[ In this message, Ashtar talks about: stopping programs of pollution and mitigating disasters, creating new timelines, more truthful news reporting, Ascension, Forgiveness, Oneness with Mother Gaia, and celebrating Earth Day every day.]
"Well, Greetings, Beloved Family!  We have some rays which may be creating some disruptions,* and I have much to tell, so we shall begin, and I shall endeavor to slow down the words a bit so that you can hear, and if you wish to re-listen, remember to just send one of those wondrous 'through the waves,' the emails to Fabulous Fran, and she will send you what you need so that you can listen again.

"Now we have a bit of a different format for our program tonight, because we have a most wondrous Special Guest Speaker with us.  She is standing by, and she will be showering us with the great Love that she has, and she will be sharing with us her overview, her wisdom, her strength and courage, so I, Ashtar, am happy to announce that I shall be in leadership of the Exercise for Peace tonight,** after I have imparted the messages that I'm here to share with you.


"We are absolutely ecstatic!  We cannot tell you enough how much your messages to us have allowed us to be a part of this grand, shall we say, cleansing of the Earth, that is, all of the individual members of every one of Mother Gaia's Kingdoms, and the entire Planet as well.  Without your voices, Beloved Ones, welcoming us, welcoming us into the energy fields of Planet Earth, we would not have been able to do nearly as much to mitigate the destructions which have taken place.  Now, when we say 'mitigate' - no, we have not stopped absolutely everything from happening - you may already be aware that it means an outcry from Planet Earth (was needed) to stop the desecrations that have been taking place.  This is not an exercise in casting blame, it is rather to say all are loved, all have free-will, and we must have a consensus, or majority - majority works - of voices raised consciously and unconsciously in support of moving into a new level of health and well being and balance, and yes, most importantly Love, below, on and above, Planet Earth.


"We talk about Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude, and those, of course, are the cornerstones of the foundations of the teachings that I am here through this Voice to present.  We cannot completely countermand, or stop that which is generated out of free-will.  However, the really good news, and you've heard it from Masters Tara and Rama,  and you're hearing it again from I, Ashtar, is that because you and the Light Workers of the Planet have been inviting us to come, through your loving messages to Mother Gaia and Father Sky, through your loving connections with the totality of Who You Really Are, with the Divine, the sacred Divine in all life, Planet-wide and beyond!


"Because of your commitment to bringing about a Golden Age upon the Planet, and the Ascension of the Planet, we have been able, and are even now increasingly able, to do that which you are calling upon us to do, which is to provide the assistance, the technologies, yes, the physical help, yes, the de-cloakings, so that more and more of the citizens, the Humans of Planet Earth, will know of our presence, and most of all to join you in circulating and spreading the great Love from which we're all made.


"This all leads to Ascension.  But there will be golden, shining moments, before -very soon before -during which that which you have been calling forth for yourselves as individuals and for the Planet will indeed come into manifestation.  We know that you are waiting for the announcement of the NESARA, to put a finality, if you will, to the programs which are going on, and you know that these programs are getting more and more absolutely absurd and insane in their manifestations.


"You know that there are many groups, committed groups, organized and banding together to publicize these desecrations, these polluting activities, wanton, heartless cruelties, and injustices toward all of Mother Gaia's Kingdoms and toward Mother Gaia Herself.  And they are banding together to publicize in the present 3D World before NESARA is announced.  They are utilizing every means they can to make this publicity go Worldwide.  They are also taking to the courts, because there are so many absolutely absurd laws which must be overturned, and actions which must be not only stopped, but turned around, in the sense of bringing healing results as the final result to all of the desecrations which have taken place.


"Mother Gaia has been attacked in every way possible, and what you need to understand is that every one of you, Beloved Family, are Beloved Members of Mother Gaia's Kingdom of the Humans, and so when any of you, or all of you are attacked, Mother Gaia weeps Her tears for you, just as she does for her forests which are being wantonly and needlessly cut down, her crops, her seeds, which are being tainted and destroyed, her animals who have suffered so much.


