4-14-12
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