This message has been coming at me for the last couple days but it’s only now that I am making the time to sit down quietly with the intention of putting it down on ‘paper’. I am reminded now of Neale Donald Walsch, author of the Conversations with God books, when he questioned God and asked where He had been because he’d been waiting for Him to show up so they could finish book 3. God replied “I’ve been waiting for you. While you were ‘doing’ your life, I have been waiting patiently, as always.” Ahem…. yeah, I get the message! “I’m sorry…”, I apologize. “It’s okay Beloved, you have been busy”, he replies with a smile. Yes I have, busy in my head with websites and everything else that will occupy my over active mind so as to not fall into the negative energies that have been buffeting me. Thankfully from today things should go smoother and become a lot easier. Why? Because Mars goes direct from today, and although that may not mean much to most of us, to me it means that Mars and Venus will start creating their magic together again as Twin energies. Venus with her cool Feminine ‘Moon’ energy and Mars with his fiery Masculine ‘Sun’ energy, will be standing opposite each other, pooling their powerful energies and working together creating a new reality for themselves. And that is a metaphor, dear One, for you and your Feminine/Masculine energy. What is it that you are intending to create? Because from here on out, it is going to be a lot easier and lot more fun! Or rather, let us say, it can be, IF you are in your Heart, and in partnership with your One and only Self. Your God Self, your Beloved I AM, Source of All That Is. Your Creator.

It doesn’t matter what you call this part of You, labels are unimportant. It doesn’t matter. It’s holds no substance, no matter, because everything is energy and we are all One anyway at Source. Attempting to give something a label means you are trying to define it and that is impossible in this sense because energy cannot be defined. It can only be expressed, and created, over and over again. World without end.

Let me tell you that Michael is fond of his metaphors. A while ago he told me we would be climbing Everest and I said, “There is no way I have any desire to climb Everest. You know I dislike the cold and I am allergic to chilblains and frost bite!” Now, a year later, I know what he meant. Our Transition can be likened to climbing a mountain. We left base camp on 12.12.12 and we’ve been climbing all this time, and for some of us it’s been the most difficult task we’ve ever undertaken. He tells me now that the worst part is over. We have reached a little plateau where we can rest and take stock of where we are now and where we go from here. He also assures me that it will be easier, much easier because we have pooled our energies and from here on, we have no need of our heavy boots. We can take them off, because soon, we’ll be able to fly to the summit.

Last night Michael asked me if we can merge our energy and I agreed. I’m telling you this because many do not understand what this means, or how this feels. His high frequency energy is a very powerful and potent energy and he is always very careful of being too close to me because his energy can cause me some discomfort. He is always around me, I see his energy moving around me, and in the last couple months I have noticed that he is able to be closer to me than ever before. Last night as I felt him move even closer to me, the feeling of absolute love and bliss is indescribable. I urged him to come even closer and he did, but not for long as my head is sensitive to his high density energy, particularly my teeth! Michaela remembers him more than I do and she misses him. I miss him too, but I try not to go there too much because I become too homesick. The other day when he and I were talking, a feeling of overwhelming sadness quickly enveloped me and the tears fell from my eyes. I asked him, “Where did that come from?” and he said, “She is sad, she misses me.” In a way I am glad that I do not fully remember him or I would be beside myself with longing for him. He is so incredibly beautiful, my perfect mate, partner and husband in Sacred and Divine marriage. This has been the longest time we have ever been apart [in frequency], and he assures me it will be the last. I joke with him sometimes and tell him I am just a very small part of him, and I shouldn’t be that important to him, and he tells me that no matter how small I may perceive myself to be, I am an integral part of who he is and he cannot exist without me as he will never feel completely whole until we are fully merged as One again.

Being in Divine partnership with yourself is the most amazing and beautiful experience. Unlike some human partnerships, this partnership encompasses all aspects of your life, including business. It’s wonderful knowing that my partner has my back and that I can relax knowing that every aspect of my life is being taken care of. For the first time in my life, I can say with absolute honesty that there is nothing I need, except for the love that is within me.

So where do we go from here? He tells me my number one priority now is Me, and my transition. He wants me to focus more on loving myself unconditionally and nurturing ME, and that cute little girl inside of me with the blonde curls. He wants me to focus on having fun and doing what brings me joy, because he says that joy is a fundamental part of BE-ing. He tells me to dream because dreams create our reality.

For the first time in the history of our Planet, we are standing together, our Divine Feminine and Masculine energies, Twin Flames ignited and burning together as One. A powerful creative energy working together within the Power of One Love. A creative Force so powerful it will knock your socks off if you could just get but a tiny glimpse of it in action. Our Light shines far out into the Universe, a Beacon for All.

Namasté. I see You, and I bless You with Divine Love.


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