"Think about the one who gets into a helicopter and shoots at the innocent animals below her with a war gun.  There's a chilling picture of that one from Alaska.  Think about killing for sport.  The Voice well remembers close to fifty years ago when she first heard the concept of a photographic safari in Africa.  Imagine!  Someone the Voice had a great deal of respect for, but didn't know all that well, actually told her of his plans to go to Africa and shoot pictures of the Beloved Animals.


"Think of all of the wondrous ones who have painted, and described, and written poetry, and sung songs honoring the Kingdoms of Mother Gaia, the Animals, the Plants, the Flowers, the Trees of the Forest with their wisdom so ancient.  And yes the Mineral Kingdom as well, the Mineral Kingdom which has been so assaulted by those who would profit from some such as Diamonds and Emeralds and 'precious stones.'  Yes, precious, every rock that you find, every piece of lava rock from the mountains, or skipping rocks at the seashore, and all of the rocks and the stones in between are precious members of Mother Gaia's Mineral Kingdom, as well as the Crystals, as well as the Gem Stones.  They're all precious! ....Continued at:



Transcription by Arnold Neal Troeh

Given through Susan Leland, April 19, 2011    © Ashtar On The Road Publications 2011.  All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted. 


In our April 22nd email, we included this information about the "disruptive sounds" during our April 19th Ashtar teleconference:
"During the introductions at the beginning of the call, we began hearing interfering sounds.  I asked Ashtar & Company to help.  He said that 'good waves' were coming in, and the reception seemed to get better, but the waves continued throughout the call.  Also, many of our Skype users experienced extreme difficulties in even getting on the call.  The next day I asked Ashtar what he meant by 'good waves.'  He said that they were higher dimensional energies of Love, and that the important thing was to feel our connections.  (I think that they forget how much we use our human abilities to speak out loud and to hear, because they use telepathy.) 
"He went on to say that those of us on the call got 'upgrades,' which will extend to those who join in with the recording, even if they missed the live call.  So, if you felt or sensed anything of a shifting, or high vibration, please send us an email - we would love to hear from you!" 
Here are the responses we have received:
The "noise" factor was really interesting..... In the beginning of "interesting" one point what I heard sounded like an entirely different language....which also made me laugh....and my response was: "Interesting!  Maybe I am finally opening up to hearing some language of one of my Cosmic Family Beings!...This is fun!!"....of course, that is more of a description of how I felt rather than the exact words I thought.  By the time Ashtar was ending.....maybe 10 min. at the end....his voice was so clear and soothing....I could cry right now with how much his caring just flowed in.  His Love is always there/here.....I just wanted to distinguish a particular quality of his love that I experienced that night.
Also, in answer to your inquiry about my experience of the waves, the call was so very powerful for me.....I was crying throughout the call....esp. with Mother Gaia.....and what felt like what was happening was that I was experiencing  flashes of times/incidents in this life when I harm Mother Gaia and members of her other Kingdoms.....killing snails, spurring my horse, my beloved Duchess, when I use to go over jumps (I did a great deal of owning, apologizing and healing after I read "The Horse-whisper" years ago.)....just a real reality check of owning of my part.....only what I could obviously handle right now and what felt like it was representative of all my lives as a human being.
I had foreshadowing of how powerful the call was going to be...Yesterday morning, I was still rather reeling from the intensity and realized that what was so powerful for me.......and this is esp. poignant for that the energy of  "Mothers' Day" I am already experiencing.....that I really let in the truth that Mother Gaia is MY MOTHER......what a real mother should be.
And, I can't remember now who said I was crying uncontrollably....thinking it was Mother Gaia......something regarding "if you cry, let them be tears of Joy".......and I realized that I do need to pull out of even owning my part in all the hurtful/horror that have been done and continues to be done our Beloved Mother.  A.S., CA, 4-21-11
"The sound quality and connection were indeed a little challenging, however it was an opportunity to practice ease and grace, and to center and ground ourselves.  Some of the noise was our own inner noise needing to clear out. It provided a contrast to the new energies that we were receiving and you might say a boost to get past any ego resistance that might have been present.  Since the call and deeper connection to Mother Gaia, I have personally experienced positive movement in my own body healing that has been significant.  I am also much more grounded in the new energies."  S.B., VT, 4-22-11
"You can add to my comments, if you wish, that since the Mother Gaia healing I find that my connection is so much stronger and that my presence in certain geographic areas seems to greatly minimize the intensity of storms.  It is as if I have really accepted my role as earth keeper.  And when I find myself getting stiff in my body or holding a little tension, then I connect with Mother Gaia and all is well." S.B., VT 4-28-11 
"Just read your note at the end of Ashtar`s message about the `good waves` that Ashtar sent during the call.  I have to tell you that before the call I wasn`t feeling all that great - wasn't`even sure if I was going to make it.  I mentioned to Ashtar that if he wanted me on that call I had to feel better.   Anyway, got on the call still not feeling that great but as the call progressed I  started feeling better and better and by the end of the call I was feeling very well indeed.  I didn`t, at the time, understand why that good feeling had come over me but now I know!!  THANK YOU ASHTAR!!   Wouldn`t it be great if he could do  that on every call??  I`m chuckling here but who knows, it could happen - will keep the transmission lines open!   Thank you for everything you do and have a great EARTH DAY!"    M.T.  Canada, 4-22-11
While we understand your desire to have Ashtar answer your personal questions, Susan's schedule does not allow the time for her to do so.  Please consider registering for a private session with Ashtar channelled by Susan as an alternative. 


