Per Sophia,

I am Ashtar.
I’ve read some of what has been your channeling before. Is there more than one that speaks to us and sometimes through us in these times? Some of what I’ve read dates back some thirty years.
There are multiple channelings. The message from the Ashtar Commander will feel and sound similar. It will be recognizable as such.
You are not to doubt the message, or me.
You declare and demand authenticity. You will sense, I suspect, if it comes through other than that.
I am cautious.
I was fooled once, and do not plan to be so again.
Why not ask me a question?
I do not know that much about you.
What is your purpose for contact today?
I’d like to talk about the ships.
What ships are those?
There are multiple and enormous in size, ships.
These are stationed and ready for the final removal from earth. They are within my command. They are something I can tell you about.
Okay, great.
Tell me how the many humans still on the planet will be removed, when the time necessitates it, without incident?
Will they be asleep?
How is the transport to be done?
What will we see, those of us still on the planet or elsewhere, watching?
Do you have a sense when this final transport happens?
Those are my initial questions.
They are numerous, for sure.
I will address each, and separately.
There is technology available to calm the nerves, to remove anxiety, to instill cooperation and then to have no memory of what occurred. In the vast majority of cases, those who must be moved will be asleep. There will be more sleep induced and then, more, once on board the ships.
These affects will wear away gradually and once families can be re-united.
Several days are necessary for the completion of this.
There has been so much planning and so very many “trial runs”. It was expected to have happened already. It has not. We have perfected our procedure and watch and wait for the signal. The signal will be abrupt. There will be a moment and then we will engage.
This transport is done in much the same way as humans, some of them, teleport. There is, or will be, a momentary dispensation when the final shift occurs.
This, as declared by the Creator, so that the laws of creation are not side-stepped. Instead, your highest will is guaranteed and an immediate method of movement happens.
In other words, it is not by your individual or direct intent that you are moved/that you move to the ship – but by the Creator’s (will/intent).
What will be seen is unclear. The earth undergoes massive alteration and none left on her will survive to witness those leaving.
It happens in an instant.
The transformation is seamless and complete.
You will feel it in hindsight and memory.
I will not be specific on the timing of things.
I will only say that it comes quickly.
There are markers. There have been delays and changes. Many. It would be inappropriate to speculate. That has been done before and only led to frustration on both parts.
This lines up with the movement of the stars. This lines up with an internal rhythm – felt by Gaia and all who live on her and in her.
There are some on your planet now who are quite close in their predictions. I will not add to these. You feel it coming do you not??
For a very long time now, yes.
Then you know the frustration we also feel.
All moments in their “time” will occur. This is truth and co-created.
What can you say about life as lived by earth humans on the ships?
I can say that every effort has been made for comfort, familiarity and family.
It will not be home. It will, however, have what you are used to. Styles of food, furnishings, etc., are in place to mimic your current home.
It is not bare or metallic or isolated. Plants, lighting, animals, all of these are to be found on the ships.
It will feel like home.
There are learning programs in place so that you can be caught up to earth’s true history. Everyone will at last have the truth.
This will radiate far beyond a single population or ship, and humanity will experience unity. Many truths are unknown. They will be known.
Once you, those of you returning to the new earth, do return, it will be a singular group. A united humanity. You will experience an expansion of love and oneness.
What I came to assure you of is your safety. Nothing will be fearful. Answers await you, as does a new earth.
I will go now.
Thank you. Yet I have one more question.
Will you define “families” as you see them on the ships?
These are not all blood relatives, (who) you consider family here now.
True family ties come into play here. This means family of origin.
You will experience kinship in ways not truly known here.
Specifics differ for each of you, but know that you will not be surprised or feel isolated or alone or fearful. You will be surrounded with loved ones, with family. All will be clear and known and revealed to you. There is no cause for worry.
Live as much as possible from your essence and all of this will be clear.
You are coming home.
I will stop here.
Thank you, Sophia and friends.
Hi Rama and Tara, wish I could afford to help you two beyond my monthly contribution, but I can not.  Wishing you two abundance/Nesara basic income now!!
What say you two to this Ashtar channeling, as I think I understand that Rama is son to Ashtar -?   I didn't realize it was going to be cataclismic on Earth, that that was a possibility not a probability.  I am ok with it, but, want some "inside" feedback. Gaby, California

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Comment by Sri Tulasi on November 13, 2019 at 1:04pm

Excellent post

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