 We invite you to join us in co-creation of our next 
Ashtar Teleconference on Tuesday, May 3rd 
The call begins with sign-ons at 6:15 PDT and
the program starts promptly at 6:30.
Please register here by NOON PDT on May 3rd: 
or click on 'Conference Calls' under "Products & Services"
All information about the call, including the pin number, will be sent to you after you register.  Please note: Pin numbers have now been sent to all of you who have credit for the call at this time.  Pin numbers for those yet to register will be sent out on Monday and again on Tuesday.  If you have any questions about your credits, please email Susan at   
If, after registering, you do miss the call, you can still "join in" by emailing Fran at to send you the audio recording link and playback number which enable you to listen either by phone or computer.  
Through May 2nd!
Special Combo Prices
on the Zero Point Nano Wand and "Brain Training" CDs*



Notes on the April 26th Ascension Energy Tools Call


We learned how these Healing Sounds of Estaryia Venus reconnect us into the matrix of nature, our true nature, and activates the geometric patterns that harmonize with the Earth, our true mother.  These frequencies are a catalyst of change empowering all of these Ascension Energy Tools up to yet another higher level.  We encourage you to utilize their added dimension.


Sekhmet commented that these sound healing recordings from Estaryia Venus give you more access to your own personal gifts and enhance the sacred connection and communion with yourself and your intentions, when combined with the Zero Point Energy Nano Wand, Nano Beauty Facial Roller, Titanium Energy Bracelets, Anion Energy Pendants etc.  When you put the Energy Pendant on the CD player playing one of Estaryia's CDs, it will act as a “Big Boom” in your energy fields.  It is like tuning to a radio station frequency, opening a new pathway allowing entrance to higher levels of communication with the entirety of “who you are” - your dynamic multidimensional self.  And, that means you are able to manifest more rapidly on a masterful level. 


Listen and learn the answers to these 16 questions:  1.  When and why would I want to listen to the Alpha, Theta or Delta brainwave entrained frequencies?   2.  Why do we want to be connected to the Alpha pulse wave of Mother Earth?   3.  Can these sounds enhance bodywork for accelerated healing?  ...Continued at the link below:



We look forward to our continuing co-creations with you!
 Namaste, Susan, Fran and Elise

We welcome donations to support our work. - -

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